by Esrafil

Slanted rays stealing through drawn blinds stirred Ohtori out of dreams that tasted of mint and felt like coming home. Shadows darkened most the room, fell across cream-colored sheets and pillows as the world came slowly into focus. With his free hand he wiped the sleep from his eyes, the other arm trapped and numbed. He never minded waking this way because it meant he was not alone.

Turning to look at his companion, a smile curved thin lips in natural response. Long strands of dark hair fanned messily on the pillow, a few tickling his cheek as he shifted. Shishido lay drowsing in peaceful repose, his head claiming the crook of Ohtori's elbow for its own.

A quick glance at the clock informed Ohtori that he needed to go to class soon. Careful movements freed his arm without waking Shishido, but as he started to crawl over the slumbering form and out of bed, strong arms wrapped around his waist. A mumbled question followed shortly. "Time's it?"

As the pinpricks of returning sensation abated, he flexed his arm. "About half past eight."

He could all but hear the grumbling in Shishido's voice. "So, where do you think you're going at this unholy hour?"

"Just because you dislike waking before ten doesn't make this time of the day sacrilegious," he teased.

"And that doesn't answer my question."

"Class. I need to be there in an hour."

The slow rise and fall of shoulders in a shrug, as offhand as the comment that accompanied. "Don't go. You'll be fine without it." "Bad influence. What kind of example are you trying to set for me?"

"The kind where classes only exist in the afternoon."


"Oh, fine." The arms around his waist loosened as Shishido lay back down on the bed as he stuck his tongue out at Ohtori. "You're always in such a hurry to get away from me."

Still crouched on his knees, Ohtori made no move though now free. He propped his chin on one hand, a grin alight on his features as he spoke, "Actually, with you is the place I most want to be."

Shishido rolled onto his side, stretching out the length of his body as he buried his face into one of the pillows. It seemed to Ohtori that he was trying to create a physical barrier to keep him fenced in, much to Ohtori's amusement. Words followed shortly. "You're such a sap."

"Which is what you only say when you're too sleepy too appreciate it," Ohtori teased, leaning in to kiss the nape of Shishido's neck.

Once out of bed, he was stopped once more, his wrist caught in a loose grasp, a warm kiss pressed against the palm of his hand. He hooked a few strands of brunette hair around the other's ear, bringing two fingers to his lips before touching them to Shishido's own. "Good morning."

"Yeah, it's not so bad when you're around."

The End

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