This has been sitting in my brain for a while, but I guess you could say I was inspired to actually write it thanks to Sharon making me think about why I like Torishi so much.

Late Night Entertainment
by KC Rumors

No matter how much he protested or denied it, Shishido-san was just too cute when he blushed. He was just as cute if he was fuzzy-brained due to a lack sleep. If he was both, well, he was downright adorable. (Although he would undoubtedly growl if he knew what Ohtori was thinking at the moment. After all, Ohtori was partly responsible for Shishido-san being in this state to begin with. Ohtori, and the teasing Shishido-san was receiving from their teammates.)

"I'm telling you, we didn't do anything last night. Ohtori and I just watched The Lord of the Rings," Shishido-san insisted. Of course, he might have been more believable if he weren't beet red and sporting a brand new hicky on his collarbone.

"Oh really?" Oshitari drawled out, his glasses practically glinting with wicked intent. "I never knew you liked American movies, Shishido, let alone fantasy movies."

"My brother downloaded it, and we didn't have anything else to do, and you can just shut the hell up!"

Watching the other boys snicker at Shishido-san's expense, Ohtori knew he was going to catch it later for not helping the older boy out, especially since Shishido-san was doing this in a futile effort to protect Ohtori's modesty. But to tell the truth, he doubted he'd mind all the teasing he was going to get later. Seeing Shishido-san this flustered more than made up for it.

The End

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