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  • Aki (cawei @
    Conservation of Momentum
    Shishido applies his favorite rule of physics to his personal life.
    Archived 04/28/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

    Hit Single
    Ohtori feels out of place at a club with the rest of his team.
    Archived 07/23/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    Shishido's initial opinion of Ohtori changes as he gets to know him better.
    Archived 04/15/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

  • Alexis (eiji.loves.oishi @
    Prelude in A Minor
    Ohtori rekindles a friendship when he's discovered playing violin in a park.
    Archived 02/08/2005 | Ohtori/Eiji, mention of Eiji/Oishi and Oishi/unnamed female | Romance

    untitled fic
    Hiyoshi has an introspective moment.
    Archived 02/07/2005 | No pairings | Drama

    Hiyoshi reacts to whispers about the tennis team.
    Archived 02/07/2005 | No pairings | Drama

  • Alissa (alissa @
    One Match
    Ohtori plays a singles game against Hiyoshi.
    Archived 12/18/2005 | No pairings | Drama

    Hiyoshi thinks Ohtori is using him.
    Archived 01/18/2006 | Ohtori/Hiyoshi | Drama

  • Alyse Minamoto (penal_tea_victim @
    Clean or Messy
    Shishido gets worried when Ohtori announces he has a date with a girl from school.
    Archived 07/06/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    Not a Big Deal
    (Sequel to Clean or Messy)
    Ohtori and Shishido have their first date since becoming a couple.
    Archived 07/26/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

  • Amsdia (flightofdeath @
    Ohtori and Shishido have a need that the other can fulfill, if only they'd let each other.
    Archived 12/04/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

    Hiyoshi writes a letter to Ohtori to confess his feelings.
    Archived 06/13/2005 | Ohtori/Hiyoshi (unrequited) | Angst

    The Passage of the Hours
    The developing relationship between Ohtori and Shishido is traced through this series of snippets.
    Archived 08/24/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

    Pretty Eyes
    Shishido comforts Ohtori after meeting Shishido's parents.
    Archived 07/04/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

    Hiyoshi wonders if he matters to anyone.
    Archived 08/25/2004 | Unrequited Hiyoshi/Atobe and Ohtori/Hiyoshi | Angst

  • Andrea Readwolf (andrea_readwolf @
    Breakfast in Bed
    Shishido gets a special surprise on his birthday.
    Archived 09/30/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    The Cross We Bear
    Ohtori thinks about what his cross really means to him.
    Archived 08/30/2004 | No pairings | Drama

    Shishido gives Ohtori a parting gift.
    Archived 03/14/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

  • anonymous
    Memories are recalled when Ohtori and Shishido are on a tennis court together.
    Archived 12/12/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

  • anonymous u5er
    Ohtori is cast as Cinderella in the school play, with Shishido his Prince Charming.
    Archived 08/16/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Humor, Romance

  • Anria Lalumin
    Heat Blisters
    Ohtori reveals one of his fears as he helps treat Shishido's heat blisters.
    Archived 05/20/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance | Direct link to story at author's site.

    Shishido discovers a surprising reason why Atobe asked for his reinstatement on the Regulars.
    Archived 05/02/2004 | Shishido/Atobe | Romance | Direct link to story at author's site.

  • Arithion (arithkenshin @
    Fair Trade
    Ohtori tries to get up the courage to ask Shishido for help with his serve, only to be beaten to the punch.
    Archived 03/22/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

    Just Because
    Shishido considers Ohtori's role in his return to the Regulars.
    Archived 03/10/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

    Kiss Me Again
    Shishido is content to let Ohtori take the initiative.
    Archived 04/13/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | PWP | NC-17

  • Atthla (renhfee @
    Practicing Altruism
    Years after finishing junior high school, fellow male model Atobe resolves to help Shishido with his love life.
    Archived 11/03/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido, slight Shishido/Atobe, Sanada/Atobe | Angst, Romance

    Ohtori makes a request of Shishido, even though he knows Shishido is in love with someone else.
    Archived 10/11/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido, Atobe/Shishido | Angst

  • Becchan (redhedd10 @
    Atobe reflects on Shishido's beauty.
    Archived 03/17/2004 | Shishido/Atobe | Romance | R

    Lost and Found
    Shishido goes searching for Ohtori's lost cross.
    Archived 02/11/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

    Ohtori reacts to Shishido's haircut.
    Archived 01/17/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

  • Belladonna (evilvoodoopriestess @
    The Path of Least Resistance
    Shishido lets Ohtori wash his hair.
    Archived 08/31/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    Ohtori hopes that listening to music will calm his fears.
    Archived 05/30/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

  • Belldandy (tenshinomiko @
    The Forgotten
    Shishido can't resist when Ohtori suggests they bring a "stray" into their home.
    Archived 07/06/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

    With Age
    A much older Shishido looks back on his life with Ohtori.
    Archived 07/04/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

  • Bing (sanguinesque @
    Broken Compass
    Poetry, about Shishido before and after his fall from the Regulars team.
    Archived 03/27/2004 | No pairings | General, Poetry

  • Black Rainbow (kaijou @
    Shishido no Go
    There's something Shishido would rather be doing than playing Go with his grandfather.
    Archived 06/25/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    Three's A Crowd
    Ohtori misses having time alone with his partner when Shishido's new friend joins them.
    Archived 06/25/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

  • Branch (fic @ )
    Mirror Writing Arc index page
    This is an arc of related stories, in which Ohtori and Shishido progress from tennis partners to lovers. Please see this index for descriptions and links to the individual stories.
    Hiyoshi observes Atobe and his teammates as they play street tennis against Seigaku.
    Archived 11/15/2004 | Implied Atobe/Tezuka | Drama

  • Burnein (burnein @
    Dignity Be Damned
    Shishido gets more than he bargained for when he helps Ohtori perfect his serve.
    Archived 01/19/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    Merman Shishido rescues Prince Ohtori's cross, and loses his heart in the process.
    Archived 08/24/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | AU, Romance

    Shroom White
    Queen Hanamura seeks revenge when she learns that she's not the fairest of them all.
    Archived 08/16/2004 | Hiyoshi/Kevin Smith | AU, Humor

    untitled fic
    Ohtori's birthday makes Valentine's Day special for Shishido.
    Archived 02/13/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    When You Say Nothing At All
    Shishido gives Ohtori a unique birthday present.
    Archived 02/17/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

  • Cael (cael @
    A Lesson
    Ohtori gives Shishido a lesson in playing the violin.
    Archived 06/15/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    Shishido pushes himself too hard in order to become a Regular again.
    Archived 08/02/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

    The Taste of Victory
    Shishido feels frustrated when his match is postponed due to rain.
    Archived 05/30/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

  • Cali-chan (gottabegenki @
    And They Go Marching By...
    Ohtori worries about Shishido graduating from junior high before he does.
    Archived 03/14/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | PWP | NC-17

  • Catchfyre (catchfyre @
    Beholder's Eyes
    Sometime during their training together, Ohtori's perception of Shishido changes.
    Archived 02/03/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

    Scarlet Lettering
    A lover muses on the finer points of Ohtori Choutarou.
    Archived 02/11/2004 | Ohtori/?, revealed at end | PWP | NC-17

  • Cheeseburger of Doom (pansyman_chuuoh @
    The Adventures of Shishido Hood
    Shishido Hood gets out of prison and plots revenge against evil Prince Hiyoshi.
    Archived 06/23/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Humor, Romance

    Feeling like nobody at Hyotei cares about him, Hiyoshi craves to be noticed.
    Archived 04/18/2004 | Hiyoshi/Inui | Angst

    Saeki plays matchmaker for his very reluctant roommate, Ohtori.
    Archived 11/03/2004 | Ohtori/Kisarazu Ryou | Angst, Romance

    Moving On
    Ohtori finds love again after having his heart broken in high school.
    Archived 10/06/2004 | Ohtori/Yanagi | Angst, Romance

    Really Something Else
    Hiyoshi is confused by Ohtori's ability to understand him.
    Archived 12/07/2004 | Ohtori/Hiyoshi | Drama

    Road to Nowhere
    Shishido makes a new friend when he decides to run away from his troubles.
    Archived 11/21/2004 | Shishido/Kajimoto | Angst, Romance

    Rocky Horror Tennis Show
    Ohtori and Shishido meet up with a strange group of people when their car breaks down.
    Archived 06/15/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido, Shishido/Gakuto, and many others! | Humor

    Hiyoshi discovers that he's not the only person who likes being alone.
    Archived 09/30/2004 | Hiyoshi/Kaidoh | Drama

    To Be With You
    Ohtori is torn between his religion and his feelings for Shishido.
    Archived 04/18/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst, Romance

    untitled fic
    Shishido is clumsy around Kajimoto, for a very good reason.
    Archived 01/07/2005 | Shishido/Kajimoto | Angst, Romance

  • crazi4draco (craziblonde_malfoy @
    Hiyoshi's deepest fantasy comes true when Ohtori and Shishido break up.
    Archived 10/17/2006 | Shishido/Hiyoshi | Drama

    Ohtori takes a chance to get what he wants
    Archived 10/17/2006 | Ohtori/Shishido/Hiyoshi | Drama

  • Dana Little (crunchy_thai_salad @
    Summer Nap
    Hiyoshi discovers Gakuto sleeping after tennis practice.
    Archived 09/13/2005 | Hiyoshi/Gakuto | Drama

  • Emily Anderson (lostnyanko @
    Goodnight Kiss
    Ohtori visits Shishido's room when Shishido is having a sleepless night.
    Archived 08/31/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

  • Emily-chan (emily_chan12 @
    The Best Day of the Year
    Shishido finds a reason to love Valentine's Day.
    Archived 02/19/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido, Gakuto/Oshitari | Romance

    Things Pondered, Things Kept
    Shishido and Ohtori talk after attending Christmas service together.
    Archived 01/17/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

  • Esrafil (esrafil @
    1 Sentence Challenge fic
    Ohtori and Tezuka's life, written in 50 sentences.
    Archived 12/25/2005 | Ohtori/Tezuka | Drama, Romance

    Ohtori asks Tezuka what he thought his future would be.
    Archived 12/01/2005 | Ohtori/Tezuka | Fluff

    Shishido chides Ohtori for waking him up early.
    Archived 03/14/2006 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    Still Life, In Motion
    Ohtori remembers the first time he saw Hiyoshi smile.
    Archived 07/30/2006 | Ohtori/Hiyoshi | Drama

  • Eternata
    Playing Ball
    Ohtori discovers that playing billiards isn't as easy as playing tennis.
    Archived 07/14/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff, Romance | Direct link to story at

  • Fahm (chesrat @
    A Fairy's Tale
    On a mission of revenge, disgruntled fairy Hiyoshi finds something unexpected in the human world.
    Archived 09/15/2004 | Hiyoshi/Atobe | AU, Humor

    untitled fic
    Hiyoshi observes Gakuto's family and wishes he could touch as casually as they do.
    Archived 11/23/2004 | No pairings | Drama

  • fic_faery (fic_faery @
    The Big Deal
    Shishido tries to give Ohtori something memorable for his birthday.
    Archived 02/24/2006 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    The Second Friday
    (Companion piece to untitled fic by Watashi-sama)
    Shishido likes the second Friday of every month.
    Archived 01/18/2006 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

  • Forbidden Tenshi (colli_karen @
    The First
    Ohtori remembers a few of his first times with Shishido.
    Archived 09/28/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff, PWP | NC-17

    Shishido muses on his first sight of Ohtori after waking up.
    Archived 11/18/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff, Romance

  • Fyredra ( @
    Kiss Me Like You Hate Me
    Jiroh witnesses a fight between Shishido and Gakuto in the locker room.
    Archived 08/12/2005 | Shishido/Gakuto | Drama

  • Gen X (genx88 @
    (Companion piece to Nervous)
    Shishido attempts to get back on the tennis team. Told from his POV.
    Archived 01/17/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

    (Companion piece to Determination)
    Shishido attempts to get back on the tennis team. Told from Ohtori's POV.
    Archived 01/17/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

  • Ginga aka KTB (senbeluv @
    After a While
    Hiyoshi is ambushed by a familiar person.
    Archived 01/07/2005 | Hiyoshi/Kirihara | PWP | R

    Just the Way
    Gakuto doesn't need to understand his lover, he likes him just the way he is.
    Archived 10/25/2004 | Hiyoshi/Gakuto | PWP | R

  • Grasshopper (laguna_no_tenshi @
    No Tears
    Both Ohtori and Shishido are taking Shishido's upcoming graduation hard.
    Archived 12/01/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

  • Halrloprillalar (hal @
    Shishido has a chance meeting with Oishi in an unexpected place.
    Archived 02/14/2005 | Shishido/Oishi | Fluff

  • Hanabi Reeza (ochibichan @
    For a While, Forever
    Ohtori and Shishido enjoy a movie together.
    Archived 05/30/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

  • Hikari (shizukahikari @ )
    Contrasting Combination
    Feeling unimpressed with Shishido's new haircut, Ohtori takes him shopping to find a way to hide it.
    Archived 05/09/2004 |Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    Years after graduating junior high school, Shishido thinks about the lover he has lost.
    Archived 06/23/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

    (Sequel to Ephemeral)
    Shishido sees an opportunity when Ohtori comes back to Japan for a concert.
    Archived 06/23/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

    Real Friendship
    Ohtori wonders if his friendship with Shishido will last after Shishido is reinstated as a Regular.
    Archived 08/16/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

    Shishido gets upset when Ohtori doesn't join him in high school.
    Archived 08/02/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

  • Hoshi (guineabin @
    A Piece of the Past
    Shishido comes home to find an interesting addition to his and Ohtori's apartment.
    Archived 04/28/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    Balloon Animals=Love?
    Shishido bemoans having to do balloon sculpting at the school carnival.
    Archived 05/25/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    (Companion piece to Metallic, by Ruebert)
    Shishido discovers that something can hurt worse than being replaced on the tennis team.
    Archived 05/13/2004 | Ohtori/Hiyoshi, past Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

    Shishido realizes what's most important in his life.
    Archived 12/12/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    Ohtori develops a migraine when Shishido invites the billiards club for a night of drinking.
    Archived 01/09/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    Ohtori is amused by a note Shishido passes to him during a tennis team meeting.
    Archived 09/28/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    Shishido tries to end his sexual relationship with Ohtori.
    Archived 05/05/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

    Shishido questions why Ohtori agreed to help him with his training.
    Archived 02/25/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

  • Hyatt Insomnia (hyatt @
    A Propensity to Exult Infinite Enamorization
    Oshitari reflects on how much his relationship with Ohtori means to him.
    Archived 03/04/2004 | Ohtori/Oshitari | Romance

  • Imo-chan (imo-chan @
    During a quiet moment, Ohtori makes note of Shishido's scars.
    Archived 03/21/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

  • Inari2
    Devil May Care
    Shishido sneaks into Ohtori's room while he's cooking and listening to jazz.
    Archived 01/17/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance | Direct link to story at

  • Ingrid (ingridblythe @
    Centre of All Evil
    Shishido meets an important person in Ohtori's lfe while they wait to play a match at the street courts.
    Archived 02/16/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

  • Isis (cirnelle @
    untitled fic
    Ohtori discovers Hiyoshi reading poetry.
    Archived 07/14/2004 | Ohtori/Hiyoshi | Romance

  • Itsuki (1x2 @
    untitled fic
    Ohtori watches Shishido sleep during a snow storm.
    Archived 09/25/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

  • Jaelawyn Noble (Jaelawyn @
    30 Romances Arc index page
    This is an arc of related stories featuring Ohtori and Shishido, based on a Live Journal community challenge. Please see this index for descriptions and links to the individual stories.
    Birthday Secrets
    Ohtori gets a little help from his friends to let Shishido know that he shares his feelings.
    Archived 10/25/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

    Fish Sticks
    Shishido gets a little drunk.
    Archived 08/30/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido, Shishido/Atobe | Humor

    (Sequel to Voice Mail)
    Ohtori reacts to what Shishido has done.
    Archived 09/25/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

    Ohtori recites limericks while Shishido is enjoying his morning coffee.
    Archived 08/08/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    Mad World
    Ohtori falls asleep during the movie Shishido chose.
    Archived 12/18/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    No Longer Sick
    (Sequel to Not Sick)
    Shishido expects Ohtori to fulfill his promise now that Shishido is no longer sick.
    Archived 06/28/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | PWP | NC-17

    Not Sick
    Shishido refuses to admit that he's sick.
    Archived 05/15/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    Shishido engages Atobe in a game of Mahjong, much to the delight of Ohtori and Jiroh.
    Archived 08/30/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido, Atobe/Jiroh | Fluff

    Voice Mail
    Shishido thinks Ohtori will be happier without him.
    Archived 09/25/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

  • JannZ
    Aye Say
    Ohtori finds Shishido alone at the tennis courts on the eve of his graduation.
    Archived 05/05/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance | Direct link to story at

  • k[r]cube
    It's Valentine's Day And We're Still Learning
    Shishido gives Ohtori a special present for Valentine's Day.
    Archived 01/17/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido, Atobe/Jiroh | Romance | Direct link to story at

  • Kagemihari (flamesword @
    Ohtori learns to hate the serve that is his trademark.
    Archived 05/02/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

  • Kaka (witeoutiskool @
    Shishido looks back at Ohtori's birthday and the beginning of their relationship.
    Archived 03/14/2006 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

  • Karen (iniaes @
    Whiling the Afternoon Away
    Jiroh helps Ohtori get over his feelings for Shishido.
    Archived 02/12/2005 | Ohtori/Jiroh, implied Shishido/Atobe and unrequited Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

  • Karietta (tsukeito @
    Shishido witnesses a big change in Ohtori when Shishido is being bullied.
    Archived 04/22/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

    Shishido's dark mood is immediately lifted when he returns to his dorm.
    Archived 04/13/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

  • Kay (cocacat15 @
    After Ohtori's cross is lost, Shishido comes up with a substitute.
    Archived 09/01/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    Possessiveness, Stalking, and Misunderstandings
    Shishido gets jealous when Ohtori goes on a date with a classmate.
    Archived 05/19/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst, Humor, Romance

    Sick Day
    Ohtori stays with Shishido when Shishido has a fever.
    Archived 05/15/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    Silver Cat
    Ohtori surprises Shishido by bringing a stray cat into their dorm room.
    Archived 04/28/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido, Atobe/Jiroh | Fluff, Romance

    Taki reminisces about being dropped from the Regulars, and his relationship with Ohtori and Shishido.
    Archived 05/21/2004 | Mention of Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

  • Kay and Tenshi Forgotten (cocacat15 @ (tenshi_forgotten @
    The World Screws Hiyoshi Over
    Hiyoshi visits Taki when something happens at Hyotei that really bothers Hiyoshi.
    Archived 05/30/2005 | Hiyoshi/Taki | Drama

    The World Screws Hiyoshi Over Number Two
    Taki comes to the rescue when Hiyoshi gets drunk at a party.
    Archived 06/13/2005 | Hiyoshi/Taki | Drama

  • KC Rumors (kc_rumors @
    Late Night Entertainment
    Shishido does his best to protect Ohtori's reputation.
    Archived 02/09/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

  • Kendarath (kendarath_darkwind @
    Face of an Innocent
    Shishido reflects on Ohtori's true nature.
    Archived 09/19/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

    Shishido finds Ohtori stressing over things he can't change.
    Archived 10/02/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

    untitled birthday fic
    Shishido expects the worst on his birthday.
    Archived 10/02/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

    untitled fic
    Shishido stops by to watch his former partner play tennis in a tournament.
    Archived 09/16/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

  • Kireira (kireira @
    Bumps on the Road
    Shishido shows concern for one of his teammates.
    Archived 03/27/2004 | No pairings | Fluff, General

  • maboroshi hime (et3rnal_silence666 @
    The Hat
    Shishido's hat isn't as important to him as the person who chose it.
    Archived 05/30/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

  • Mangacat (
    untitled fic
    Ohtori manages to break through Hiyoshi's cold exterior, but is it a good thing?
    Archived 03/10/2004 | Ohtori/Hiyoshi | Angst

  • Mariel (shinjokitty @
    A chance encounter with Ohtori leads Hiyoshi to making some comparisons.
    Archived 09/19/2004 | Ohtori/Hiyoshi, and background Ohtori/Shishido, Oshitari/Atobe, Oshitari/Gakuto | Drama

    We're Nothing Like You
    Ohtori is upset because his relationship with Hiyoshi doesn't fit what others see as love.
    Archived 09/19/2004 | Ohtori/Hiyoshi | Angst

  • Michalyn (michalyn @
    Ohtori has trouble sleeping when he's training for the Junior Senbatsu.
    Archived 11/08/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

  • Michie (minty @
    Ohtori tries to find the perfect gift to give Shishido for White Day.
    Archived 03/14/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

    Six 'o clock
    A freak accident ends Shishido's tennis career and changes his life.
    Archived 01/19/2004 | Shishido/unspecified male | Angst

  • Midorino Mizu (midorinomizu @
    Hiyoshi sees Atobe as a rival, even though Atobe remains clueless about it.
    Archived 10/25/2004 | no pairings | Drama

    After the Fall
    Ohtori and his new roommate engage in an activity that reminds both of them of someone else.
    Archived 10/03/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

    Give and Take
    Shishido repays Ohtori for all the help Ohtori has given him.
    Archived 10/03/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

    Maybe You'll Be the One
    Shishido reluctantly accepts Ohtori's help when he loses his spot as a Regular.
    Archived 02/05/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

    One Year
    One year after graduation, and Ohtori and Shishido are still together.
    Archived 10/03/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

    Point of Pride
    Shishido's father reflects on his son and his fight to beome a Regular again.
    Archived 10/03/2004 | No pairings | Drama, General

    Post-Game Cooldown
    A very predatory Kirihara Akaya waits for Hiyoshi after his loss to Ryoma.
    Archived 03/14/2004 | Hiyoshi/Kirihara | PWP | R

    Ohtori gets some interesting advice on what to give Shishido for his birthday.
    Archived 10/03/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | PWP | NC-17

  • Miko no da (miko_no_da @
    An Unexpected Gift
    Ohtori discovers that Shishido plans to give someone a White Day gift.
    Archived 03/26/2006 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst, Romance

    The Biggest Mistake of My Life
    A drunken Ohtori makes one request of Shishido before his wedding day.
    Archived 09/20/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst, Romance | NC-17

    The Hidden Side
    Shishido discovers that Ohtori has a side most people don't see.
    Archived 03/27/2006 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

    Shishido reacts very badly when he discovers that Ohtori has a crush on him.
    Archived 11/03/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido, Ohtori/OMC | Angst, Romance | NC-17

    Making History
    Shishido enlists Ohtori's help to bounce back from his loss to Tachibana.
    Archived 08/30/2006 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

    Moving Forward
    Ohtori asks Shishido for a special gift on his birthday.
    Archived 09/01/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | PWP | NC-17

    Not So Bad After All
    Ohtori plays his first ever match against Shishido on his birthday.
    Archived 02/24/2006 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

    Sleep Sweet
    Jiroh finds Ohtori falling asleep outside and decides to join him.
    Archived 09/19/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido, Atobe/Jiroh | Fluff

  • Moffit (moffitstar @
    Calling the Shots
    Shishido has one of his fantasies fulfilled, thanks to Ohtori and Hiyoshi.
    Archived 07/30/2006 | Ohtori/Shishido/Hiyoshi | PWP | NC-17

    Calling You
    A well-timed phone call leads to a happy reunion.
    Archived 11/18/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

    Cheesy Romance
    Ohtori gets very excited when Shishido reads to him over the telephone.
    Archived 03/27/2006 | Ohtori/Shishido | PWP | NC-17

    Shishido decides to ask Ohtori for a date on Ohtori's birthday.
    Archived 02/24/2006 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

  • Monnie (mvelasq @
    Bunseki (Analysis)
    Ohtori's feelings for Shishido become apparent to Ohtori's father.
    Archived 04/21/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

    Ohtori realizes that the height difference between Shishido and himself isn't so bad.
    Archived 10/06/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

    Geshi (Solstice)
    (Companion piece to Mayotta (Lost), in the Ohtori/Other section)
    Coincidence brings Ohtori and Shishido together at college, after they've been apart for a year.
    Archived 05/11/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

    Going Somewhere
    Following practice matches against Seigaku, Shishido reflects on the differences between playing singles and doubles.
    Archived 03/02/2004 | No pairings | Drama, General

    Shishido muses on what a true hero is.
    Archived 01/25/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

    Hyotei Roommates Arc index page
    This is an arc of related stories, in which Ohtori and Shishido are roommates. Please see this index for descriptions and links to the individual stories.
    Kyuuchou (Cornered)
    Ohtori feels overwhelmed by all the tasks he must complete.
    Archived 10/25/2004 | no pairings | Drama

    Mayotta (Lost)
    Hiyoshi tries to help Ohtori regain his passion after Shishido leaves for college.
    Archived 04/14/2004 | Ohtori/Hiyoshi, Ohtori/Shishido | Angst | R

    Shishido gets upset when he sees Jiroh getting comfortable in Ohtori's lap.
    Archived 05/25/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido, Ohtori/Jiroh, Atobe/Jiroh, Oshitari/Gakuto | Fluff

    Hiyoshi learns more about being buchou than he expected from Atobe.
    Archived 10/06/2004 | No pairings | Drama

    Oshare (Fashion-Conscious)
    Even a simple shopping trip can be scary for Ohtori when Gakuto is involved.
    Archived 06/08/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido, Oshitari/Gakuto | Fluff

    Shishido struggles over whether or not to get Ohtori a White Day gift.
    Archived 03/14/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

    Saikai (Reunion)
    High school teacher Shishido sees someone unexpected when he goes out with a friend to celebrate his birthday.
    Archived 10/11/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst, Romance

    Shigeki (Incentive)
    Just before graduating from high school, Shishido helps Ohtori learn how nice kissing the right person can be.
    Archived 05/05/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

    Taido (Attitude)
    Nasty clubhouse taunting aimed at Ohtori leads to an admission by Shishido.
    Archived 03/21/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

    Torikago (Cage)
    Ohtori has always been attracted to men with long hair.
    Archived 10/11/2004 | Ohtori/? | Drama

    Gakuto discovers that not all of Shishido's "training" takes place on the tennis courts.
    Archived 01/25/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance | NC-17

    Tsuzuku (To Be Continued)
    Ohtori hesitates to ask Shishido for a dance at Shishido's senior prom.
    Archived 08/30/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

  • MorphailEffect (morphaileffect @
    After the Fall
    Ohtori's opinion of Shishido changes after Shishido cuts his hair.
    Archived 01/28/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

    Coming Over
    Ohtori invites Shishido to his house to study.
    Archived 01/28/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

    Distorted Lines
    Ohtori won't interfere in Shishido's life, even though he needs his friend for support.
    Archived 11/21/2004 | No pairings | Drama

  • Murasaki
    After seducing him, Shishido tries to protect Ohtori by pushing him away.
    Archived 01/17/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst | Link to author's site. The story is in the Candy section.

  • Nekocin (neko_cin_6 @
    Birthday Cake
    Shishido's attempts at baking a cake are unsuccessful until he receives a little help from Ohtori.
    Archived 09/15/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff, Humor

    How Unfortunate!
    Shishido is certain that his birthday is going to be a horrible day.
    Archived 09/29/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    Ignorance is a Bliss
    Ohtori and Shishido's teammates discover that sometimes, things are much more innocent than they sound.
    Archived 10/01/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff, Humor

    Sunset Way
    Shishido has a special treat planned for Ohtori's birthday.
    Archived 03/08/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    Wonderful Date
    Ohtori and Shishido go to see a romantic movie together.
    Archived 12/14/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

  • Niche (niche @
    Living Between the Karma
    Shishido tries to suppress memories of his junior high school days.
    Archived 07/04/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

  • Nori (godsong @
    Tachibana sees the new and improved Shishido Ryou.
    Archived 02/13/2005 | No pairings | Drama, General

    Rise Above
    Taki waits patiently to get his doubles partner back.
    Archived 02/13/2005 | No pairings | Drama, General

    untitled fic
    Atobe drags Shishido to a public swimming pool.
    Archived 02/13/2005 | No pairings | General, Humor

    untitled fic
    Niou corners Hiyoshi in a men's restroom.
    Archived 02/13/2005 | No pairings | Drama, General

  • Nozomi-chan (nozomianshin @
    untitled drabbles
    This is a series of unconnected drabbles about Ohtori and Shishido.
    Archived 10/25/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

    untitled fic
    Ohtori hesitates to move in with Hiyoshi.
    Archived 08/30/2006 | Ohtori/Hiyoshi | Drama, Romance

  • Orphen Eritus (orpheneritus @
    The Best
    Ohtori takes action after realizing his relationship with Shishido revolves aound nothing but tennis.
    Archived 11/15/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

    The Follow Through
    Shishido gets good advice from Oshitari.
    Archived 09/13/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

    Good Sempais
    Shishido has his reasons for refusing to become Ohtori's mentor.
    Archived 01/27/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst, Romance

    Word Play
    Ohtori and Oshitari share a meaningful conversation about their doubles partners.
    Archived 12/25/2005 | No pairings | Drama, General

  • pinoykengumi7 (icecream_queen71 @
    Valentine Kiss
    Shishido finally confesses his love to Choutarou on one Valentine's Day.
    Archived 07/30/2006 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

  • Posterior Praiser (newt_of_doom @
    30 Kisses Arc index page
    This is an arc of related stories featuring Hiyoshi and Jiroh, based on a Live Journal community challenge. Please see this index for descriptions and links to the individual stories.
    Blurred Vision
    (Sequel to Midnight Confessions)
    Ohtori discovers that the real Shishido isn't exactly what he expected.
    Archived 11/23/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst, Romance

    Ohtori has faith in Hiyoshi, even if Hiyoshi doesn't have faith in himself.
    Archived 12/07/2004 | No pairings | General

    Midnight Confessions
    Shishido confirms Ohtori's suspicions with a confession made under the influence of alcohol.
    Archived 11/23/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

  • Rae (steelangel @
    G'morning Sunshine
    When Shishido won't wake up, Ohtori uses a sneaky method of getting him out of bed.
    Archived 06/06/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff | R

    Warm Fuzzies
    Ohtori and Shishido go shopping for a new pet after their old one dies.
    Archived 05/27/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    White Gold
    Shishido sees a different version of Ohtori than everyone else does.
    Archived 02/09/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

  • Ruebert (piyotei @
    30 Kisses Arc index page
    This is an arc of related stories featuring Ohtori and Hiyoshi, based on a Live Journal community challenge. Please see this index for descriptions and links to the individual stories.
  • 30 Lemons Arc index page
    This is an arc of related stories featuring Ohtori and Shishido, based on a Live Journal community challenge. Please see this index for descriptions and links to the individual stories.
    Circumstances propel Ohtori, Shishido and Hiyoshi into sharing an unconventional relationship with each other.
    Archived 09/08/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido, Ohtori/Hiyoshi, Shishido/Hiyoshi | Angst | R

    Hiyoshi and Ohtori have a talk when Ohtori arrives home late.
    Archived 06/28/2004 | No pairings | Drama, General

    Decades index page
    The complicated bonds between Ohtori, Shishido and Hiyoshi are explored in this series of mostly unrelated drabbles. Please see this index for characters, category descriptions and links to the individual stories.
    Hiyoshi bides his time until he can get Ohtori alone.
    Archived 07/06/2004 | Ohtori/Hiyoshi | Angst

    Hiyoshi engages in a favorite fantasy.
    Archived 04/14/2004 | Hiyoshi/? | PWP | NC-17

    Hiyoshi doesn't need to understand Ohtori to love him.
    Archived 07/06/2004 | Ohtori/Hiyoshi | Romance

    Hiyoshi discovers the high price of losing after his match with Echizen.
    Archived 04/18/2004 | No pairings | Angst, General

    Ohtori is the recipient of a lot of unwanted Valentine's chocolate.
    Archived 02/26/2005 | No pairings | Drama, General

    Inui and Kaidoh become aware that someone from another school is observing them practice.
    Archived 03/08/2004 | No pairings | Drama, General

    Shishido longs to return to his former relationship with Ohtori, but stays silent for fear of losing him completely.
    Archived 05/05/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

    Shishido receives a birthday gift he didn't realize he wanted.
    Archived 09/30/2004 | No pairings | Drama, General

    Shishido and Ohtori talk about friends from their past.
    Archived 07/26/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido, mention of Hiyoshi | Drama

    Ohtori gives Hiyoshi an unwelcomed surprise birthday party.
    Archived 03/08/2005 | Ohtori/Hiyoshi | PWP | R

    Ohtori keeps trying to pursue a friendship with Hiyoshi.
    Archived 05/02/2004 | No pairings | Drama, General

    Hiyoshi's trust in Ohtori is tested when Shishido returns to Tokyo.
    Archived 05/09/2004 | Ohtori/Hiyoshi, Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

    (Continuation of Hatch, in the Hiyoshi/Other section)
    An unexpected discovery leads Ohtori to question his relationship with a teammate.
    Archived 09/12/2004 | background Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

  • ryouryou (ryou.shishido @
    Atobe teaches Shishido how to tango.
    Archived 03/08/2005 | Shishido/Atobe | Fluff

  • Sakayume (raiha_chan @
    Winding Road
    Shishido gets picked on in the locker room by the other Hyotei players.
    Archived 02/06/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido, Oshitari/Gakuto | Fluff

  • Samurai Jun (nami_chan @
    Kurayami ni Hitomi
    Hiyoshi adjusts to a changer in his eyesight.
    Archived 12/25/2005 | No pairings | Drama

  • sarahofcroydon (sarah_jane_smith @
    Self Preservation
    Ohtori has a surprising reaction when Shishido admits that he likes him.
    Archived 03/14/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

  • scube (frivolity @
    A chance meeting in the clubroom after his dismissal from the Regulars leads to Shishido and Ohtori becoming partners.
    Archived 05/01/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

  • Seiya (seiya_starsniper @
    Shishido seeks refuge in the Regular's clubroom on his birthday.
    Archived 10/15/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

  • Sen (sennykins @
    Getting Stuck
    Atobe finds a clever way to deal with Shishido when they get glued together.
    Archived 02/12/2005 | Shishido/Atobe | Fluff

    Not So Bad
    Shishido discovers that being covered in ice cream isn't such a bad thing when Ohtori offers to help clean him up.
    Archived 12/13/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

  • Shi Lin (featherfur @
    Duet: Andante
    Ohtori thinks about the match he played against Shishido at Senbatsu.
    Archived 12/13/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

    Shishido discovers an appreciation for Ohtori's classical music.
    Archived 03/21/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

    Some Things
    Ohtori reflects on how his knowledge of Shishido goes beyond the obvious.
    Archived 01/29/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

  • Shiyume (yume_no_tenshi_3 @
    It Wasn't... But It Was... And It Was Simply Enough...
    Shishido gives Ohtori something special for his birthday.
    Archived 02/24/2006 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

  • Simply Kim (cheng1812 @
    Beautiful Hands
    Kawamura tells Hiyoshi about his not-so-secret fascination.
    Archived 09/29/2004 | Hiyoshi/Kawamura | Fluff

    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
    When Ohtori questions his attractiveness, Shishido tells him what he sees when he looks at his partner.
    Archived 03/04/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

    Zero Hour
    Ohtori and Shishido wonder what will happen following Shishido's defeat by Tachibana.
    Archived 01/06/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

  • Solaas (solaas @
    This Is My Beloved and This Is My Friend
    Ohtori faces the day after his engagement to Shishido.
    Archived 01/06/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

  • Steph (surefall @
    A Whirlwind Romance
    Ohtori renews an old acquaintance from his junior high school days.
    Archived 05/25/2004 | Ohtori/Sengoku | Romance

    After Dark
    Someone keeps slipping into Ohtori's bed at night.
    Archived 05/27/2004 | Ohtori/Sengoku | Romance

    Someone knows just the right way to awaken Ohtori.
    Archived 05/25/2004 | Ohtori/Sengoku | Romance

    Mission Possible
    Ohtori faces his phobia to help Sengoku in a daring rescue attempt.
    Archived 06/06/2004 | Ohtori/Sengoku | Fluff

    No Words
    Hiyoshi finds a unique way to express his feelings for Ohtori.
    Archived 07/06/2004 | Ohtori/Hiyoshi | Romance

  • Strawberrychan (sn1ckers_ @
    Shishido tries to help a stranger return an unwanted engagement ring.
    Archived 02/24/2006 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

  • sublimeparadigm (urbeth_sama @
    A Year Older
    Ohtori offers to help coach Sakaki celebrate his birthday.
    Archived 03/28/2005 | Ohtori/Sakaki | PWP | NC-17

    All Things Signified
    Ohtori develops a case of love at first sight on his first day at Hyotei.
    Archived 12/13/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance | NC-17

    Shishido tries to help when Ohtori gets upset over a love letter.
    Archived 08/08/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

  • Tayles (selfconfessed_thought_junky @
    Shishido sees the result of Ohtori purging his unhappiness.
    Archived 08/12/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

    Too Much is Never Enough
    For Ohtori, nothing can ever be enough when it involves Shishido.
    Archived 08/31/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

  • telegraph50free (ljzhou87 @
    Charity for Two
    Oshitari offers Ohtori a concert ticket when Gakuto gets too ill to attend.
    Archived 12/04/2004 | Ohtori/Oshitari, Oshitari/Gakuto, hint of Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

  • Tenshi Forgotten (tenshi_forgotten @
    30 Kisses Arc index page
    This is an arc of related stories featuring Ohtori and Shishido, based on a Live Journal community challenge. Please see this index for descriptions and links to the individual stories.
    An accident leads Hiyoshi to having the best day of his life.
    Archived 05/15/2005 | Hiyoshi/Taki | Fluff

  • Please Don't Let Go
    Ohtori isn't certain that what he feels for Shishido is love.
    Archived 12/04/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst, Romance

    Hiyoshi watches Ohtori, knowing that he can never have him.
    Archived 01/07/2005 | Ohtori/Hiyoshi, implied Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

    That's What Big Brothers Are For
    (Companion piece to That's What Big Sisters Are For and That's Why Big Brothers Are There)
    Shishido's older brother knows Shishido better than he knows himself.
    Archived 11/18/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

    That's What Big Sisters Are For
    (Companion piece to That's What Big Brothers Are For and That's Why Big Brothers Are There)
    Ohtori's sister wants to know the boy her little brother has a crush on.
    Archived 12/12/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

    That's Why Big Brothers Are There
    (Companion piece to That's What Big Brothers Are For and That's What Big Sisters Are For)
    Hiyoshi's brother worries about why Hiyoshi seems so sad.
    Archived 08/02/2005 | Hiyoshi/Taki | Angst

    Turn Away, Let Me Dream
    (Companion piece to Turn Away, Let Me Dream (Second Edition)
    Although Shishido seems oblivious, Ohtori can't resist watching him.
    Archived 01/06/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

    Turn Away, Let Me Dream (Edition Two)
    (Companion piece to Turn Away, Let Me Dream
    Shishido isn't so clueless that Ohtori is watching him.
    Archived 01/18/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

  • The Seijin (lorialet20 @
    Eryngo Symbolism
    Oshitari questions Shishido and Ohtori to find out what their relationship is.
    Archived 08/08/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

  • Tk DuVeraun (ravenlock_3 @
    Doing, Trying, Knowing
    Shishido confronts the anti-tennis club faction at school.
    Archived 02/14/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

    Shishido tries to give Ohtori a present for his birthday, but denies that it's for Valentine's Day.
    Archived 02/26/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    My Shame
    Shishido writes a letter to Ohtori to tell him that he's leaving Hyotei.
    Archived 01/09/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

    My Truth
    (Sequel to My Shame)
    Ohtori reacts to the letter he received from Shishido.
    Archived 01/27/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

    Tainted Dreams
    Shishido witnesses something he'd rather forget.
    Archived 03/13/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido, Shishido/Atobe | Angst | R

  • Tokki-tsu (kurokreuz @
    30 Kisses Arc index page
    This is an arc of related stories featuring Hiyoshi and Taki, based on a Live Journal community challenge. Please see this index for descriptions and links to the individual stories.
    Ohtori and Shishido face off against Niou and Yagyuu.
    Archived 08/02/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    Taki and Hiyoshi meet again years after they leave Hyotei.
    Archived 07/06/2005 | No pairings | Drama

    It takes a while for Ohtori to make an impression upon Shishido.
    Archived 03/14/2006 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

    Ohtori's fears about the future are put to rest with Shishido's gift.
    Archived 05/15/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    Paths That Follow
    Atobe finds someone unexpected when he veers from his usual jogging routine.
    Archived 09/22/2005 | No pairings| Drama

    Reach for the Stars
    Hiyoshi talks with Jiroh after Jiroh has a match with Atobe.
    Archived 04/22/2005 | No pairings | Drama

  • Torei (theguardianx83 @
    untitled fic
    Shishido sees beyond Ohtori's bright smile.
    Archived 02/14/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst, Romance

  • Trey (beautifulsena @
    Hiyo challenges Taki to a match to prove to them both that he deserves his spot on the Regulars.
    Archived 04/14/2004 | Hiyoshi/Taki | Fluff

    A classroom confrontation between two rivals yields unexpected results.
    Archived 03/10/2004 | Hiyoshi/Taki | PWP | NC-17

  • Trixie (trixie75 @
    Atobe and Shishido share a quiet moment before school starts.
    Archived 09/13/2004 | Shishido/Atobe | Fluff

    Ohtori and Shishido are forced to share a room at Atobe's mountain estate.
    Archived 06/28/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff, Romance

  • Tzusuki-chan (snugglybunnie05 @
    Choutarou's Birthday Fun
    Shishido gives Ohtori a birthday present he's guaranteed to enjoy.
    Archived 03/14/2006 | Ohtori/Shishido | PWP | NC-17

  • Velutlunas (velutlunas @
    The Best Present
    Ohtori takes Shishido home after Shishido has too much to drink on his 18th birthday.
    Archived 01/28/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | PWP | NC-17

  • Vul (vul_hashiba @
    Tragic Fall
    Where others see perfection, Ohtori recognizes Shishido's tragic flaw.
    Archived 02/06/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

  • W175N57 (nachtiigall @
    By Sin Alone
    Tension rises between Atobe and Shishido when Atobe chooses a fundraiser over Shishido.
    Archived 05/30/2005 | Shishido/Atobe | Romance

  • Wai (kuroitaiyo @
    A Dance
    Ohtori and Shishido share a moonlit dance.
    Archived 10/01/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst, Romance

    Shishido makes a sacrifice in order to give Ohtori a special birthday present.
    Archived 12/04/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

    Ohtori discovers that Shishido has a fear of band-aids.
    Archived 07/14/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

    Between You and Me
    Ohtori is unprepared for a day he knew would eventually come.
    Archived 03/24/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst

    Shishido gets some unexpected help fixing his new short haircut.
    Archived 05/19/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

    The Mix-up
    Shishido gets a big surprise when the wrong birthday gift is delivered to his home.
    Archived 10/01/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Humor

    Small Favors
    (Sequel to Adagio)
    Shishido pays the price for asking Atobe's help to get Ohtori's birthday present.
    Archived 02/26/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff, Humor

  • Watashi-sama (thecashew42 @
    untitled fic
    (Companion piece to The Second Friday by fic_faery)
    Ohtori tries to tempt Shishido by eating pocky in front of him.
    Archived 01/18/2006 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff

  • whity
    Losing Your Game
    Gakuto bets with Shishido that Oshitari will get more Valentine's chocolate than Ohtori.
    Archived 02/26/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Fluff, Humor | Direct link to story at

  • Wildwolf (wildwolf_06 @
    Violin Calluses
    Shishido questions the calluses on Ohtori's left hand.
    Archived 12/25/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Drama

  • Wind Chijmes (wind_chijmes @
    Chasing Each Other
    Shishido vows to get back on the team with Ohtori's help, even if he's not entirely willing.
    Archived 05/25/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

  • Yukuro (kuroyumei @
    Glass-Like Emotion
    Some clubhouse teasing about Valentine's Day leads Shishido to act on his feelings toward Ohtori.
    Archived 02/19/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido, Oshitari/Gakuto | Romance

  • Yume (yume @
    When Fate Smiles
    Hiyoshi's unrequited feelings lead to an angry confrontation.
    Archived 01/17/2004 | Ohtori/Hiyoshi, Ohtori/Shishido | Angst