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untitled fic
by Nori

If there were one thing Hiyoshi was not fond of, it would be Niou Masaharu. A classic example of a teenage rebellion, constantly testing the limits of authority and committing irredeemable acts left and right. A rebel without a cause, to quote a famous American movie. No reason for anything he did and no way to justify his means.

Hiyoshi didn't like those sorts of people, but he liked even less when said sorts of people had him cornered in the men's restroom; grinning like a hyena with a glint of uncertain intent in his eyes. Just one quick punch was all it would take, really, but Hiyoshi had his standards -- he wouldn't lash out unless he actually felt threatened. This was more of a mere annoyance.

"Hey, Shroomie." Niou drawled slowly, grin never leaving his face. "Heard you lost to our kid." He hadn't heard it but rather seen it; and honestly it was rather amusing to watch players in the Newcomers tournament get throttled by Kirihara's tennis.

Hiyoshi didn't say a word, instead fixing a cold glare on Niou's face. He had lost but that just meant he had to work even harder to get to the top. His head shook slightly as he brushed passed the older teen, not even bothering to look back as he pushed out the door.

The End

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