Sequel to Clean or Messy

Not a Big Deal
by Alyse Minamoto

It wasn't a big deal. So why was he making it into a big deal? He and Shishido had gone to see movies together before, hadn't they? So why was this so different?

Because it's the first time since that day that they became a "couple". But that didn't explain why it was taking him an hour to find something to wear!

"Oi, Choutarou! Hurry up or we'll be late for the movie!" He heard Shishido yell from outside of his bedroom door.

"Hai, Shishido-san!" With a sigh he just put on a blue button up shirt and some black slacks. As he began to move towards the door to leave he noticed he was shaking a little. Would this be… their first date?

Ohtori sure was taking a while. Shishido had been ready for the past 30 minutes. He was wearing a red shirt, blue cap, and some kind of pants his brother had given to him. He looked all right if he did say so himself.

This was going to be their first date after all. It was strange thinking that, when they'd done the same thing so many times. When he kissed Ohtori that day in the kitchen, he had thought that life was perfect.

Only now did he realize they still had a lot of kinks to work out. Like getting Ohtori to come near him without being the shade of a tomato. That would really help the relationship… a lot.

And there was that too. He hadn't kissed or touched Ohtori at all since that day. He didn't want to scare Ohtori, since he knew it was Ohtori's first real relationship and well, it wasn't Shishido's. Okay, so it was the first that mattered but he was thinking about experience, not if it actually mattered.

"Oi, Choutarou! Do you just wanna' see the next showing or wha-" His breathing stopped in his throat as Ohtori came out of his room wearing what had to be… Ohtori wear or something but… damn.

It wasn't provocative or showy and it was on completely. There wasn't any unnecessary skin showing or anything but… all hail the Shinto gods.

"Anou… Shishido-san…? What… What's wrong?" Ohtori said, trying to smile but failing miserably. Apparently he must have thought Shishido didn't like what he was wearing.

Why couldn't he ever think it was because of something good for once?

"Choutarou. If I end up molesting you at some point tonight I can not be held responsible." Shishido said, smirking up at Ohtori making him turn a bright shade of, yep, tomato red. That time it was because of him but, well, it was worth it.


"Now let's go, Choutarou." Shishido stood up, walked a few feet and held out his hand for Ohtori to take, making him go even redder. He took Shishido's hand anyway though.

The movie they were watching was something about a Samurai Warrior who had to escape his past of bloody murder but really Shishido only heard the first minute of it. He was staring to intently at Ohtori to pay attention to the movie.

It wasn't that Ohtori's hair was oh so vibrant and his skin oh so smooth or anything stupid like that.

Shishido just… couldn't stop looking at him. His face was captivating and Shishido just didn't have the vocabulary to decide why it was so addicting.

He settled for just… damn.

Ohtori turned his head towards Shishido, with popcorn in hand to offer but stopped as their eyes met. Shishido couldn't think, no, he couldn't even breathe as he tipped forward a bit and pressed his lips against Ohtori's. They closed their eyes and the popcorn dropped, movie forgotten.

Shishido ran his tongue across Ohtori's top lip and greedily probed his mouth once open. It was warmth against warmth and Ohtori tasted of popcorn. Shishido ran his tongue across Ohtori's own and he felt Ohtori smile against his mouth before pulling away, looking at him with a smirk. Ohtori tilted his head towards the screen and Shishido turned his head to look.

He grinned. Him and Ohtori began kissing right as two people on the screen began as well. And now the credits began to roll. They stood up and walked out of the theater. Shishido noticed Ohtori was blushing again as they came out into the light.


"Yes, Shishido-san?"

"Never tell me a movie is over, okay?" He grinned.

"H-Hai, Shishido-san." And it was tomato time again Shishido thought as he took Ohtori's hand and started walking, even though he didn't know where and didn't care.

The End

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