by Cael

"Ohtori, you can put me down now. No, seriously, I can walk on my own. Ohtori, this is really embarrassing," Shishido complained in a hushed whisper at the younger boy's ear. His face felt like it was going to burst into flame.

"You should have considered that before you made the choices you did Shishido-san," Ohtori replied coolly.

Shishido winced at the tone of the voice and part of him wished that Ohtori would yell and rant, maybe even throw things, anything other than this controlled anger. Really such a fuss over a brief moment of dizziness. So he'd been up late practicing the night before and hadn't got more than an hour or two of sleep and had been forced to rush to make his first class on time. He'd skipped breakfast but who didn't occasionally? It wasn't like there was anything seriously wrong with him. Ohtori was clearly overreacting.

Ohtori stopped beside a bench and deposited Shishido unceremoniously, albeit gently, on to it.

"Stay there for a moment, I'll be right back," he said firmly. The look on his face had Shishido sitting meekly back against the smooth wood rather than trying to make a run for it. He'd never seen his teammate this way.

While he waited he closed his eyes and tilted his head back, still feeling a little off. There was so much that he had to do in such a short period of time, so much more training. He had to become stronger, he had to prove that he was good enough to be one of the Regulars again. Shishido chuckled bitterly; nearly passing out on the courts today probably hadn't helped his case much.

A light touch on his shoulder startled him and he jumped slightly, eyes snapping open to see Ohtori holding out a steaming paper cup.

"Here," he said, offering it forward. "Drink this."

Shishido took the cup obediently and peered inside curiously. "Hot chocolate?"

Ohtori nodded. "You need something to get your blood sugar back up and your hands were so cold earlier I thought that this might help," he replied softly, sitting down beside him on the bench and purposefully staring at a tree off in the distance.

Shishido looked down at Ohtori's hands fisted in his lap and noticed how they trembled slightly. He hadn't realized that he'd scared the younger boy.

"Thank you," he said shyly, sipping the hot chocolate. I'm sorry.

"You're welcome," Ohtori replied, his face softening into a small smile. Don't do it again.

The End

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