Archivist's note: This was a drabble request for Lana.

untitled fic
by Nori

It was a bright and sunny day. However that didn't particularly matter considering Atobe was currently striding around the grounds of a public swimming pool with Shishido in tow. Somewhat surprising to say Atobe didn't have the audacity to travel to such a place alone -- he wasn't scared, really, he just... felt better having someone he knew there. Someone, who while not nearly as awesome as he, at least went to the same school.

Shishido scowled, cap tugged over his brow and a growl emitting from his throat when he stepped in a big, fat pink wad of used bubblegum. "Don't you have a private pool at home?"

"Of course I do," Atobe replied, climbing rung by rung up the ladder to the diving board. "But sometimes it's good to mingle with the commoners." Shishido merely stood by as his nutjob captain took the stage (or diving board) and bounced once, twice, three times before taking a perfect swan dive. The recoil of the board was nearly as loud as a whipcrack but that wasn't at all what Shishido noticed -- it was Atobe misjudging and ending up bellyflopping against the water with a loud SLAP.

And the first thing Atobe would notice when he finished sputtering and climbed out of the pool was Shishido doubled over in a fit of laughter.

The End

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