Archivist's note: this was written for the "Dance" challenge.

by Cheeseburger of Doom

Ohtori didn't want to dance. He wanted to stand at the sidelines and sulk in the darkness. Well, maybe not sulk exactly -- but this party reminded him all too much of other parties that he'd been to in the past, only at those parties he'd been with someone else--

The only reason he was at this party in the first place was because of his roommate. He said he was fed up of Ohtori's gloomy face, and that he needed to get out and do something or he was going to wither away into nothing, and that would make a big mess of their dorm. His roommate was a nice guy with good intentions -- but Ohtori should have ignored him and stayed there anyway; at least, he should have chosen to go somewhere else instead of coming with him to this party.

"Damn it, Choutarou! You're still being miserable!" Ohtori's roommate had a habit of showing up when he least wanted to see him -- he was a good guy, but Ohtori was really going to have to think about finding a new roommate, if this was how it was going to be.

"I'm not miserable," Ohtori said, holding back a sigh. "I just don't feel like dancing."

"What's wrong, is the naughty grinding too much for your innocent mind?"

"I'm not that innocent, Saeki."

Saeki laughed at the look on Ohtori's face. "I'm going to find someone to dance with you. I'd offer myself, but I'm already in high demand."

"I'm sure you are. Don't waste your time --" Saeki was already gone. Ohtori finally let out the sigh, and wondered what kind of person Saeki was going to come up with. It was hardly likely to be a girl, since Saeki knew how Ohtori's tastes ran, but some of the guys that Saeki knew were -- well, they were scary.

"Look! I found one!" Saeki exclaimed a few minutes later, shoving his discovery in Ohtori's direction. "Now I have to go."

Ohtori watched Saeki disappear into the crowd, then gave the guy at his side a hopeless look.

He laughed. "He's crazy, isn't he?"

"Sometimes, I wish I'd never met him." Ohtori sighed. "I'm Ohtori Choutarou."

"Kisarazu Ryou."

Ryou -- ? Was Saeki trying to piss him off or what? Had he deliberately chosen someone with the same name as his former lover?

"Do you want to dance?" Kisarazu Ryou asked. There was a smile on his face, and he seemed pleasant enough; of course, he might be completely different than the Ryou that Ohtori had known and been depressed over for months, but --

"I won't bite."

Ohtori had to laugh at that. He took Ryou's hand, and they danced the night away. It was nice to be close to someone again; nice to dance with someone again. It didn't really matter what his name was, because he was a good dancer. When they stopped to rest, they talked -- and they got along well. Kisarazu Ryou was a nice person (well, even though Saeki knew some scary ones, like that Itsuki guy he'd introduced Ohtori to a while back -- they were always nice people), and Ohtori enjoyed himself for the first time in a while.

When the evening was over and Saeki drove them back to their dorm room, he gave Ohtori a knowing look, and said, "I knew you'd like him."

"I was wondering if you were just trying to torture me."

"Why would I do that?" Saeki seemed genuinely offended. "You're my friend."

"His name is Ryou. I thought you were rubbing things in my face."

"What does his name -- shit, I completely forget that Shishido's name is -- I'm sorry," Saeki said.

"It's okay. He's a good dancer." Ohtori smiled. "Thanks."

"No problem. Next time you look depressed, I'm going to drag your ass back there. Those guys are enough to cheer anybody up."

"Well -- you might not have to drag me." Ohtori felt his cheeks flushing. "Next time, I might go with Ryou."

"I'll be damned. Playing matchmaker actually worked for once. I have to tell Syusuke! He won't believe it. Which means I need to get a picture of you two -- preferably naked, maybe in the shower."


The End

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