Just the Way
by Ginga aka KTB

It was almost heaven as Gakuto felt warm hands delicately touch his sides; not quite tickling, not light enough for that, but not needy enough for fingers to leave marks. Hiyoshi was remarkably good at doing that, making him feel the height of tactile senses while leaving nothing behind but a powerful memory. The redhead often wondered if the younger boy ever did it like this to anyone else.

If by based on looks alone, it would be very likely.

He liked how the boy was looked unnaturally stoic while doing unnamable things at the same time. It was almost sexy how after classes Gakuto would search the other out and come onto him until Hiyoshi would tell him to "get lost," but pin him to a wall seconds later for a quick make out session.

The enigma that could be described as Hiyoshi Wakashi… Gakuto didn't want to figure him out. He liked the sense of mystery and wanted to keep it that way.

The End

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