Goodnight Kiss
by Emily Anderson

It was late. All he had to occupy him was the ticking of the clock, counting away the seconds until dawn. He was tired, but could not sleep, for reasons unbeknownst to him. He was about ready to give up on the thought of sleep and just go out for a moonlit jog, when his door creaked slowly open.

"Shishido-san...?" came out a small and whispering voice. The owner of the voice peeked in the door only a little way to see if there was any movement. A frown crossed his face as he began to pull away and shut the door after him.

"Choutarou," was the simple response. He heard a sigh of relief from the other boy, knowing it was okay to come inside. Ohtori came and sat down on the edge of his bed, crossing his legs. "It's late. Why are you still up?"

"...I had a lot on my mind. About the practice match today against Kawamura-san." There was a small pause before continuing. "And I swear I keep hearing croaking."

At that, Shishido couldn't help but start laughing. "Croaking?" Sure, he hated frogs, but they had not panicked him as they had panicked Ohtori the day before. Then again, he hadn't had the frog leap on his face, so it wasn't very fair to compare.

Ohtori quickly cleared his throat on that note. "Why are you still up?" he inquired, changing the subject from what was bothering him to what was bothering his senpai. His head tilted a bit to the side in an inquisitive manner.

Shaking his head, Shishido shrugged. "I don't know. I suppose partially the practice match today, too." He wouldn't further elaborate on what else was on his mind, or even what match he was referring to. He just left it as simple as that.

A few minutes passed in silence, neither knowing exactly what to say. Though, it wasn't an awkward silence, just one that kind of hung in the air. Neither felt like breaking it, enjoying the peaceful mood.

Sliding over in his bed, Shishido patted the space next to him, offering the area for his kouhai. Unable to refuse, Ohtori slipped into that place, facing Shishido. Now neither really knew what to do.

There had been times before that they'd been in the same situation. Same spot. This time, however, things felt somewhat... different. It was as if something changed between them the night that they'd stayed out until dawn. With each new accomplishment, there was that much more of sense of pride at what they’d done. Together.

Reaching out, Shishido pulled what courage he had inside of him, sliding himself closer to Ohtori. He took his chin in his hand and watched him carefully for his reactions. There didn't seem to be a negative reaction to this action, so he figured he should do as planned before the courage melted away.

He pressed his lips against Ohtori's softly, giving him a gentle and rather chaste kiss. Before the kiss lingered on into something else he pulled away. His eyes were almost asking if he minded this action. There was clear shocked registering on Ohtori's face, but still, there was something else there. It was a pleasant shock.

"Shishido-san… I..." he began, but was quickly cut off.

"Goodnight, Choutarou."

"…Goodnight, Shishido-san."

The End

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