Hyotei Roommates Arc

This is an index of all of the Ohtori/Shishido-centric stories written by Monnie in the Hyotei Roommates Arc. The stories are listed in the order in which they have been numbered by Monnie.

Numbers that are missing are stories that are more Atobe/Jiroh than Ohtori/Shishido. These can be found in Monnie's writing journal, here.

  • #4 Sasowareru (Be Invited)
    Shishido spends Christmas at Ohtori's house.
    Archived 05/06/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido, Atobe/Jiroh, Oshitari/Gakuto | Romance

  • #5 Kamae (Stance)
    There's only so much teasing Shishido can take from his roommate.
    Archived 05/06/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance | R

  • #6 Gyaku (Counter)
    Gakuto's attempt at teasing Ohtori and Shishido about their relationship backfires.
    Archived 05/06/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido, Atobe/Jiroh, Oshitari/Gakuto | Humor | R

  • #7 Itsu De Mo (Whenever)
    Shishido watches as Ohtori struggles with a difficult violin piece.
    Archived 05/06/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance

  • #8 Ondanka (Global Warming)
    Ohtori drives Shishido to distraction by eating a popcicle.
    Archived 03/21/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | PWP | R

  • #13 NTA
    Shishido's shower is very pleasantly interrupted by his roommate.
    Archived 05/02/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | Romance | NC-17

  • #14 Shitsumei (Blind)
    Shishido worries when Ohtori doesn't return after they argue.
    Archived 06/14/2005 | Ohtori/Shishido | Angst, Romance

  • (side story) Spice
    Shishido discovers that Ohtori doesn't always like things to be gentle.
    Archived 03/02/2004 | Ohtori/Shishido | PWP | NC-17