Breakfast in Bed
by Andrea Readwolf

Whispering voices were often times more distracting than normal voices, especially for one who was trained to listen to whispering voices that could mean mischief was afoot. Or so Shishido Ryou thought as he stirred his body into waking.

He really didn't want to wake up--it was nice a comfortable under the coverlet, the warm body pressed against his back making it doubly comfy. Still, those whispering voices taunted his senses, telling him to wake up and pay attention. Years spent around third and fourth graders and honed his monitoring skills, and it was useless to try and resist.

One sleepy eye peeked open and looked around the room blurrily, spying the two interlopers almost immediately.

"Careful!" the first little boy hissed.

"Too high," the second boy complained.

"How we gonna get it on the bed?"

"Wake 'em up?"

"They'll be angry?"

"Don't think so."

"Let's put it down here."



On the bed behind him, he could feel Chotaroh stirring, just starting to wake up as well. The younger man might not have the instincts of a professional elementary school teacher, but he was rather proficient at raising two little boys--


Ryou's eyes popped open wide and he stared down at his twin sons in a mixture of amusement and surprise. "What's this?"

"SURPRISE!" Hiroshi, his youngest shouted.

"We made you breakfast," Akira added. "Just like Papa makes it."

"Wow," Choutaroh put in, sitting up in bed and leaning over Ryou's shoulder to look at the tray the two boys had prepared. "You operated the stove all by yourself?" he asked, making a valiant effort not to laugh at the runny attempt at eggs, bacon, and pancakes that was slowly congealing into an unrecognizable mess.

"Uh un."

"Nee-chan helped, too," Hiroshi announced proudly.

"But she didn't want to come in and sing you 'Happy Birthday' with us," Akira frowned, clearly baffled why his sister would decline.

Of course, Ryou had no such problems understanding why his teenaged daughter would be hesitant about reentering her father's bedroom.

"This looks really great," Ryou enthused, eyeing the rather questionable fare. "Thanks, guys."

"You were surprised?"

"You like?"

"Yes, yes," Ryou laughed. "Thank you."

"It's a shame though," Chotaroh spoke up, frowning exaggeratedly. "I was kinda hoping we could all go out for breakfast this morning..."

"Oh! Can we! Can we?"

"But you already made Daddy breakfast," Chotaroh pointed out. "He wont want to eat *two* meals."

Both boys frowned at that reasonable pointed, and there was no hope for it but to save the day.

"I don't know," Ryou mused loudly. "I'm feeling rather hungry today. I think there might just be room in my stomach for another breakfast..."



"Yeah," he replied, grinning. "So why don't you two go get ready, and let your sister know, too, all right?"

"All right!" both boys shouted before tearing out of the room.

He could feel Chotaroh chuckling behind him even before he collapsed back into the bed.

"I take it your the one who taught them how to sing 'Happy Birthday' in English?" he asked, amused.

Chotaroh grinned down at him. "Ah. They asked me to, but I think maybe I should have taught them how to cook, first," he added, sending a glance over the edge of the bed. "Don't try to eat that."

"I thought that's why we have a dog," he responded, enjoying the wider smile that brightened Chotaroh's face.

"Happy Birthday, Ryou," the silver-haired man murmured, dipping his head to drop a little kiss on Ryou's lips.

"I'm sure it will be."

The End

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