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Rise Above
by Nori

Ohtori never saw it coming. He wouldn't have ever figured Taki to be one to betray his trust or take advantage of his kind-heartedness in order to exact revenge on Shishido of all people; somehow managing to con him into hurting someone who wasn't just a teammate but a dear friend as well. Taki had encouraged him to help Shishido, spend the many long hours after practice and into the dark training.

But perhaps it was Taki who'd been betrayed when Shishido had beaten him and Ohtori had gone to his aid. Ohtori had been his doubles partner first, and that was the way he liked it -- he hadn't ever lost an official match and here was Shishido; pitifully scraping himself back from a disgusting loss and taking Taki's place on the regular lineup.

Taki hadn't seen a problem with it, really. It was like some word of God, a divine retribution when he'd heard the news Shishido had broken his ankle by way of a badly aimed Scud serve. And suffice to say, he was glad to have his doubles partner back.

The End

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