The obligatory birthday post. Title-less, and that's all the summary it really needs so... Have fun.

untitled birthday fic
by Kendarath

Birthdays were the single most annoying day of the year, Shishido decided. Sure people gave you a big pile of gifts, but they spent the entire day teasing you and everyone paid attention to you (more than usual—enough to be uncomfortable) and the gifts really couldn't make up for that—no one got you what you really wanted anyway.

And maybe, considering Shishido's attitude going into his birthday, it was only to be expected that every year Shishido's birthday was the worst day of the year.

But this year, Shishido knew, his birthday would not be the worst day of the year because no day could possibly be worse than the weeks after he was kicked off the Regulars.

So Shishido started September twenty-ninth with a slightly more optimistic outlook than the year before, but still expecting a rather dismal day.

And Hyotei Gakuen did not disappoint. Since Shishido was a Regular, everyone seemed to think they knew everything about him, especially since he was the only person to ever be dropped from the team and put back on.

Therefore, everyone and their mother felt that they were capable of giving Shishido a gift that he would absolutely love.

Which meant that by the time tennis practice rolled around Shishido had bags of presents that he'd drop off at the Salvation Army or something on the way home because he'd never use them and in no way wanted them. Which meant that Shishido was in a foul mood by the time he got to practice.

Which of course meant that Gakuto and Oshitari were in a good mood, teasing Shishido from the moment he walked in the door, which didn't help Shishido's mood at all.

In fact, Shishido was ready to bite someone (and not in the good way) by the time he joined Choutarou on the court. Preferably Gakuto or Oshitari, but Shishido was ready to settle for just about anyone.

When Shishido stepped onto the courts beside Choutarou the taller boy smiled down on him, "Happy Birthday, Shishido-san," he said, his voice low, completely the opposite of what the girls who had been stalking him all day had been squealing.

Shishido, who had responded to every other 'happy birthday' with a glare and a growl, surprised himself by smiling slightly and saying, "Thanks, Choutarou."

Choutarou smiled back, "You're welcome, Shishido-san," he said softly, meeting Shishido's eyes briefly before they moved to their positions.

Shishido smirked slightly as he moved towards the net, maybe birthdays weren't so bad, as long as Choutarou was there to wish him a happy one.

But then Gakuto cracked a comment about Shishido 'getting old' and his scowl came back into place.

Then again, maybe not.

The End

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