Dedicated to my friend who's recovering from eye surgery.

Kurayami ni Hitomi
by Samurai Jun

I never meant to get this way, but those damn balls of slob were always more fragile than I wanted them to be. It wasn't fair my life. I never had the best of vision, but it never got so bad that I had to get glasses, which I was grateful of because then I'd look like Seigaku's buchou. It only got worse towards the end of my first year at Hyoutei.

The first symptoms I got were when I was staring at a histogram with red intervals and then suddenly the bars turned a weird shade of grey before my eyes. I quickly rubbed my eyes to check to make sure I wasn't dreaming and saw red bars again. I quickly shrugged it off and continued finishing up my homework.

Throughout the next two weeks I continued studying and coming to practices for the tennis club. I wanted to be a regular so I had to train hard. Sometimes if I practiced for a long time I couldn't distinguish the green in the grass or the red in the noisy sirens of an ambulance passing by. I dismissed it as hallucination from studying too hard.

However, it got worse. Frightened I carried the secret inside of me and hid it from the rest of the world. I didn't even tell my parents. It particularly took its toll on me when I was waiting at a crosswalk. All of a sudden I couldn't tell if I could go or not. Since there were no cars going I assumed that I could cross. All of a sudden a truck came out of nowhere. I would have been a goner if Ootori didn't come to my rescue and yanked me out of the street.

When word reached the ears of my parents they instantly took me to the eye doctor. They put up several Ishihara Test Plates and told me to read the numbers among the dots. The overall was that I didn't do so well. The doctor confirmed to my mother that I was completely color blindness. That stung my pride. Without my sense of colors then I'd have a harder time in tennis. I might not be able to make the regulars.

I dealt with my lost sense of color and I soon got used to it, but I could never appreciate color again after that. I seem like I'm fine, but in reality I'm living in a black and white world that I won't be able to escape it until the end of my life. This is through the eyes of the color blind.

The End

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