untitled fic
by Burnein

There was nothing unusual about the sky that day. It was grey, maybe with a touch of blue, and there were a bunch of measly clouds. Nothing new.

There was nothing spectacular about the people that day. Slightly louder, maybe, and slightly pinker, but other than that they were still in the same uniform, still in the same hairstyles, still in the same classes, still in the same little groups. Nothing new.

There was nothing amazing about the food that day. It still tasted like something unsavoury had accidentally died in it, and Hiyoshi still glared at it like it was mortally offending him. Nothing new, though everyone wished it were.

So maybe today there was chocolate to receive graciously, and giggles to respond to, and well wishes to thank others for. So maybe today there were wild streamers hanging from every inch of the locker room ceiling, and huge plastic words spelling his name out in English, and cards and immaculately wrapped gifts stacked five deep in his shoebox. His shoes had been taken out and placed on the floor to make room for the items.

So maybe today there was someone sniping at Oshitari over the merits of mint chocolate over dark chocolate. So maybe today there was someone sniggering behind him as they all gazed in awe at the immense pile of sweets that Atobe was collecting. So maybe today there was someone sitting right beside him rolling his eyes as they watched Gakuto trip, fall and happen to land face-first in Oshitari's lap. Something new.

So maybe there was someone in front of him, trusting him, supporting him as he did what he did best. Nothing new.

So maybe it was his birthday today, and while there was nothing great about the day, there was someone there for him, to hold his hand, to grin at him, to kiss him like there was nobody watching, to wait for him to finish his shower so they could walk back together though it was out of the other's way, to beam at him and wish him a happy birthday.

Nothing new.

And yet, at the same time, as it always was...

Everything new.

The End

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