Oh my god. Blame Tokki-tsu for this short little scary HiyoTaki thing. S'all 'tat person's fault.

by Tenshi Forgotten

It had been an accident. The entire day, the best day of his whole life. It was an accident?

Hiyoshi Wakashi lay in his bed, staring up at the ceiling. His head was filled with thoughts from the day before. He'd never thought, never imagined in his wildest dreams…

It was the first time he'd eaten ice cream in a long while, and probably the first time he'd ever had cotton candy, not that he'd actually liked that too much. It was also the first time he'd gotten nauseous because of an upside down roller coaster ride. Well, he'd never ridden an upside down roller coaster before, had he?

The whole day had been like a day dream he'd just floated through. He didn't worry about being the best on the tennis team (but he had beaten every loser in the park at the shoot-the-clowns-teeth-out thing), and he hadn't been bothered to do his home work for once. In fact, everything he'd had planned for the day had gone flying out the window when somebody had bumped into him before proceeding to drag him onto a bus and into an amusement park.

Really, he ought to have still been mad at Taki. But he wasn't. At least, not anymore. He'd laughed for the first time sense he could even remember.

Although, it had been an accident. Taki had just tripped while running, probably wanting to catch Mukahi and drag him off, getting Hiyoshi instead.

But hey, all great things came from accidents, right?

The End

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