Balloon Animals=Love?
by Hoshi

He didn't understand Kantoku. Normally, sane people would keep him away from the kids. Unless parents liked their kids screaming, crying and scrambling away from his general vicinity.

But nooooo, he had to assign Shishido to balloon-sculpting.

Balloon. Bloody. Sculpting.

Then again, Kantoku wasn't sane. He suspected it was payback for the hairdresser stunt he pulled last month, since Choutarou got stuck with the same duty as he did. Not that it was a bad thing, of course, but why did Oshitari and Gakuto get to run the less embarrassing stall? They were probably investing in a lucrative sex-toy business under the cover of their innocent-sounding plushie sale, Shishido thought darkly. And it was probably the redhead shrimp's idea.

... He never liked the school carnival.

And now he had a reason to hate.

+ + + + + The Next Day + + + + +

"Shishido-san, we're out of green!" The tall junior yelled to be heard over the surging crowd that had gathered at their stall.

"I know, I know!" Shit, where were the kids he was expecting? "FUCK!" He snapped, and the helium tank refused to work again. The fangirls standing in line swooned at his manly noise of frustration.

60 dogs, 20 giraffes, 40 swords, 120 flowers and 1 Hello Kitty later, they both slumped in their seats as they got rid of their last customer. Shishido didn't understand why she had to grip his hand that tightly just to pay for the balloon though.

"... That was hell," he sighed, watching the same girl gleefully rejoin her group of girlfriends, brandishing her latest purchase at them.

Ohtori winced at the high-pitched squeals at came shortly after. "Well, we'd have had more green, if you didn't insist on using about three-quarters yesterday."

"... I needed the practice."

"That was for the first six balloons, Shishido-san." He replied wanly.

Shishido blinked and countered. "Well, YOU needed the practice!"

"Then what about the other 43 balloons?" The second year stretched and cracked a few knuckles in an attempt to sound casual. The grin on his face told all, however.

"Alright, FINE!" Shishido exploded. "What we had last night was special! I admit! And I have strange fetishes! But I could tell you liked it as well!"

Ohtori beamed, picking up a random unused balloon from its pack and twirling it between his fingers, staring pointedly at Shishido. "... You were rather creative, weren't you?"

The third year turned a pretty shade of pink.

"C'mon, we're going to my house. No one's home today."

"... Uh --"

"-- And remember the balloons, Shishido-san!"

The End

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