DEDICATED TO Alexia-chan because she’s my newest friend and I thought of her while writing this, and also DEDICATED TO Monnie-chan because she got me into the whole ShishiTori fandom.

Clean or Messy
by Alyse Minamoto

"Shishido-san...?" Ohtori said from where he sat at the table, math homework spread out before him.

"Hm?" Shishido muttered back, writing something down on his own homework.

"I've got a date this Sunday."

Shishido's pen dropped and he jerked up his head to stare at Ohtori with wide eyes. "You have a date?" It wasn't that Ohtori couldn't get a date, they both knew any girl would cut off her arm for one single date with any regular, and it wasn't that Ohtori didn't go on dates, because he did, but none of them were really important enough to bring up as a conversation topic. Not to mention it got Shishido's nerves running every time Ohtori even made a suggestion of someone being slightly attractive and maybe worth going out with.

"Yeah... A girl in my class. This one... She's different than the rest though. She... I think she's worth it." He looked up from his homework and had a slight pink tingeing his cheeks.

Shishido turned his head down and grabbed his pen again, starting to write. "She's a lucky girl then." Damn lucky girl, actually.

Shishido was getting madder as he read what his textbook said. It was easy a second ago! Why did every word go in and then right back out again all of the sudden!? Great... His homework was officially screwed.

"Her name's Makuda Kayoko. She's really pretty, and kind of smart. But she a bit of a klutz too. Probably doesn't know a thing about tennis. She plays the piano and harp though. Sounds great when she plays them." Shishido kept his head down. How come he sounded like he actually liked this girl? Oh yeah, because he actually did like this girl. But why!? She sounded like another bimbo to him.

"Oh?" He tried to look like he was working but cursed under his breath when he saw the scribbles on his paper. This was waste. He'd have to write it all over! He got out a new piece of paper to rewrite it.

"Yeah." Ohtori looked... nervous, almost? as Shishido glimpsed his face while pulling out the paper. He started to rewrite his paper, as he asked "So she asked you out and you couldn't say no cuzz' you're just nice like that?" and took a drink of his water.

"Well, actually I asked her."

Shishido promptly jerked forward and spit out his paper on the paragraph he'd just written, ruining the second paper. "What!? You asked her!?"

"Shishido-san! Are you okay?" Ohtori stood up immediately and came over, patting Shishido on the back as he coughed and choked on the water.

"Fine just... Surprised!" Shishido looked up at him and Ohtori blinked letting out such a soft question that he knew he wasn't meant to hear it, "Just surprised...?"

Ohtori seemed oddly... disappointed. Shishido raised his eyebrows.


"Oh! I forgot!" Ohtori yelled, jumping up in the air as he ran into the kitchen, getting a surprised "Eh?" out of Shishido instead of what he was going to ask before.

"Choutarou? What'd you forget? Are you feelin' okay? You're actin' kinda' funny..." Shishido picked up his pen and was about to continue writing when, "Damn it!", he noticed it was soaking wet.

He picked it up by the corner and threw it in a trash bin near him. He got out a piece of paper and finally continued writing his essay.

"Shishido-san? Can you come here?" Ohtori yelled from the kitchen.

"Yeah, comin'!" Shishido yelled back, as he stood up and went into the kitchen. He froze when walking in. Ohtori had come in here three minutes ago and was already covered in different kinds of... icing? Shishido looked at what Ohtori's hands were occupied with.

He had a cake.

He had a heart-shaped cake.

He had more icing on himself than the cake.

Shishido started laughing, clutching his stomach. "It's not that funny Shishido-san!" Ohtori yelled out. It just didn't have a good effect when he was covered in icing though and Shishido started laughing even harder than before.

"Uh huh... Sure. Whatever... Whatever you say Choutarou..." He was laughing so hard now that he had to grab hold of a counter top to keep from falling to the ground. "You look more like a cake than the cake does!"

Ohtori bit his lip and looked like he was going to start pouting but instead he just turned around and started to try and frost the cake again. Shishido grinned and walked up behind him. Reaching around him from both sides he took Ohtori's hands and started moving them back and forth, frosting the cake properly.

"You have to do it like this Choutarou. Slowly... Steadily... Back and forth. Might seem like it'll take forever but it's done before you know it." The position they were in did seem a bit awkward since Shishido was shorter than Ohtori, no matter how much he hated that fact.

Ohtori dropped the knife suddenly and pulled his hands away from Shishido's.

"Choutarou? What's the matter?" Shishido blinked. He hadn't done anything weird had he? Maybe that was a bit more intimate than he'd meant but... It didn't merit this type of reaction.

Ohtori turned around and his eyes were closed. When he opened them they shined bright with determination and he said, "Even if it does mess up something that could be great, I'm just no good at going slow and steady."

"Choutarou, what-" He was cut off as Ohtori's lips came down and pressed against his own. Both boys just stayed there, unmoving. Ohtori's eyes closed in hope, while Shishido's were open in surprise. It was a simple kiss, without any tongue or wetness. It certainly wasn't Shishido's first kiss, but it was Ohtori's. And even without any of the extra stuff you put into kisses, it was still such a sweet and... honest one at that.

Ohtori pulled back, but he kept his eyes closed for a moment, before opening them to see Shishido's still bewildered face. Ohtori's face started turning red and he clenched his fists tight, willing himself to not let any tears fall... Not in front of Shishido. Not in front of Shishido-san...

"I'm sorry. I just... I'm an idiot. I shouldn't have done that. I knew it was a stupid move but... I couldn't help it and I... I'm so sorry. I won't ever do it again. So don't-"

"How long?" Shishido looked up at him questioningly.

"Eh?" Ohtori looked at him, tears threatening to fall.

"How long?" Shishido was staring at him now. He wasn't grinning... but he wasn't frowning in disgust either.

"Probably since... well, I realized it around Christmas time but it probably actually happened when you lost your regulars spot. I just didn't realize." He closed his eyes tight and waited for the blow. He waited for the, "I'm sorry Choutarou. I don't like you like that." He hoped they could at least still be friends.

"But what about the girl?"

"She's just a friend. I've never felt like this around anyone but you."

"Choutarou... I..." And here it comes.

"I guess maybe sometimes..." Did he have to drag it out?

"Maybe you shouldn't..." He's trying to make it hurt less, but it's not gonna' work.

"Try to go..." Why? Why does it have to be this way? Why can't it be like in the dreams? When all reality is lost, and the sweet anticipation of what's to come is all that remains?

"Slow and steady..." This is gonna' hurt. It's really gonna' hurt. But the pain of not telling, of keeping it up inside... That would probably be so much worse.

Wait... what did he say? Ohtori opened his eyes to see Shishido looking at him with a grin on his face. He looked around the kitchen covered in pink, white, chocolate, purple, and even sprinkled icing and looked back at Ohtori.

"It might not be perfect that way. But it's a hell of lot more my style." Ohtori's eyes widened as Shishido leaned up and kissed him, pushing him back into the counter. This time both their eyes closed as Shishido's tongue came sliding across Ohtori's bottom lip, slowly gaining a shy entrance. It explored the new space like there was no tomorrow and Ohtori's tongue began to do the same. Shishido reached his hand behind Ohtori back and began running his fingers down his spine, earning a gasp as Ohtori ran his hand through Shishido's hair, getting a shiver himself.

Suddenly Shishido pulled back and took a minute to breathe, Ohtori doing the same.

"Wow..." Shishido said, still catching his breath.

"Wow." Ohtori agreed, looking up at Shishido a bit shyly.

Shishido began laughing, and Ohtori joined in. They looked at each other the whole time, just staring into each other's eyes. Shishido smiled and said, "Bring out the cake. We have to finish our homework."

"Got it." Shishido left the room as Ohtori began to lift the cake. He came back out and blinked.

Where was his paper?

The End

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