A Lesson
by Cael

The last notes of the concerto lingered sweetly in the air while Ohtori held his position, bow still vibrating ever so slightly against the strings of his violin. Shishido watched from the bed, chin propped on his hands while he lay on his stomach and let his feet wave in the air, completely caught up in the music's spell. He loved it when Ohtori played for him.

"I wish I could do that," he breathed, whispering unconsciously.

Ohtori turned and grinned, his eyes sparkling. "I could teach you," he offered cheerfully.

Shishido blinked and the fog clouding his eyes cleared. He hadn't realized he'd spoken aloud.


"I could teach you," Ohtori repeated, setting the violin carefully on his dresser and reaching a hand out to his partner.

Shishido laughed sheepishly, desperately, as he was hauled upright.

"I've never played an instrument," he protested. "I'll be terrible."

Ohtori smiled encouragingly at him. "I'll walk you through it and it'll be alright. Trust me."

Staring into those warm brown eyes, Shishido found that he did trust him and so, with a long-suffering sigh that Ohtori chuckled at, allowed himself to be shifted until the violin sat lightly on his left shoulder with his head tilted onto it. He noted that the chin rest was still warm from when Ohtori had been using it just moments before.

"Good. Now place your fingers here; no, on these strings Shishido-san," Ohtori instructed, his soft breath gently ruffling the hair at Shishido's ear as he leaned forward to direct Shishido's hand with his own.

The calluses on Ohtori's fingertips were surprisingly smooth and Shishido felt himself blush despite his best efforts. He was suddenly acutely aware of the warm line of his partner's lean body pressed against his back and Ohtori's arms wrapped around him. He swallowed heavily and tried to concentrate on the actual words being spoken to him rather than on the fact that they sounded low and breathy, that they sent invisible shivers running down his spine or that they had a comfortable heat settling in his stomach.

"You'll want to move slowly at first to draw the note out," Ohtori told him. "Like this."

Together, with Ohtori's hand guiding his own over the bow and their fingers automatically linking beside the strings, they played a single, wavering note.

"You did it," Ohtori murmured happily, his cheek mere centimeters away from Shishido's own. If he turned, ever so slightly...

Shishido scowled, an expression closely akin to pouting and one which Ohtori found positively adorable although he didn't mention it.

"That wasn't very good," he argued.

Ohtori laughed gently. "I'm sure you'd get better with practice Shishido-san," he replied soothingly as he stepped back a pace and reclaimed his instrument. "The first time I played it sounded as though I were killing a cat."

Shishido wrinkled his nose. "I think I'll stick with billiards," he decided, settling back on the bed, this time curled on his side.

He watched as Ohtori resumed his position, violin tucked once more between his shoulder and chin. He watched as his partner's eyes drifted shut and noted the movement of muscles beneath Ohtori's white dress shirt when he raised the bow, poised above the strings in an unconsciously dramatic gesture. Shishido felt his breath catch in his throat when the opening strains of the sonata rippled in the air.

He hadn't really been talking about playing the violin in the first place.

The End

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