For a While, Forever
by Hanabi Reeza

Shishido was never the one for icky, mushy, love stuff. He was never the romantic type.

Yet exactly how did he get dragged all the way from his house to the movie house where he was to watch a cheap flick or at least that was how he saw it with a certain sophomore from Hyotei?

No. This was just not happening.

He shook his head for several times, shunning all incoherent thoughts away, and resolving to actually pay for the movie tickets, with much hesitation, of course. It was already humiliating to be watching a romantic movie with someone he wasn't entirely comfortable with.

Of course, that wasn't because of the fact that they weren't close. It was the opposite, in fact. They shared something, and that was what was bothering him the most.

He liked being here, with that certain sophomore smiling softly at him. Or that was probably caused by his slightly blurred vision, that he saw Ohtori close his eyes and allow his lips to curve into a smile. That he was sharing one popcorn bucket with Ohtori. That he was already sitting beside Ohtori. That the movie already started.

"Let's enjoy, na?"

He turned to his right to meet Ohtori's eyes, and somehow it felt right to let a soft smile escape his lips and return his gaze to the movie being shown.

Indeed, he would enjoy. No matter how cheesy it sounded. No matter how overly mushy it was it would ruin his image.

He would enjoy, even if Ohtori hadn't told him.

Maybe, he could set his image aside for a while and be himself, admit to himself he was enjoying.

Especially now that Ohtori was beside him, everything felt right.

Yes. Right.

Just right.

The End

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