Just so there's no confusion, "kantoku" is what the Hyoutei players call Sakaki. I believe it means something like 'boss' or 'leader', although I'm honestly not sure. Just think of it as another form of 'sensei,' if that helps.

A Year Older
by sublimeparadigm

Just because it was school break, it didn't mean you got off that easy.

It mattered little in the mind of tennis coach and music instructor Sakaki Tarou, that these so-called 'breaks' were meant to be used by the students to, for the most part, relax.

Sakaki Tarou, quite frankly, didn't know the meaning of the word.

Which is why the 200+ members of Hyoutei's tennis team were currently running laps around the school's tennis courts.

If any of the team members had noticed that their 'kantoku' was in a somewhat sour mood, they certainly didn't mention it. And, of course, they did notice. While many of the players, particularly amongst the underclassmen, were simply dying to ask the obvious question, even they knew the subject was strictly taboo. To question kantoku in any way was a sign of weakness. A team must follow their leader unquestionably.

Sakaki, being sufficiently pleased with the team's performance, and having accomplished his task (being to distract himself from his troubles), finally dismissed the players after a grueling four-hour practice. Of course, this didn't include the eight elite players, the 'regulars', who were always expected to work overtime for their kantoku.

After all the other players had left, the tension seemed to increase substantially with just the nine figures remaining. Sakaki's diatribes were harsher than usual, as he singled out each member, and subjected them to trenchant criticism. There was an underlying consciousness of strain amongst the eight players, each wanting to speak out, but afraid to further aggravate the already irritable coach.

Unfortunately, there was one particular member who just didn't seem to 'get the drift', so to say. Whether this was because he was bleeding oblivious, or because he was simply too 'sensitive' to turn a blind eye, remains to be seen. It was this member, however, who brought all tension to the surface as he addressed his coach.

"Kantoku, are you feeling alright?"

Such a harmless, benevolent question. The other seven regulars inwardly cringed at Ootori Choutarou's genuinely concerned voice.

"Do I appear otherwise, Ootori?" Sakaki said stiffly, locking his eyes with the caring junior.

"Oh, well no . . . it's just . . ."

"What is it?" Sakaki's volume rose up a notch.

"I just . . . expected you to be cheerful, kantoku!" Ootori's smile beamed up at his coach. "I mean, today's your birthday!"

The other seven members stared dumbfounded between the junior and the coach. First they heard of it. Trust Ootori to remember something like that. They each muttered out a "happy birthday" hoping it wouldn't infuriate their coach.

Oh, but it did. While Sakaki showed no outer signs of anger, Ootori had apparently put his finger right on the problem. Sakaki fought down the urge to strangle the innocent, oblivious junior.

"That is irrelevant," Sakaki's voice betrayed just a hint of his underlying emotions. Fortunately, nobody noticed. Nobody except Ootori, that is. "Practice over. Dismissed."

The seven apprehensive players let out a collective sigh of relief.

After being sufficiently reprimanded by his team members, Ootori payed no heed to the advice of his fellow regulars, and took off toward Sakaki's office. He knocked on the office door, receiving no answer. Opening the door, he discovered it was empty. "He couldn't have left yet," Ootori said softly to himself. He bit his bottom lip in thought, trying to deduce where his coach could have gone. After a few seconds of searching his brain, it occurred to him, and he left the office with a small smile.

Ootori found his kantoku exactly where he expected, sitting at a desk in the school's music room, looking over sheets of music.

His coach was too deep in thought to notice Ootori's approach, as he snuck up slowly behind, not really wanting to disturb his kantoku. Sakaki finally acknowledged the other's presence, his hands tensing around the papers he was holding, as he heard the other softly clear his throat.

"What is it, Ootori?" Sakaki did not look up from the papers he was studying intently.

"Um . . . I . . ." Ootori stumbled on his words, suddenly wishing he had listened to his sempais.

Sakaki turned and looked at the boy, his eyes cool and calm. Ootori was entranced by his coach's stare, his words forgotten, as his face flushed.

After a good two minutes of staring at each other, Sakaki stood up, and Ootori looked away, feeling ashamed. He mentally kicked himself for the thoughts that had been barraging his mind during that stare.

Sakaki walked over to the blushing tennis player, wondering what his own intentions were. Standing in front of his student, he addressed him softly.


Ootori looked up, meeting his coach's eyes in another intense gaze. "Yes?"

"Did you need help with something?"

Ootori swallowed, unable to look away. "Well . . . I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, sensei, and wanted to ask if you wanted me to . . . do anything for you." Ootori pretended not to notice the sub text that could be read into the words, and continued. "I'm sorry to bother you. I'll be going." He turned to leave.

"Ootori." Sakaki spoke loudly, causing the boy to stop and turn back.

"Yes, sensei?"

"Are you saying you'd like to help me celebrate my birthday?"

"Ah . . . yes, sensei."

"You should know I don't generally like to celebrate my birthday. Aging is undesirable. I do not wish to be reminded of its inevitability."

Ootori breath caught in his throat, feeling guilty. "I'm very sorry, sensei." Gosh, he didn't mean to upset his kantoku. He only wanted to make him feel better. Ootori looked down, fighting back tears that were threatening to break out.

Sakaki's voice softened. "There is no need to apologize, Ootori. Your intentions were honest and kind. I appreciate your concern for me. However, I'd prefer not to be reminded of my seniority."

Ootori looked up smiling at his coach. "You don't have to think of it like that, sensei! Instead of being reminded of how 'old' you are, think of it as a reminder of your youth! You're still young sensei."

Ootori just didn't get it, Sakaki mused, but it's kind of refreshing in a way. Sakaki let a small smile creep onto his face in surrender. "Perhaps you're right Ootori. Perhaps I just need to do something 'youthful' on this day."

Ootori's breath caught in his chest at Sakaki's slight smile. He'd never seen kantoku smile before! Ootori admired the new look, then blushed when he realized what he was thinking.
Keeping his composure, he went along with Sakaki's thoughts. "Well, if I can help, just tell me sensei! You know I'm very grateful for your help and guidance, in both tennis and music. I owe it to you."

Sakaki's eyebrows raised a bit, entertaining the prospect. The prospect in question was wrong, he knew, but ever-so-tempting. He leaned in a bit closer to his student. "Oh? Perhaps you can help me then. Guide me in doing something 'youthful' today." His slight smile turned into a slight smirk.

Ootori's face brightened, failing to notice the tone the conversation was taking on. "Of course, sensei! Anything! Although I'm not sure what I could possibly teach you." He gave a small, modest laugh.

"Oh, I'm sure there are certain things you can show me, that will do much to remind me of this so-called 'youth' you say I still have." Sakaki dared to let a finger trail down the side of Ootori's face. He couldn't believe he was doing this. This was so wrong. But, dear gods, the boy is attractive.

Ootori caught on, finally. He turned a deep shade of pink, eyes widening. Kantoku was seducing him? This is . . . so wrong. But, dear gods, the man is sexy. Ootori swallowed, unsure what to say. Was he interpreting this correctly? He stared at his coach and bit his lips.

Sakaki touched his hand to Ootori's lips, forcing him to stop biting on them. Without thinking, Ootori opened his mouth slightly. Sakaki took the opportunity to press his fingers in gently, and was pleased when the boy reacted, gently licking the man's fingertips. Not one to waste time, Sakaki began inserting his whole fingers into his student's clumsy but hot mouth. He moaned as Ootori sucked lightly on each finger. Both of them closed their eyes, enjoying the sensations. Ootori gasped in a breath as Sakaki pulled his wet fingers out and placed them on the boy's cheeks, rubbing his thumbs gently along Ootori's eyelashes. Ootori whimpered a meek "sensei," which drove Sakaki's sanity over the edge, as he leaned down and locked the boy's soft lips with his own.

Their kisses were a bit sloppy and clumsy, partly due to Ootori's inexperience, and partly due to Sakaki's eagerness. Neither of them noticed if the kisses were less than perfect, however, because they were both enjoying the contact too much to care. Sakaki used his mouth to express his frustration and desire, as his hands wandered over his student's body, appreciating the boy's fit body and sleek curves. One of his hands untucked Ootori's shirt from his pants, and glided up the boy's bare chest. One hand sensuously explored skin, while the other firmly rubbed up a thigh, and rested on a hip.

Sakaki was painfully aware of the inappropriateness of the situation. He knew he could not merely be fired for this, but arrested and jailed as well. He was aware that in this situation, one would probably assume he was 'taking advantage' of the much younger boy. (Of course, if anyone could see Ootori right now, they would know better than to believe this was at all one-sided.) But, quite frankly, right now, he couldn't care less about how this appeared. The physical contact was exquisite, heavenly, and he wasn't about to stop now. Not now, when Ootori began to mimic his coach's wandering hands with his own. Not now, when Ootori was moaning, obviously turned on. And definitely not now, when Ootori unconsciously bucked his hip forward, and his erection pushed against Sakaki's thigh.

Sakaki had a momentary relapse into reason, and halted his actions, pushing Ootori gently away, his hands remaining on the boy's shoulders. Ootori looked into his coach's face, disappointed at the loss of contact. His stomach flipped as his brain began to catch up with him. He couldn't believe it - he was just making out with his kantoku. He was going to be in so much trouble! Oh gods, what if he made Ootori quit the tennis team? What would he tell Shishido-san?

Sakaki forced himself to do the whole 'relaxing' bit, albeit not very successfully. Sakaki noticed Ootori was becoming a bit panicky, and managed to put up a calm front, which visibly calmed his student. "Ootori?" Sakaki said calmly.

Ootori looked up, his eyes fearful. "Yes, sensei?"

"Is this okay? I will not force you to do anything that you yourself do not wish to do."

"Of course, kantoku!" Ootori responded eagerly, then quickly looked away, embarrassed at his bluntness.

A genuine smile worked its way onto Sakaki's face, as he let out an inner sigh of relief. He then leaned down and recaptured the junior's lips in a tender kiss. "Good," he breathed out, sounding very pleased.

After a few minutes of hesitant touching and kissing, they were back to where they had left off, as Ootori began to softly rock his hips into his sensei's leg. "Ooooh . . . sensei . . ." he purred.

"Mmmm . . . I know," was Sakaki's response.

Ootori wrapped one leg around Sakaki's, and placed his knee up onto the desk which Sakaki was sitting back against, facing him. All previous inhibitions of Ootori's were thrown out the window, as he humped his coach with youthful, horny-teenager enthusiasm.

Sakaki placed his hands on either side of the boy's hips and slowed him, not satisfied with the direction this was going. He sat up off the desk, pulling Ootori into a deep kiss and turned them both around. Without breaking the kiss, he carefully leaned Ootori onto the desk, until he was lying down on his back. His hands maneuvered down the boys legs, gently pushing them apart and situating himself between them. Ootori yelped out a pleasured "Ah!" as he felt his coach settle his hard erection against his own.

While Ootori attempted to grind against him, Sakaki took his time removing both of their clothes. Peeling the writhing, sweaty student down out of his boxers, Sakaki gazed appreciatively over Ootori's fair skin. His fingertips glided over it, appreciating its silkiness. Starting at the neck, he ran his fingers down Ootori's skin at an excruciatingly slow pace. Ootori moaned and wiggled under his touch, tensing as the fingers worked their way further and further down. Sakaki brought them together as he slid them over Ootori's flushed red cock, just as slowly.

Ootori was making all sorts of pleasured sounds as Sakaki teased his cock with his fingers. After letting out another mewl of "sensei," Sakaki began to pick up the pace, his fingers tracing more firmly over the erection in his hands. As the cock became harder, he leaned down taking it into his mouth, using one hand to stroke the base, while his other wandered up to play with a brown nipple. Ootori tried to pump himself into the warm, wet mouth of his coach, but Sakaki held his hips down with his arms. After some expert use of his mouth and tongue, Sakaki slowed down, unwilling to let Ootori orgasm yet. He raised his eyes to Ootori's face, and was pleased by the glossy, pleasured eyes looking back at him hungrily.

Unable to resist the hot, willing body beneath him any longer, Sakaki crawled onto the desk, hooking Ootori's legs onto his sides and lowered his mouth to the other's. He pressed his lips firmly onto Ootori's, just as their cocks slid against one another's. They both choked on ecstatic cries. Sakaki, ever so gently, began to slide back and forth against Ootori. One hand supported his weight, resting next to Ootori's head as he shoved three fingers into Ootori's mouth with the other hand, breaking their kiss. Ootori fervently sucked on the fingers, as Sakaki glided his tongue along his ear and neck, often leaving tiny bites.

Convinced his fingers were lubricated enough he took them out of the hot mouth and brought them down between Ootori's legs. Ootori knowingly hiked his hips up and spread his legs further, allowing Sakaki's fingers to enter him. Starting with two fingers, Ootori groaned in discomfort, squeezing his eyes shut, willing himself to relax. Sakaki slowly pumped his fingers into Ootori, as the younger boy successfully relaxed his muscles, giving his kantoku easier entrance. Sakaki added the third finger and pressed deep within the body beneath him. Ootori whimpered, first in pain, then in pleasure, as he felt a deep shiver wrack through his body.

When Sakaki was sure the boy was stretched well, he took his fingers out and spit onto his hand. Using his saliva to lubricate his cock as well as he could, he slowly pressed his length into the hot, tight body beneath his.

"Oh . . . fuck." Ootori gasped. "Fuck, sensei . . ."

Watching as his cock disappeared into the boy's ass, he groaned and expressed similar sentiments.

He paused as he let Ootori adjust.

Ootori, however, didn't want, or maybe didn't need to adjust. "Oh, fuck sensei, please . . . please kantoku," he whimpered and pushed himself against his coach.

Sakaki grasped the boy's hip, his thumb digging into the skin above the hipbone. He bent down and nibbled on Ootori's already raw lips. "Please what, Ootori?" he smirked.

"Please, sensei . . . fuck me . . . please?"

Sakaki pulled his length halfway out of the boy's tight ass and groaned as he pushed in back slowly.

Ootori was tortured, whimpering. "Harder . . . please."

Sakaki complied, and began to thrust faster, pushing his cock as deep as possible into Ootori's body.

Ootori cried out loudly at the incredible feelings of physical pleasure, unable to restrain himself. His eyes rolled back into his head as Sakaki fucked him, faster and harder with each thrust. The ecstasy was overwhelming for Ootori, and he didn't last very long. He screamed as he came, Sakaki pounding into him. His body convulsed and shuddered, all his muscles tensing and then relaxing. Sakaki watched Ootori's orgasm, thinking it was the hottest sight he had ever laid eyes on. His body responded, slamming harder a few times into the boy's body, as his own orgasm was driven out of him. He fell forward, his head resting on Ootori's shoulder, as he continued to softly drive into his body, milking every last ounce of pleasure from himself.

Ootori's consciousness was a bit shaky, as was his body, as he wrapped his arms around his kantoku's back. Catching his breath, he said softly, "Happy birthday, sensei."

Sakaki smiled into his student's shoulder. "Thank you," he responded.

For once, he was a little happy about growing a year older.

The End

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