A/N: Hiyoshi angst. Yay. Dedicated to Sharon because her asking me if she could archive my ToriShi was what prompted me to get off my lazy ass and write the Hiyoshi-fic I'd been meaning to write for ages. XD

by Amsdia

He wondered, sometimes, if anyone would notice he was gone.

Probably not.

Atobe had chosen Shishido over him. Coming from his first crush, that had hurt, and badly. Atobe had broken Hyotei's Golden Rule for Shishido, but not him, never him. He'd been dropped like a hot rock when he'd lost that match. But Shishido lost and Shishido wasn't dropped and Shishido won because he had Ohtori and oh, how he wanted to smash that pretty face in, wipe off that arrogant smirk.

But he wouldn't because that would make Ohtori upset and he didn't want to upset his second crush.

He wondered, sometimes, if he'd ever stop falling for people who were taken.

Probably not.

He'd shut away his heart so many times he wasn't sure it existed anymore. And if it did, surely it was dead and cold and shrivelled but it couldn't be because if it were dead then it wouldn't hurt, wouldn't feel like a knife had been stabbed through it time and again and surely, surely - if it were dead, he wouldn't be alive. He didn't want to be alive. He wasn't afraid of death, or hell, or reincarnation. Anything would be better than the nonexistence that was his life. And so he died; cold, friendless and alone.

Hiyoshi wondered, sometimes, if anyone would notice he was gone.

Probably not.

The End

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