Notation: The sex sequel to Not Sick. ^^'' So glad people liked and wanted more! And yes, they're wearing their uniforms. Gods, kinky sex, anyone? XD And yes, they are still high schoolers. …and for the record, do not ask me where the hell this Ohtori came from… *is starting to fear her own muse…*

No Longer Sick
by Jaelawyn Noble

Shishido leaned against the doorway to Ohtori's room, arms crossed as he observed his lover with a mild look on his face. It had been about two weeks since he'd been sick and not one cough had come from his chest in almost a week and a half. He considered himself to be completely back to normal, healthy and no longer sick.

Of course, he just had to convince his stubborn lover that this was the case.

"Choutarou," Shishido called, lips quirking a bit as Ohtori started, dropping the book he had been reading.

"Shishido-san," he blinked. He glanced at the clock and then scowled, "You should be asleep!"

Shishido raised an eyebrow, "Are you my keeper?"

"You just got over being sick! You could have a relapse and your bronchitis could come back!"

Rolling his eyes, Shishido stepped further into Ohtori's room and closed the door, locking it behind him. "I haven't been sick for the past two weeks, if you haven't noticed. They put me on Zithromax, which if you'll kindly recall, destroys anything your immune system hasn't in one week."

"Told you I'd get you to a doctor," Ohtori smirked smugly, very pleased with himself.

"Not like I had a choice," Shishido sighed, crawling on the bed and working his way into Ohtori's lap. "Now then, since I'm no longer sick, I expect some sort of reward for putting up with your machinations."

"Shishido-san," Ohtori growled.

Smirking, Shishido leaned forward and nipped Ohtori's ear. "Come now, Choutarou. I'm fine, and you have a promise to keep."

"I don't recall making any promises," Ohtori said warily, wrapping his arms around Shishido's waist.

"Mmm…you said you wouldn't do anything until I admitted I was sick and humored you. Well, I've done both, with mild complaining."

"Mild bitching, you mean," Ohtori muttered. "Serious, Ryou, you really need to learn to just accept the fact that you get sick sometimes."

"It doesn't happen often enough for me to have to acknowledge it," Shishido growled. "That was the first time in five years, so shut up."

Ohtori sighed and shook his head. "Yes, senpai."

"Smart ass."

"You know you love it."

"I'd love it better if you'd keep your goddamned promise."

"And what promise would that be?"

"Goddamn you, Choutarou! Fuck me!"

Ohtori laughed at the pained and aggravated expression of Shishido's face. The older boy smacked his arm hard enough to hurt, but not hard enough to seriously hurt. If Shishido had wanted to hit him, he would have. The two of them had gotten into a few physical fights earlier in their relationship due to their explosive tempers, but it was all well behind them now.

"Choutarou," Shishido growled in warning. "If you don't do something, I will."

"And what, Ryou, would you do?" Ohtori asked in fond amusement.

The smirk that spread slowly across Shishido's face should have been the first warning that Ohtori was about to be tortured in a strictly "no-touchy" sexual manner.

Slinking off Ohtori's lap, Shishido smirked as he stepped into the middle of the room, eyes half-closed in pleasure and wickedness. It was an expression that Ohtori knew very well; he was about to become the hunted in this little game of theirs. Slowly, the older boy unbuttoned his shirt, flicking each button out of its hole slowly, starting from the bottom going up. With each patch of skin revealed, Shishido ran his fingers up and down it in a mock caress before moving back up to the next button.

Ohtori tried to pretend that this little show wasn't working. He bent over to retrieve his book and grabbed a scrap of paper to mark where he had left off before arranging it in a perfect position on his nightstand. By the time he looked back up, the shirt was off and Shishido was smirking, fingers toying with the button of his pants, but there was still…

Ohtori's mouth went dry – Shishido still had his tie loosely on.

"All right there, Choutarou?" Shishido purred, dipping the fingers of his right hand under the waistband of his pants.

Ohtori sat there and nodded, captivated by how sexy his lover looked.

"Still don't remember your promise?" Shishido asked, tilting his head to the side, left hand toying with his tie and he popped the button of his fly from where his hand was still inside his pants.

"I, uh, vaguely recall something of a promise of, uh, something when you were…" Ohtori's mind failed him as he watched the way Shishido's thumb pulled the zipper down until he could see that Shishido was stroking himself slowly.

"When I was what, Choutarou?" came the controlled purr.

"You're fucking evil."

"You expected anything else from me?" Shishido drawled out, smirking.

Ohtori growled and came up off the bed, grabbing Shishido's tie and pulling the shorter boy towards him. "You wanted to be fucked into the mattress?" he asked, pulling Shishido's hand away from himself and putting his hand there instead, grabbing his lover's cock and squeezing gently, dragging a ragged moan from him. "Well, trust me, Ryou, you won't be able to walk when I'm done with you."

Shishido laughed breathlessly and pulled Ohtori's mouth down for a dominating kiss, tongues and teeth clashing together as they tried to devour each other. "If you don't keep that promise," Shishido murmured, "I'm going to be very disappointed."

"Evil," Ohtori muttered, falling to his knees and working Shishido's pants off of him. He so did love it when his lover "forgot" to wear boxers.

"Mmhm," Shishido murmured in agreement, watching Ohtori with half-lidded eyes, hot with passion. "You wanna do anything while you're down there, Choutarou?"

"Mm, I don't think so," Ohtori chuckled. "You look pretty well set."

Shishido glared lightly until Ohtori rose to his feet, managing to sling a yelping Shishido over his shoulder in a fireman's carry before dropping him rather inelegantly on the bedspread. He bounced for a while, glaring angrily.

Ohtori merely smirked and loosened his tie before pulling it off and dropping it on the floor before undoing his fly. "Is this what you want?" he asked, grinning wickedly as Shishido moved into a predatory sprawl on the bed, watching Ohtori as if he were about to pounce him. Chuckling, Ohtori began unbuttoning his shirt and tossed it on the floor before stepping out of his pants and boxers. "I'm guessing it is what you want."

"Get over here," Shishido ordered, voice rough with pent-up sexual desire.

Ohtori smiled and did so, sitting on the bed before lifting himself over Shishido to lie on the other side of him. "And now that I am here, senpai?" he asked, smirking.

Shishido pushed him back against the pillows as he slithered down Ohtori's side to nudge his erection with his nose. He glanced up at Ohtori with hot eyes as he drew his tongue lightly over the head of his cock.

"God," Ohtori moaned, hands knotting in the coverlet. "Ryou…"

"Mm?" Shishido asked, continuing to lick Ohtori as if he were Shishido's favorite candy that he had been denied for years.

"You just gonna…oh god," Ohtori cried and Shishido took his entire length into his mouth in one swallow. He could barely think through the pleasure of a tongue working against his sensitive flesh, and thought was made even harder from the hot, wet pressure of his senpai's mouth. He moaned loudly, one hand working it's way into Shishido's long hair as his hips bucked gently, guiding the way Shishido's head bobbed up and down on his length.

He tugged at the long strands, moaning, as he felt himself getting too close to the edge. "Nuh-unh," he said breathlessly, "want to keep that promise."

Shishido raised an eyebrow and sat back on his heels, licking his lips as his hands went to take off his tie. "I'm glad you want to keep that promise. I'd have to hurt you if you didn't."

"Threatening violence on me?" Ohtori laughed, feeling himself become even more aroused at the memory of a pervious night where physical fighting turned into fighting through sex. Just because he was quiet and respectful of his peers meant absolutely nothing in bed, as Shishido had pleasantly found out.

"Only if you don't be a good boy and do as your senpai says," Shishido purred, straddling Ohtori's lap. "Now then, love, where'd you hide the lube?"

Reaching behind him, Ohtori pulled the lube out from between his mattress and the headboard. Shishido grabbed it before Ohtori could open it himself and spilled some of the clear gel on his fingers. Smirking, he reached behind him and inserted one finger into himself, bracing one hand on Ohtori's chest to keep himself steady.

"Oh god, Ryou," Ohtori groaned, eyes darkening as he watched his lover prepare himself slowly. One finger slowly became two, which slowly became three. Shishido didn't care about the pleasure of being stretched; he just wanted to be able to fit Ohtori into him as soon as possible.

Shishido moaned softly as he took his fingers out before grabbing the lube and pouring a good amount into his hand and waiting as Ohtori slid a condom on before smoothing it onto the other boy's thick length. He bent down to kiss his lover only to find himself flipped onto him back and pinned, hands above his head.

"Since when do you get to ride me?" Ohtori teased, spreading Shishido's legs and moving between them, his cock rubbing up against his lover's entrance.

Shishido glared, "We've done it before."

"But that's me getting fucked through the mattress, then, not you," Ohtori murmured, biting down on the curve of Shishido's neck. "You did say you wanted to be fucked through the mattress, didn't you?"

Shishido moaned as Ohtori's hips thrust forward a little, just putting the head of his cock inside. "Gods, I don't care! Just fuck me!" he begged.

"Hunh," Ohtori said thoughtfully, pulling Shishido's tie off at last and throwing it to the ground. "I don't think you want it badly enough."

"You son of a bitch!" Shishido squawked, eyes wide. "Don't you even—"

"Don't I even what?" Ohtori teased, moving his hips in tiny little circles, pressing just inside, but no further. "Tell me how bad you want me, Ryou. Tell me how bad you want me inside you."

"Oh gods," Shishido cried, head thrown back against Ohtori's pillow, eyes closed tightly. "Choutarou! I want you so bad, and I want you hard and fast! You haven't fucking touched me in two months!"

Ohtori laughed softly, "Sorry. That project kind of—"

"I don't care!" Shishido growled, grabbing Ohtori's shoulders and pulling the taller boy down to him by sheer force, kissing him as if he were starving and Ohtori was the first sustenance he'd had in years. "Fuck the project, fuck tennis, and fuck the rest of the world! Just, please!"

Kissing Shishido back, gently this time, Ohtori nuzzled his neck. "Desperate, eh?"

"No, you think?" Shishido glared.

Chuckling, Ohtori pushed himself back up, braced on his arms as Shishido spread his legs further apart to allowed Ohtori better access and hooked one thigh over his hip. Slowly, Ohtori pushed himself inside of Shishido, groaning at the feel of tight muscle give enough to allow him to push deep into Shishido's body.

"Ahh, Ryou," Ohtori breathed, resting his head on his senpai's shoulder. "Too long, too long without you."

There was a soft, breathless laugh from under him. "Then don't wait so long next time, idiot," Shishido said fondly. "And more importantly, move! I want to feel you, lover."

"Really?" Ohtori mused, grinning as he licked his lips, moving his hips teasingly. "I don't quite feel like moving, though."

"I will kill you slowly and painfully," Shishido growled, cheeks flushed with need and his eyes wild with want, "unless you bloody well fuck me!"

Lifting an eyebrow, Ohtori smirked and pulled his hips back slowly before slamming into Shishido, greedily soaking up Shishido's moans as he pounded into his lover's tight ass.

He let Shishido seize his mouth, kissing him desperately, sucking hotly on his tongue, battling for some sort of control as Ohtori plundered him, stroked him, drove him wild with ecstasy. Control was merely a thought between them, each knowing exactly what the other wanted at almost the exact moment they wanted it. Such was how it was between them.

Shishido moaned loudly into the kiss, hands gripping Ohtori's face, demanding Ohtori focus on the kiss as well as on fucking him. Groaning, Ohtori shifted and thrust into Shishido again, striking his prostate dead on. Shishido cried out loudly, breaking off the kiss and arching his back into the thrust.

Ohtori smiled sweetly down at a slightly dazed Shishido. "Right there, eh?" he murmured, leaning down to bring Shishido's mouth back into contact with his, bracing a hand down on the side of the bed to keep his balance as he proceeded to fuck his lover through the mattress as he had promised.

As Ohtori continued to slam into him, striking his prostate with every thrust, all Shishido could think of was that he was getting burned from the inside out. It was so hot, so wanted, that he just relinquished all control to Ohtori and let him fuck him blind. The mattress and bed loudly protesting the entire time made him want to grin.

After a few more thrusts, Shishido could feel the pressure building in his body; could feel his muscles tighten like a tightly drawn bowstring, ready to snap at any second. Pulling away from Ohtori's mouth he cried out in pure ecstasy, thrusting down when Ohtori thrust up, thereby increasing the delicious pressure.

"Choutarou," he moaned loudly. "Oh god… Choutarou!" He cried out, losing all sense of rhyme or reason as his orgasm ripped through him. His muscles clamped down tightly on Ohtori, forcing him over the edge as well, both of them screaming out their release.

For a few moments more Ohtori made shallow thrusts into Shishido before stilling, burying his head in Shishido's shoulder and inhaling the herbal scent that was completely him. Shishido moved a little, loving the feeling of Ohtori inside him. He didn't want Ohtori to pull out, yet he had to admit that he was a little shaky from the aftershocks of a truly spectacular orgasm.

"You," Shishido murmured, panting lightly for breath.

"Me," Ohtori teased, smiling fondly down at Shishido as he pulled out of his lover's warm body.

"I'll kill you before this happens again," Shishido glared tiredly, watching as Ohtori got up to vanish into the bathroom.

Ohtori came back with a damp wash cloth and warmly cleaned them both off for sleep. "It won't happen again, love. It was just a case of bad timing on all parts."

Shishido glared in annoyance until Ohtori came back to bed and pulled the covers over them. He curled up around Ohtori instead of responding, and gave Ohtori's shoulder a smart bite.

Ohtori laughed softly and kissed the top of Shishido's head. "Right. We'll both make sure it won't happen again. Now, sleep, Ryou."

"Mmph," Shishido huffed, tucking his head under Ohtori's chin and twining their legs together. "And I don't get sick."

Ohtori laughed and snuggled Shishido closer. "Of course not, love."

The End

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