Hit Single
by Aki

It's close to midnight and you've been thinking about going home for at least an hour, but his face is flushed with drinking and laughing and you're afraid that if you try to speak to him now, he might not hear you.

Karaoke is not your cup of tea--your voice isn't too good, the pitch is there but it sounds wobbly--and the room isn't your kind of room. It's dark and cramped and smells of smoke, and the floors are a little sticky underfoot still where Jirou fell asleep and dropped his beer.

(He woke up briefly to sing, of all things, an old enka song your mother likes, but has since gone back to snoring on one end of the couch.)

Everyone else seems to be having fun, and it's times like this when you realize that Hyotei really isn't your kind of team.

You aren't sure exactly what would be your kind of team, but it isn't this: Atobe lounging next to the sleeping Akutagawa, the way most people probably couldn't lounge even by the pool. (Atobe-san is good at singing. This surprises you for some reason, although it really shouldn't.) Kabaji hunched over in a futile attempt to take up less space. Gakuto sitting with one leg crossed behind his head, bringing to mind a large, skinny dog scratching its ear. Oshitari flipping through the pages of the songbook idly, an unlit cigarette rolling back and forth between index and thumb. You're sure he would smoke it if he dared, but he's already had two, and Mukahi-senpai wouldn't bat an eye at ratting him out to Kantoku.

Hiyoshi refused to come, and you wonder if maybe he had the right idea, until your eyes land on him again, flushed and standing, singing a surprisingly cheesy pop song--the kind that plays on the radio a million times until it gets stuck in everyone's head. It sounds familiar even to you, and you don't listen to the radio.

For the next two verses you watch him pump his fist with his eyes closed, looking like he's never even heard of the words "MAAAjorly lame."

The song's not so bad, you decide. You think you might get to like it.

The End

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