by Tenshi Forgotten

Sweetness… was something he didn't completely understand. But he did know a few things, bits and pieces of a definition he had yet to look up. Sweetness was fluff, happiness, joy… So many feelings of bliss all wrapped in together creating something just so… nice.

He would stare at them occasionally, watching how Shishido would smile just so, and Ohtori would blush before looking away. Mukahi said it was "True Love" while snickering at them and jumping away when Shishido would try to grab him. It made something in his stomach jump every time that someone say something about how cute they were. It was easier to just watch.

And so he watched, everyday. Shishido would probably try to run him up a tree if he ever realized… But he was oblivious. Almost as much as Ohtori himself. Neither would notice.

Sometimes he would lay in bed thinking about them, about him, because he couldn't get to sleep. Eventually he'd fall asleep, that smile still gracing the face of his thoughts.

He didn't dream, and he didn't hope. Not when he watched the way they were everyday. Not when he didn't have a chance.

"Hiyoshi-sempai! It's your turn to play, Hiyoshi-sempai!" Some of the freshmen yelled, wanting to see him play Akutagawa of course. He looked at the silver-haired boy once more and turned to go greet the court and a new game.

The End

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