Dedicated to my dear Taka-Kat, who RPs HiyoTaki smut with me and likes this pairing too. ^.^

by Trey

It had not been the smoothest of meetings. In fact, they had bumped into each other and immediately set their testosterone level so high they could actually pierce through the other with their anger.

Wakashi Hiyoshi... That nobody who took his place. Haginosuke Taki hated him almost as much as he hated Ryou Shishido. His blood boiled every time he watched the mushroom-haircut boy played. Wakashi had just stepped in and taken everything. And also, he was close to Choutarou Ohtori. Haginosuke used to be Choutarou's partner! And he had liked it that way... He liked being around Choutarou.

Wakashi's feelings were mutual, to say the least. Though he did not know why his senior hated him so much. What he did know was that Haginosuke was a jealous, whiny baby who did not deserve to be on the team. And he told it to his face.

"You're living in a grudge," Wakashi told him. "Everyday, you complain because you were kicked off the regulars. Some member of Hyoutei... It's a good thing you're gone."

Haginosuke snarled, ready to claw the other's eyes out. "Well, you are a nobody. No one had heard of you until you were put on the team. You were a lucky one of two hundred."

"And now you are one of those two hundred," Wakashi smirked, crossing his arms and leaning against the wall. "You have no business complaining to me when your skill is lacking."

They stared at each other for a long time in that lonely hallway as the last of the students left the building. Wakashi noticed the fear in Haginosuke's eyes, the fear of losing, even though it was mixed with anger. He lived on watching other people fear.


Haginosuke finally turned away from him, going back into his classroom only to notice everyone was gone. He frowned. He had wanted to ask the teacher a question when school got out, but he had gotten so carried away with the heated argument. He had missed out.

That was when he heard the door slam behind him.

"We should settle this."

Haginosuke whirled around and was caught by Wakashi's glare. "Get lost," he snapped. "I don't have time for you."

Wakashi tilted his head to the side, sort of leering. "Oh, but you must, though, if you always argue with me and focus on me."

"I'm killing you with my mind," was the lame excuse Haginosuke replied with. He turned up his nose and walked forward. "Now, move aside so I can go."

Wakashi made no attempt to move. "You were only the first," he said right to Haginosuke's face. Haginosuke tried to maneuver to the sides, but Wakashi stepped in front of him each time. "Next year, I will be the best Hyoutei player. And the captain."

Haginosuke had to laugh at that. "You? A scrawny little nobody..." But as he finished his sentence, He was slammed into a desk, back on the top, feet on the floor. Looking up at Wakashi.

Fear in those eyes again. Wakashi felt elated. "Do NOT call me a nobody. I'm a somebody. A somebody who will make it to the top, starting with you."

They stared at each other again. Haginosuke tried to push Wakashi away from him, but he only ended up pushing the desk back and landing smack down on the floor. Ouch. That really hurt his back. And still Wakashi loomed over him, now with him on the ground, pinning his hands by his head.

"Get off of me," Haginosuke said, a hint of panic in his voice. His hands were held tightly, as if they were shackled to the floor.

Wakashi only continued to watch his eyes, the eyes becoming fearful. "No." Yes, he was going to prove he was worthy of taking Haginosuke's place, worthy of making it to the top. He leaned forward, nestled between Haginosuke's neck and shoulder. And then, in one motion, he licked up his neck to his chin.

Haginosuke's eyes widened. For a moment, he stopped breathing, and yet his heart felt as if it were going to explode through his ribcage. His cheeks became very red. After a moment of not moving, Wakashi's lips were at his, ravishing and sucking, almost as if the other were trying to rip them off. Haginosuke protested, eyes wide and hands trying to break free.

Wakashi smiled into his searing kiss. He had finally gotten the other afraid of him. But it was not over yet. He kept his eyes locked on Haginosuke, forcing his tongue into the other's mouth. Haginosuke whimpered a bit, but the more he struggled, the harder Wakashi pushed.

At last, when he needed air, Wakashi ripped away from the other, panting hard and staring at him. He still held Haginosuke's wrists down tightly. Haginosuke looked back, feeling Wakashi's eyes bore through him. "What... do you want from me?" he whispered.

Wakashi's eyes narrowed. Was it not obvious? He wanted respect, power, dominance. But instead of answering his captive, he brought Haginosuke's hands up so he could hold down both wrists with one hand. With his now-free hand, he yanked at Haginosuke's tie. Haginosuke began struggling again, and this was much easier to do when only one hand was holding him down. Wakashi grumbled and moved his hand to pin the other again, now removing the tie with his teeth. Once that was free, he bound Haginosuke's wrists together with it. Tightly. And when that was over, he pulled back to look at the astonished senior with a satisfied expression.

"You shouldn't have struggled," was all Wakashi said as he moved to unbutton Haginosuke's shirt.

This was outrageous! Haginosuke was now angry, and he brought down his bound hands on Wakashi's head. "Get off. NOW." He would NOT let this happen. Especially not from Wakashi. He should respect his seniors!

Wakashi twitched and then gave Haginosuke a flat look. "Do you want me to tie your fucking hands down too?"

He was answered with another smack on the head.

"You really are an idiot," Wakashi said as he undid his own tie. "You don't know how to pick your fights."

"Shut the hell up!" Haginosuke yelled. "If you don't release me now, I'll-"

"You'll what?" interrupted Wakashi. He was beginning to enjoy this. "Pound my head to death?" But Haginosuke would not even be able to do that now. Wakashi used his own tie by stringing it through Haginosuke's arms and restraining them to a nearby desk. Again, very tightly. Haginosuke could not sit up or move his arms. He gave Wakashi a deadly glare, and that was all he could do. Not very frightening. "Yeah, I'm shaking, Taki." He went back to the shirt, now free to move as he pleased.

Haginosuke's heart was racing again. He could only watch as Wakashi pushed back his shirt. The Wakashi leaned over to run his tongue along Haginosuke's collarbone. Haginosuke could not help but shiver, and he finally closed his eyes, relaxing a bit. And he was mad at himself for liking the feeling of Wakashi's hands moving up and down his sides slowly.

Wakashi's fingers finally found Haginosuke's nipples. He began squeezing softly, all the while, biting and licking his neck. He wanted to leave a nice mark there, another proof of his victory.

And Haginosuke actually moaned at the touch. In fact, his anger seemed to vanish quickly, and all he could think about were those hands, callused and masterful, teasing him. Wakashi only reveled in Haginosuke's response silently and continued to explore with his fingers and brand with his mouth.

For a long while, Wakashi listened to Haginosuke's soft moans. When he had finished his mark, bright red on Haginosuke's beautiful neck, he slipped his head lower to move his lips and tongue around Haginosuke's chest. The moans increased a little bit.

And it happened at last. Haginosuke murmured out Wakashi's name. "Hiyoshi..." It was soft, but he heard it. And that made his pride swell ten-fold. He sat up, grabbing Haginosuke's chin roughly and pressed into him for another kiss. This time, Haginosuke responded, tilting his head back and forth as Wakashi moved to get a better grip on his mouth or tongue.

Wakashi moved back a little as Haginosuke continued to kiss his cheeks and neck. Another small smirk passed his lips. Yeah, I knew you wanted it, he thought, hands resting at his sides again. He planted another quick kiss on Haginosuke's lips before ducking his head again. He kissed and licked all the way down Haginosuke's abdomen, just stopping before the top of his pants. With a soft groan he nuzzled around until he found a zipper.

Haginosuke's eyes became saucers, heat rushing to both his face and lower part of his body. For a quick moment, he was not sure if he wanted to continue like this. But Wakashi had already started pulling down the zipper with his teeth. Haginosuke rolled his eyes back and rested his head against the floor. He could not deny the pleasure he was feeling.

The top button was also undone with Wakashi's teeth, though it took longer. But every time his face moved, it nuzzled against Haginosuke, and that resulted in a soft moan from the prey. He began pulling off Haginosuke's pants, still keeping his face low. Haginosuke shifted to accommodate, all the while silently begging him to go faster.

Wakashi's face finally inched up again as he let his hands travel along Haginosuke's legs. His touches were soft now, barely even contacting the skin at all, and they moved between and around. Haginosuke caught Wakashi staring at him again. "Stop teasing," he breathed, wishing his hands were free so he could clutch the other to him.

Wakashi only leaned down to kiss him. His hands finally began to pull Haginosuke's boxers down by the bottom, using one hand and moving one leg at a time, inch by inch. As the cold air hit Haginosuke's erection, he gasped loudly into Wakashi's mouth. Wakashi paid that no heed, his hand already moving to grip Haginosuke tightly and rub the tip with his thumb. Eyes widening and then closing, Haginosuke could only moan in response, breaking the kiss and lying his head on the floor again.

For now, both of their rapidly beating hearts were in the same beat. Wakashi's free hand quickly began to undo his own pants, all the while teasing Haginosuke's length. Haginosuke writhed in desire and need. He could not do anything about his hands and he wanted to, to touch the younger student above him.

When Wakashi was finished undressing, he leaned over to kiss his senior again. Keeping one hand on Haginosuke's length, he moved the other down between his legs. He finally found the opening he was looking for and he began to tease the entrance, never pushing in but just rubbing. Haginosuke let out a moan, louder than the ones he had made before.

"Hurry, Hiyoshi," he purred. Wakashi's eyes narrowed. Hearing the other talk was incredible. In all truth, Haginosuke had a gorgeous voice, rich and elegant. So Wakashi obliged by penetrating the entrance with a finger, and then two.

Haginosuke's head was swimming. It had not been too long ago when he did not want anything to do with this guy, but now he was begging him to screw him! And he did not mind, though he figured there would be a price to pay later. That, however, was the last thought on his mind. Wakashi stroking him made shudder with anticipation. And he was not that bad looking, either.

Finally, Wakashi pulled away from Haginosuke and stood up. He looked a little confused. Sitting up as much as he could, Haginosuke asked him what the hell he was doing.

"I don't have any..." Wakashi trailed off as he walked over to the teacher's desk.

Haginosuke watched that naked body move, a little angry for leaving him. It was cold on the floor. "Any what?" He was stunned when Wakashi began to go through the teacher's drawers.

"Lube," was all Wakashi responded with. Haginosuke blinked several times. After a few moments of searching, Wakashi made a triumphant statement and came back to sit by Haginosuke. He had a bottle of lotion in his hands. "Good enough."

"That's the teacher's!" Haginosuke gasped. What on earth WAS this guy?

"I don't care."

Dumbfounded, Haginosuke lay back on the floor again, staring up at the ceiling with bewilderment. "You're amazing..."

Wakashi began coating himself with the lotion. He really hoped that this would work (and that Haginosuke did not have some kind of allergic reaction to mapleberry pine). When that was done, he sat himself between Haginosuke and leaned forward. With another kiss, he slowly began to push inside.

The stupefied look immediately left Haginosuke, and he let out a pained yelp. The lotion was not that good, and this being Haginosuke's first time, it hurt like a bitch. Wakashi bit his lip and stopped, reaching down to take Haginosuke's erection in his hands. He mumbled an apology and slowly began pushing again.

Haginosuke tried to relax, tried to focus on Wakashi stroking him and kissing him. A few tears came to his eyes from the pain. Wakashi was finally settled in, and he leaned forward to kiss Haginosuke's tears away... Both were shocked at that action, being that that was the first really nice thing Wakashi had ever done for his senior. Haginosuke blushed and nuzzled Wakashi's cheek in gratitude.

Wakashi pulled out and pushed back in again, still going very slow and still pumping Haginosuke with the same speed. Haginosuke was finally getting used to the feeling, and each time Wakashi rubbed against his sweet spot, he moaned in pleasure. Wakashi grunted a pleased sound each time he settled into the warm, tight area. It felt wonderful. He began going faster, pounding into Haginosuke with full force. He even mumbled out Haginosuke's name.

The pain was gone for now, and Haginosuke only felt ecstasy. He could barely contain himself, finally leaning back and yelling Wakashi's name as he came into his hands. Wakashi followed soon after, seeing blurred white stars in his eyes.

Wakashi fell atop Haginosuke in a heap, gasping and panting with the other. He noticed Haginosuke really struggling with the binds, so he reached over him to undo them. With his hands free, Haginosuke flung them around Wakashi, kissing him softly all over his face through gasps. Wakashi even tried to move, but Haginosuke would not let him, clutching to him with all his might.

Long minutes passed in which the two hugged and cuddled each other. Wakashi ran his fingers through Haginosuke's pretty hair while Haginosuke rubbed his shoulders and back. At last, Wakashi pushed up and pulled himself out of Haginosuke. He stared at him a long time, and for a fleeting moment, forgot about why he had originally done this. He leaned over Haginosuke and brushed his fingers along his cheek.

"You... Are really beautiful..."

The blush came to Haginosuke's cheeks again, and he smiled. "Don't say that. Tomorrow, you'll hate me again..."

They were both silent for a long while. Wakashi frowned and drew himself away. He began to grab his clothes. "The janitor will be coming in soon," he said. "We should leave."

Haginosuke saddened a little. He pushed himself up, hissing at the pain in his lower back. The two dressed in complete silence, though they would steal glances at the other. Wakashi put the lotion back in the drawer he found it in. Both of them reached for their wrinkled ties.

And in silence, they left the classroom. And then, the school. The muttered a goodbye to each other and left on their separate ways, though each secretly wishing they could have remained together longer. Haginosuke rubbed at the mark left on his neck and wondered how long int would stay and how he would cover it.

When Wakashi got home, he did not stop until he reached the bathroom. He wanted to shower before dinner. As he began pulling off his tie, he noticed the initials 'H.T.' scrawled on the back on the tag. A small smile crept over his lips.

Haginosuke would have to come get his tie back.

The End

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