Written for a drabble challenge made by Murasaki.

Challenge: Ohtori and Sengoku... and frogs! Lots of frogs! Ohtori's phobia must be prominent. Specifically, Sengoku requests Ohtori's help to liberate the poor frogs that are to be dissecting in biology class the next day.

Mission Possible
by Steph

Two shapes slipped into Yamabuki after closing, travelling silently from the front door to the biology room, where they slipped inside. Flipping the light on, Sengoku grinned at the rows of frog tanks along the back wall. They had come in time to rescue their brethren from the evils of dissection. It was indeed a good day. Ohtori followed Sengoku as the smaller boy headed from the tanks, taking the lid off one and pulling out two frogs before turning to thrust them at the basket Ohtori was holding

Ohtori shrieked and stumbled back against a desk, scrabbling wildly in his effort to get away.

Sengoku blinked in momentary confusion before he frowned and set the frogs on the table, "Why didn't you say you were afraid of frogs?"

"Well, you were so focused and excited," Ohtori flushed, "and I thought that they'd be dead."

"There'd be no point in rescuing them if they were dead."

He shuffled his feet, "Yes well ... sometimes one never knows with you, Sengoku-kun."

There was a long moment of silence and Ohtori rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, feeling foolish for being so very frightened of such harmless little amphi - a frog leapt off the table and landed next to his foot.

"Ahhh!!" Ohtori nearly screamed as he scrambled behind Sengoku, finding himself clinging to the smaller boy.

Fingers reached up to gently stroke his hair and Sengoku hummed soothingly at him, "It's okay, Ohtori, it hopped under a table."

"Really?" he was not sniffling!

"Really," the fingers were stroking gently across the back of Ohtori's neck, rubbing the skin softly.

Ohtori looked suspiciously over Sengoku's shoulder in the area of the frog. It had indeed made an escape under the table. "I'm sorry, Sengoku-kun ... "

Suddenly he was being hugged as Sengoku murmured into his ear, "Don't worry about it ... we'll just liberate them some other way."


Sengoku stepped away from Ohtori and took a quick look around the room before he replied, "Instead of carrying them, I'll just let them out the window. You can stand guard over by the door in case someone comes."

"Alright," Ohtori said, relieved to be far from the frogs as he went to watch by the door.

Behind him, Sengoku opened a window and calmly started shuttling frogs from their tanks to freedom two at a time. When the final frog was en route to the nearest puddle, Sengoku shut the window and went to join Ohtori by the door, "Ready to go?"

Ohtori nodded and slipped out of the room, followed by Sengoku. They were almost out of the building when Ohtori caught Sengoku's hand in his, "Thank you."

"For what?"

"For ... " not laughing at me, not ridiculing me, not teasing me, not anything you could have done ... "being you."

Sengoku just smiled at him and lifted their joined hands to press a kiss to the back of Ohtori's, "Thank you ... for coming with me anyway."

The End

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