Summary: So, we had Ryosuke look onto Shishido's life. We had Minako look into Ohtori's. Well, I can't exactly leave out Hiyoshi, now can I? His brother looks on to him with a sadness, thinking he deserves so much better than what he has.

Author Comments: Damn. I hadn't intended on this happening AT ALL. >.>

Archivist's note: This is a companion piece to That's What Big Brothers Are For and That's What Big Sisters Are For.

That's Why Big Brothers Are There
by Tenshi Forgotten

Wakashi had never been a big smiler, even when their mom had taken them out to an amusement park, or the zoo, or to buffet, or anywhere really. It wasn't that he was stingy, okay, Wakashi did have his moments, but over all the boy just didn't like to show emotion, like, at all.

This always kept him… separate, apart from the other kids in his grade. When they were younger, Touya had gotten so angry one night when he'd been planning on going to a friends house, but had to stay home and babysit instead, simply because Wakashi didn't want to go to a friends house. Not that he'd had any back then anyhow.

Touya remembered how that night, when he'd gone to check on his younger brother, Wakashi hadn't been there. Of course, his heart rate had increased faster than even when he'd been asking that one girl, he couldn't remember her name now, out on a date for the first time. He'd ran up and down the stairs, positively screaming the kids name, threatening and pleading for him to come out of hiding.

His parents had said to NEVER call them while they were out unless someone broke into the house. Well, no one was attempting a break in, but he was relieved that he'd been so panicked that night that he'd thought a break out was just as bad. His mother and father had come home so quickly he'd wondered if they'd teleported before he realised the full blow of the situation. His little brother was gone, and not only was he going to get the heat of it because he was babysitting but it really was his fault.

It hadn't taken to long after all however, to find Wakashi sitting on the curb of a sidewalk near his school. He hadn't said anything besides, "I was just taking a walk," but Touya knew, and he knew his parents knew, Wakashi had left thinking no one was going to miss him anyway. Touya's yelling from earlier that night had been the proof, he knew.

He's made sure after that, to NEVER say anything that could even be taken as resentment towards his younger brother, (yeah, VERY hard at times) but even then, Wakashi smiled so rarely that when he did, it was always a smirk anyhow, after beating someone in tennis or in the dojo.

When Wakashi came home from school one day, he acted just as normal as always, but there was something about him, something… distinctly not normal. Something had happened, and Touya had decided to find out what it was that could affect his younger brother (even if it was such a tiny thing as a just a feeling in the atmosphere).

Thus, spying on Wakashi act I was in action. He couldn't give it all his attention unfortunatly, his college entrance exams drawing closer and closer, but it was his little brother, and he was definitly not missing out on some sort of juicy information.

So, with his points of information (mostly freshman that went to Wakashi's school and needed some pocket cash) he came up… with absolutely nothing. Hyoutei was a school filled with rivalry and cruelty, one that if stepping on your fallen friend would get you a single step higher you would smother them into the ground, one that if you fell behind no one was going to even glance back at you, let alone have sympathy. It was kill and grind at the school, and if you didn't follow the unsaid rules you'd be eaten alive.

He knew all of this of course, having gone there himself. But that was all these freshman were telling him. You'd think that for all the extra money he was handing over they'd at least have some information specifically about his younger brother, but no, apparently Wakashi was just as cold and distant at school as he was at home, maybe more so.

But then, finally, he got some information that would help him in his quest of spying on Wakashi. And it came in the form of a twelve year old little girl wanting a kiss on the cheek. With a laugh he gave her that, and then she told him some VERY interesting things the other kids had failed to mention.

"See, a while ago, Shishido-sempai, from the boy's tennis team, lost really badly to an unseeded team. Of course, Atobe-sama and Sakaki-sensei kicked him off the team. No room for comfort, right? Well, that was all fine and dandy, but you won't believe what happened last week! You know the drill for Hyoutei right? Once you lose, you're done, through and through, no second chances.

"Well, Shishido-sempai went and played against Taki-sempai, a regular, and beat him so bad Sakaki-sensei took Taki off the team and somehow or another, Shishido-sempai cut his hair, I mean like chopped it off with an ax and now he's back on the team!"

It was as shocking, almost unbelievable. At Hyoutei, under Sakaki-sensei no less, someone had been given a second chance? Was that even possible? Well, at least he knew why Wakashi had been weird that day, because he must have been just as surprised, as amazed as he was by this turn in events.

Not too much later, Wakashi said he had a tennis match, Hyotei vs. Seigaku. It really would have been a great game to catch, but alas, he had stupid cram school mock exams the exact same day. He'd cursed the whole time.

That night at home, Wakashi had claimed he wasn't hungry, preferring to skip dinner and sulk in his room. Touya knew that could really only mean one thing. He'd lost his match…

Had he been kicked off then? Before it was an automatic response, yes, but was it possible Wakashi was still on the team? Even as a substitute or something? He didn't feel like embracing his brother's untamed wrath however, and didn't attempt to ask.

Instead he got his information, in exchange for just another kiss.

"It was so cool, you should have seen it!" She's exclaimed, but then began speaking again, "First was Oshitari-sempai and Mukahi-sempai and they lost to a stupid spur of the moment doubles pair. I mean, really."

"Ohtori-sempai and Shishido-sempai, he looks so different with his hair cut short you know, won the next match, thankfully. After that Kabaji and Seigaku's person, I can't remember his name, Takeshi? Ah well, they were playing so hard their hands began to bleed and both had to forfeit making a draw."

It seemed like Seigaku was a good team, but certainly not enough to defeat Hyoutei, right?

"Then Akutagawa-sempai played against Fuji-san and that was wow. I mean, Akutagawa-sempai actually woke up during the game! He only plays like that against Atobe-sama, usually."

Then Tezuka-san and Atobe-sama played and Atobe-same barely won. It was like, so amazing. But, like, I think Tezuka-san almost died or something. I don't know."

Then Hiyoshi-sempai played and got beat pretty quick, meaning Hyotei lost, sadly. Either way, it was an awesome day to watch tennis."

It was with a daze that he went home that time, walking in the front door to see, even more surprised. In fact, he thought he might die from all the surprises recently. Wakashi was sitting in the living room, playing some video game (odd enough by itself) but next to him could be only what would usually classify as a friend. But this was Wakashi, and Wakashi didn't allow himself to have friends.

… Did he?

"Ah, hello!" The mysterious "friend" called out to him as he let his bag drop to the ground with an odd clang against the floor.

"Ahah! I told you I could beat your ass at tennis any time, any day." The boy had a grin on his face as he dropped the controller, and Wakashi was twitching.

"Taki, this is not tennis. It's a-"

"Whatever, you're just a sore loser."

And by any chance that he was going to die sometime soon, Touya strolled past them to get some aspirin from the kitchen.

Whatever was happening, things were changing, and whether it was because of some great karma or whatever, it was good thing.

Or, it probably was, Touya thought, as he heard yelling from the living room and what he hoped wasn't pillows ripping at the seams from being thrown to and fro by the two boys, who, Touya could probably tell without mistake, really were friends. Maybe.

… Now why hadn't any of his faithful little spies told him about this anyway?

The End

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