Getting Stuck
by Sen

"You do realize that I'm going to kill you once this is all over with, right?" Shishido growled as he yanked once more, trying to free himself from his current situation. This was embarrassing, completely humiliating, and just downright not a fun experience. So to say the least, it was not something that Shishido ever wanted to go through again.

"And what makes you even think that I'm the one responsible for this whole fiasco?" Atobe replied snappishly. He was just as peeved off with the situation as Shishido was, but he was taking a different approach to it, having long ago realized that there was nothing to be gained by getting mad.

"Well then you tell me where the hell Jiroh got that damn super glue from then!" Shishido exclaimed, waving his one free hand in the air wildly. The other, and the reason why he was currently stuck as he was, was glued to the handle of his locker, not moving an inch.

Somehow, who knew when or how, the sleepy blonde tennis player had managed to coat, not only Shishido's locker, but the rest of the team's as well, with a fine sticky glue that, when in contact with human skin, seemed to prove almost impossible to remove.

Shishido had been the first to figure this out when he had put his hand on the handle of his locker and it couldn't let go afterwards. The only reason that no one else had gotten stuck was because they hadn't had a chance to touch their lockers before Shishido had made his predicament public.

Yet, even though the rest of the regulars had listened and avoided directly touching their lockers, Atobe hadn't listened to him and had decided to march right over and put his own hand on Shishido's locker, as if to prove him wrong. It really was too bad that no one had a camera on them when they saw the look on Atobe's face when he realized that he was stuck too. There had been a brief moment of satisfaction for Shishido, but that moment had long passed and now he just wanted to get free!

Atobe dodged the other boy's arm and frowned. "How should I know? I certainly didn't give it to him, if that's what you're suggesting." He was going to make the rest of the team suffer once the got free. Leaving him stranded like this!

Sighing, Shishido ran his free hand through his short, choppy hair and eyed the door where Otori had gone to get help. Mukahi and Oshitari had simply left, with Oshitari smirking and saying something about how at least he knew the two of them wouldn't be able to do anything inappropriate being stuck the way they were.

"Damnit! Where the hell is Choutarou anyway?!" Shishido exclaimed, resisting the urge to pound his fist into the locker, least it get stuck too. Better to have only one hand stuck than two.

Atobe huffed and gave Shishido a tired look, one that made it seem that he was a victim of long suffering. "Would you please just keep quiet and stop making such a fuss?" he stated, turning the question into something more of an order than anything else.

Unfortunately, Shishido was not in the mood to listen and just switched his attention and annoyance to his new target, Atobe. "Why don't you try and make me then? I've got just as any right as you do to complain." He really wasn't annoyed with the other boy. He was just tired from standing his whole time, with his hand glued to his locker and was looking for a way to release all his pent up stress and energy.

"But do you see me complaining any?" Atobe questioned back, trying to keep the cool that he was so known for. Though, he was starting to reach his limits. There was only so much that one human could be put through before they broke after all.

"Which means I can take up your slack," Shishido argued back.

"I still say that you should just shut up and stop complaining," Atobe said, clenching his fist to keep his voice calm and level and to prevent himself from doing anything out of character. But if the continued to push himů

"Make me," Shishido challenged, eyes flashing. This ought to be good. What could Atobe possibly do to him when the two of them were stuck in the same situation and they couldn't use both of their hands, nor move from the spots where they were stuck?

Reaching his limit, Atobe did the first thing that popped up in his mind. Grabbing the front of Shishido's shirt, Atobe leaned down and crushed his lips against the other boy's in an effort to silence him.

A punch, a kick, or even being yelled at, Shishido was ready to deal with. He, however, was not ready to deal with Atobe finally losing his control and kissing him in order to get him to stop talking. So, in effect, the method Atobe used was probably the best he could have picked to keep Shishido quiet.

Even when Atobe let go of Shishido's shirt and released him from the kiss, Shishido stayed quiet.

He'd still hunt down and kill someone later, maybe their small single two player, once he was free that is. But maybe now he was a bit more content to use the opportunity presented to him.

The End

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