I don't know. It started out as me intending to write HiyoJi after going to looking at so many HiyoJi fanarts. Really. Somewhere along the way my mind wandered. I don't know what it is anymore. Three in the morning = bad for Yunyun's writing, yes.

Reach for the Stars
by Tokki-tsu

When Hiyoshi first met Jirou, he'd been floored. Literally. Nothing like a collision to make that first introduction special. Not that either of them had actually introduced themselves - in the true spirit of Jirou, the blond had sat up, blinked twice, and flopped back to his spot on the floor fast asleep. There was nothing for Hiyoshi to do but scowl and continue his way to the classroom.

The next time they met, it was on the tennis courts. To his consternation, Jirou won handily 6-2, playing as though his head were still in the clouds. It was frstrating, extremely frustrating, to see all his hard work so easily conquered.

But the Atobe-Jirou match was directly after, and what he saw then was a game that made his breath catch in his throat. Brilliant volleying on Jirou's part, and Atobe's natural confidence and strength - a match between the Singles 1 and 2 players always left him in awe afterwards. And always, there was the tiny fear he would never catch up, usually quietened by his louder will of carrying out gekokujou.

It was after one of these matches that Jirou came to him, setting blonde curls into his lap. He didn't bother to try to move Jirou - the other boy's actions were simply something that couldn't be helped.

"I don't think I'll ever reach him either."

Hiyoshi started at the voice, and thought of declaring his intent for gekokujou before settling for the closer truth. "I... Me neither."

"It's all right though. He'll just continue to be the star we aim to reach. Untouchable, and beautiful." Jirou stretched an arm to the sky, smile carrying faint hints of wistfulness in it. "Ne, Hiyoshi-kun?"

Hiyoshi didn't know what to say and looked away instead, to where Atobe stood. Atobe gazed back before turning away, head held high.

Perhaps Atobe wasn't so far after all.

The End

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