ToriHiyo =o_o= I guess, from 3rd 2nd person POV, speaking to Ohtori, since I couldn't think of enough ways to differentiate between the different 'he's. Also, kind of stole the Match Point personalities (at least how I view them). Just uhm... yeah. =^^;;

untitled fic
by Mangacat

You saw him sometimes. Always he seemed cold and detached (lonely, you thought), not able to see or feel the warmth of others around him. Alone was his natural state. You were surprised when you found out that he didn't realize the loneliness that you saw surrounding him. It made you sad that he knew nothing else outside the cold. So you made it your private agenda to show him what that warmth looked and felt like. It started with asking him questions about homework, walking with him to class, hanging out with him when you weren't busy. It was a strange (amusing) thing, to see him experience your friendship as if it were something he'd never done before.

But now that you're in, you've gone and disrupted the ecosystem of his habitat. Ever since you befriended him, you'd sometimes catch him with that look from before, when he doesn't know you're there. Only now he seems to know the cold is there, and --in those moments-- is all the lonelier for it. Of course that confuses you, and you want to ask him about it. But when you're around you're so sure that he is this close to considering you a friend, this close to smiling just a little, and you don't want to ruin that. So as long as he's content to let you drag him around and keep him company, things should be okay.

One night he tells you from across the dorm room, blankets over himself like a protective cloak, that he thinks he likes you. And for a moment you're overjoyed, glad to have him admit you are a friend! You bound over to hug him, of course, and notice that he's shivering.

When you ask if he's cold he only nods and retreats under the blankets.

The End

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