by Hoshi

He'd come to enjoy their lunch breaks in the park, all sunbeams and quiet understanding in the midst of constant activity. Cheap plastic forks and the store-bought salad that rested on his lap were nothing special enough to be savoured, taken in slowly like people were prone to do with precious possessions. He wondered sometimes why he bothered -- was the long walk from his office worth the time? He had a life to live, money to make, and yet another day to stumble right through, didn't he?

And all of a sudden, the importance he placed on them melted away like a snowflake under the sun, a simple yet strangely elusive realisation somehow materializing before him as he returns a question with a smile. The increasingly one-sided conversation ends there, and for a while, all he hears is the crunching of his own too-dry lettuce. He knows Choutarou understands though.

Dappled sunlight is made even more beautiful as it falls upon pale hair.

He remembers once more...

That all that glitters is not gold.

Because more often than not, it's really silver that captures his heart.

The End

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