Fish Sticks
by Jaelawyn Noble

"You are so drunk," Atobe laughed, holding Shishido around the waist.

"Am not!" Shishido giggled.

"You drank half a bottom of rum by yourself and then had three shots of vanilla vodka," Atobe said with a roll of his eyes. "You're drunk."

"I am not!" Shishido shouted in Atobe's ear, causing the other boy to wince. "I swear to sober I'm god!"

"Oh, you are so drunk," Atobe said, hoisting Shishido closer to him. "C'mon, let's get you to your room. Ohtori can deal with you then."

Shishido struggled to get out of Atobe's hands. "I can walk!"

"Oh really?" Atobe said, grinning. He let go of Shishido and watched the other boy promptly fall to his knees and look around in confusion.

"Did I shrink?" Shishido asked, tilting his head to the side.

Atobe leaned against the wall and laughed. "No, Ryou. You did not shrink. You fell down."

"Did not."

"Then why are you on the ground?"

"'Cause I shrank."

"You did not shrink."

"Then why is the floor so close?"

"You fell down."

"Did not!" Shishido pouted.

"Oh god…" Atobe groaned, laughing helplessly. "You stay here, okay?"

"No," Shishido said, struggling to get up. "I'm coming too!"

"No, you sit there and wait for me to get Ohtori."

Shishido stood up and wavered a bit before falling forward into Atobe's arms. "Hey…" Shishido protested. "You're taller than me."

Atobe groaned, "Ryou, you'd be on the floor if I weren't holding you up."

"Would not!"

"Atobe-san?" Ohtori asked, standing in the middle of the hallway, looking confused.

"Thank god!" Atobe sighed in relief. "Ohtori, get over here and drag your boyfriend back to your room?"

Ohtori bit his lip and watched as Shishido attached himself to Atobe's side and plant a big kiss on Atobe's mouth. Giving into the urge, Ohtori laughed at the outraged look on Atobe's face and Shishido's gagging sounds.

"Atobe tastes bad!" Shishido said, pushing away from his furious captain and almost falling to the ground before Ohtori caught him. Shishido then grabbed Ohtori and kissed him and grinning. "Choutarou taste much better!"

Ohtori tried not to laugh as he held Shishido up.

"You deal with him. At least there's no classes tomorrow," Atobe sighed.

"Keigo should brush his teeth," Shishido said, nodding sagely.

"Someone should shut up."

"FISH STICKS!" Shishido yelled, sticking his tongue out at Atobe.

Ohtori and Atobe both stared at Shishido.

"I'm going to go to bed now," Atobe said, turning away, "and hope this was all a very, very bad dream."

The End

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