After a While
by Ginga aka KTB

Walking down the path, Hiyoshi admired the surroundings of green grass and people chatting in the background. He needed a peaceful walk after such a rough day. Being buchou was something he had been prepped and prepared for. He knew it entitled a lot of work on his behalf and if it weren't for the support of Ohtori or even Kabaji a lot of work with the team would never get done. He was grateful for all the help, but sometimes he thought that it was hard to follow up behind someone like Atobe; someone who could control the actions of the student body with literally a snap of his fingers and do whatever pleased him on a whim. Even so much as influencing decisions Kantoku made…

It was hard to compete with someone like that.

Lost in his thoghts, he was totally unaware of the quickly moving figure speeding towards him. In the last moment before impact Hiyoshi noticed a familiar head full of dark curls.

"Did you miss me at all?"

That snarky voice made Hiyoshi's usually bland expression twisted into something like anger and annoyance. Whether he was mad at the person on top of him or the fact his face was burning red in embarrassment he couldn't tell. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Black hair and the mess of curls blocking out the sunlight above them, Kirihara was almost impossible to deal with in any situation. He could almost hear an echoing in the mocking laugh that would haunt him till the early hours of the morning that night.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Kirihara's green eyes shone with mischief. "I haven't seen you in months."

Hiyoshi sputtered when he felt the soft curls rub against his cheek, lightly tickling his neck… and the sharp pain of a bite. "What the… Get off!" He tried to push the other player off of him, but ended up gripping the other's shirt as he felt teeth nip his collar bone.

"Hmm… I haven't tasted Hiyoshi for a long time either. Not too bad." Kirihara licked his lips and sat up on Hiyoshi's waist. "So, did you miss me?"

Glaring at the Rikkai player above him, Hiyoshi was able to lean on his elbows and breathe in a little fresh air. "I will not say anything until you get off of me."

Kirihara smirked and leaned forward to lick Hiyoshi's ear. The newly appointed Hyotei captain's face glowing red. "I can deal with you not talking to me." Another lick, "But you should really just tell me. It's would be easier on your half."

"Will you stop it? If I answer will you just get off of me?" Kirihara nodded and with a sigh, Hiyoshi answered. "Yes, fine. Now get off of me." Pushing off the Rikkai player, Hiyoshi gathered his things and brush the stray grass off of his uniform. All he needed now was grass stains on his butt. He really didn't mind Kirihara's company most of the time. The Rikkai player wasn't that bad when his sempai weren't around… or people for that matter. Now since Kirihara held more authority over Rikkai's tennis team… They would be sure to meet sooner or later on the courts.

"Na, Hiyoshi?" Silence came from the Hyotei captain, but he knew he was listening. "Can I come over for a little bit? It was a long trip over here and I wanted to see you…"

"Fine, come on."

Hiyoshi couldn't help but smile at the grin that spread on Kirihara's face.

The End

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