For: Sharon's challenge ("I'd like to read a 100-500 word drabble in which one guy tells the other guy that he 's never wanted anyone like he wants him.")

No Words
by Steph

Hiyoshi had never been someone who was good with words. In conversation they eluded him. At the lunch table they escaped him. He hadn't found that he needed them, though. There was never anything he ever really needed to say.

Until Ohtori. Then he had tried to speak, but the words had strangled him.

Hiyoshi had not earned his place on the team for being defeated easily, though. He had vowed to find another way.

The first time he wrote, Hiyoshi had carefully inscribed the sentence onto the slip of paper with a ballpoint pen and slipped the fragment into Ohtori's pocket on the way to class.

Ohtori had discovered it during practice and immediately asked Shishido, making Hiyoshi's stomach roll with jealousy, but Shishido only laughed and shook his head.

I want you more than anything.

The second time, he slowly wrote his message on a tiny little card with a silly little red heart. Hiyoshi had felt exceptionally foolish purchasing it at the store, but even more foolish slipping it into Ohtori's locker.

Who believed in tiny little heart cards anyway? Surely it was only girls!

Ohtori had flushed, stuttered, and stuffed the card away, saying nothing when Shishido had asked him about it.

Hiyoshi smiled, just a little. Perhaps little heart cards did work.

I want you more than life.

The third time, Hiyoshi had sat for long minutes on folded legs, the brush dangling idly in his hand as he stared at the simple sheet of paper upon which all his hopes were hinged. When he finally bent to write, each line was carefully drawn with all the focus that he could bring to bear. This time he placed his bright red stamp in the corner so Ohtori would know it was him.

Ohtori found the paper on his desk, held down with a dark, polished stone.

I want you more than victory.

Hiyoshi looked up at Ohtori's approach, noting the paper clutched near to crumpling in his hands.

"You wrote all of those notes?"

Hiyoshi nodded.

"Did you really mean it?" Something of a blush began to creep it's way up Ohtori's cheeks. Hiyoshi though it was the cutest thing he'd ever seen and then mentally smacked himself for thinking anything was 'cute'.

He nodded again and toyed with the end of his racket.

Ohtori made a face at him, "Aren't you going to say anything at all or just nod at me?"

"I love you," Hiyoshi whispered around the knot that always closed his throat.

The paper crumpled and Ohtori smoothed it back out, looking at the ground for a moment before he reached out and took Hiyoshi's hand, "Good," Ohtori smiled a silly little smile, "I was beginning to think you couldn't talk."

Hiyoshi made a face at that and tangled his fingers more tightly with Ohtori's.

"Do I get to do all the talking, then?"

Hiyoshi nodded and shot Ohtori a small smile. Ohtori just blushed and swung then joined hands.

The End

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