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And They Go Marching By...
by Cali-chan

The dorm room I shared with Shishido-san was in disarray, boxes filled with my senpai's belongings scattered throughout the room. There was only a week left until the Hyoutei seniors would graduate. The thought brought an uncomfortable lonely feeling that twisted my gut. I knew the day Shishido-san would have to leave couldn't be avoided. Senpai was a year older than I and a grade ahead after all. It was inevitable. But accepting this fact and having to face it are two entirely different things.

Suddenly the door slammed open and Shishido-san is standing at the door. The loneliness threatened again as I catch site of the large white box in his hands. He crossed the room, scowling as he plops down next to me. "The line to pick up these things were so damn long."

"Aren't you going to try it on?" I rested my chin on my hands as I lay sprawled on my stomach, gazing warmly up at him. The dark green carpet tickled my bare chest as I sat up to get a better look. I had discarded my shirt somewhere on my bed, the warmth the heater provided nearly stifling. I preferred the cold but Shishido-san hated it. So I bore this small discomfort, if not just for him.

Shishido-san eyed the dark graduation robes with a critical gaze as he held in at arm's length. "What I don't understand is why we have to wear dresses! Dammit! You won't be able to tell the girls apart from the boys!"

"Especially you Shishido-san." I winced when he shot me an annoyed glance. It was the truth though. Ever since he had once again begun to grow his hair out it was getting hard to distinguish him from the girls. Straight layered brown bangs now fell into his eyes, some strands long enough to tickle his chin. When we were alone in our dorm room he would pin his hair up with little yellow clips to keep it away from his face. It didn't help that he hadn't grown much taller the past months and was still extremely thin. If I didn't pressure him Shishido-san would sometimes forget to eat. He could get so buried in his studies...

When he left for High School, who would take care of him?

"MmMmph! Choutarou! Help me over here!" I broke off from my thoughts, barely stifling a chuckle as I noticed that my senpai had somehow become lost in the folds of his robe. Standing up quickly I shifted it till that small tousled head finally reappeared, finally breaking into a fit of laughter when I caught sight of his pouting expression. A small hand reached up and grabbed at my ear as he growled, "You think this is funny?! I nearly suffocated in the damn thing!"

I gave him a bright smile, leaning down to rest my forehead against his. "You not only look like a girl but you're as helpless as one." Pink stained his cheeks as I laid a light kiss on his cheek. I couldn't help myself, my senpai was absolutely adorable when he blushed.

"Shut up Choutaro." But his words didn't have any malice. Just light affection as he shifted his face closer so our lips touched. Skinny pale arms wrapped around my neck as I tilted my head to deepen the kiss. I loved kissing Shishido-san. He always tasted like fresh mint gum. I knew he always had a box of them in his drawer, and at least one pack in his pocket at all times.

Slowly I moved to sit on the carpet with my back against the bed. Shishido-san in answer shifted himself until he was comfortable on my lap, smirking slightly and he leaned in to steal another breathless kiss. Our lips parted, brushing together lightly before I move my mouth lower to nibble his collar bone. I could feel his warm breath tickle my ear as he gasped and squirmed. My hand reached into his robes to pinch and pull at his left nipple. Shishido-san started to rock his hips, breaking my concentration as his firm bottom rubbed against my erection.

Shishido-san gave me that crooked smile that never failed to make my heart ache. Then he leaned back to reach into my shorts, freeing my erection. His smile widened as he took my cock into his hands. "You're so hard Choutaro."

My face grew hot and I knew I was blushing. We had sex almost every day ever since that first awkward coupling in the club's recreation room, but somehow every time we did it continued to seem new to me. When I was with Shishido-san something was always rediscovered. Every kiss was fresh. Every touch send a strange tumbling in my stomach.

Suddenly he was parting my legs and settling between them, eyes slightly darkened with lust. He took my cock in his hands before guiding is past his lips. I could feel myself slid down past his throat, throwing my head back as he sucked and swallowed. Shishido-san was always rough when he took me orally, biting the tip and pushing the tip of his tongue into the slit before once again taking it all into his mouth. With his left hand he gripped and rubbed my balls, the other keeping me from thrusting too deep to choke him.

Before I went over the edge he pulled away and and wiped his lips with the back of his hand. Then drawing himself up he took his shorts off before settling securely once more on my lap, my cock nestled between the cheeks of his ass.

"You want to be inside me Choutaro?" He tone was questioning, letting me know that this was a gift that wasn't lightly given. I knew that while Shishido-san was my first, he had been with others in the past. However he had never allowed anyone inside himself except for me. I had realized he was extremely insecure, frightened of being used and thrown way. Frightened of not being in control of a situation. Asking me if I wanted it was a way of staying on top, of being in control of what was being given.

I loved Shishido-san and would never hurt him. He knew that. But it was against his nature to allow himself to be fully unguarded. He needed his security. And I would give him everything even if I didn't get the same in return. Because when I looked into his eyes I knew he loved me as well.

People never love you the same way as you do. But that never stops you from falling in love with them does it?

"Please Shishido-san..."

Then suddenly he is guiding me inside him, into that tightness that steals my breath away. I rest my hands on his hips as he finally took all of me inside. Pinned on my lap Shishido-san starts to rock, setting the fast broken pace. Whenever I would try to slow it down he would only move faster. Finally he pushed me back until I was laying on the carpet. Then he leaned forward and started to place butterfly kisses on my face, hands clutching desperately on my shoulders.

"Choutaro! Please... harder! Faster..." He kissed me roughly, tongue darting past my lips to taste. I could taste myself inside his mouth.

I soon lost control. Soon I could no longer think, the only thing that existed was Shishido-san's soft mouth, my cock buried inside his warmth, and his nails digging painfully into my shoulder. Then I finally came, pleasure so intense that it rolled in waves through out my body, leaving me laying limp on the floor as my senpai nuzzled my neck.

When I can finally find my voice I whispered, slipping an arm around the small of his back. "I don't want you to leave..."

Shishido-san glanced up, chin resting on my chest. "Leave? Who said I was leaving?"

"You're going to graduate soon..."

"Idiot." He snorted and sat up. My cock was still inside him but he didn't seem to mind. "The High School is just a block away."

"Yes... but we won't share a room anymore. And we'll have different dorm mates too." And he might find someone else. Someone more mature. I never wanted this to end...

"You'll have a dorm mate. The Hyoutei high school dorms are singles." I blinked as he continued. "And about this new dorm mate... sleep with anyone else besides me and I'll kill you." He looks so suddenly vicious, like a wild cat, that I can't help but burst into laughter.

"You think that's fucking funny?!"

I sit up to gather him in my arms, kissing his damp hair. "I love you Shishido-san." I would never choose anyone over you. And he looks up at me and remains silent, but his eyes tell me he loves me as well.


Hiyoshi sat next to Choutaro as they watched the Hyoutei seniors march on the stage as their names were called. The mushroom haired junior winced as it was Atobe's turn, the screaming cheers nearly sending him deaf. They only faded when he tennis captain left the stage, looking extremely pleased with himself. Kabaji who was a few rows in front of them looked depressed, slumped in his seat. He apparently was lost at what with to do with himself when Atobe as gone.

"At least things will be more quite around here." Hiyoshi sighed, sparing his friend a side wards glance. "Oi. You okay?"

"There's Shishido-san!" Hiyoshi shook his head as Ohtori brightened, almost like a small puppy as he waved eagerly at his doubles partner. Shishido spotted him and waved back, a triumphant grin on his face as he held his diploma high in the air. Suddenly Hiyoshi frowned and tilted his head. "Hey. Why are there white stains on his robe?" He blinked in confusion when Choutaro suddenly turned a deep red.

Then when it was over, caps flying in the air, Choutarou found himself by Shishido's side.

"Are you going to busy over the summer, Shishido-san?"

"Eh? Why?"

"Well, my family has a beach house we could go to... we could spend some time alone before the new school year."

"Really? I love the beach! And I guess some time alone would be good." And Choutaro has to smile at his senpai's eagerness. Then suddenly Atobe is behind them, a smirk playing on his lips.

"Ah! The beach house next to mine? I'll be spending time there over the summer as well. I'm a master fisherman if you well know." He glanced over his shoulder. "You'll be coming too, eh Kabaji? I need someone to put the bait on the hook." The big hulking junior suddenly brightened at the offer, his 'Usu' more heartfelt than usual.

"Eh~! Planning a beach trip with out us?!" Gakuto bounced over, robes billowing while Oshitari and a sleepy Jirou in tow followed right at his heels. "It's settled! We're having a Hyoutei tennis club beach outing and fishing excursion!" He threw his arms out in flourish.

"Who invited you shrimp?!" Shishido growled.

"Shrimp?! Your not exactly tall yourself!" The two short juniors started to squabble.

Choutaro let out a soft laugh, joined by Oshitari, ignoring the glare he earned from the bickering pair. Sure this day meant the end of many things. But there were some things that remained the same. And certainly new things to be expected.

The End

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