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Paths That Follow
by Tokki-tsu

It isn't until the names on the street signs turn suddenly unfamiliar that Atobe realizes he has jogged far past his usual route. He slows then, walks down strange lines that mean little to him. For a moment, he considers turning back, but the faint thwock thwock of a tennis ball lures him further off-track.

The sounds have all but faded by the time he discovers where they come from. A dojo stands before him, solemn and imposing even as it draws him in with its peace and calm.

Hiyoshi is there, in the garden, slowly going through forms at once both familiar and not. A tennis racket lays on a bench off to the side, and Atobe joins it.

He almost calls out. Almost, except he shuts his mouth as soon as he opens it. This is Hiyoshi's world; he'll respect that.

Later, when he begins his walk back home, he thinks he can hear Hiyoshi's voice calling him. 'Atobe,' not 'buchou,' but the sound is so soft it's probably all but imagined.

He doesn't look back, and he misses Hiyoshi watching him leave.

The End

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