by Hoshi

Slightly chapped lips purse together in an almost-smile that he quickly extinguishes as he regards the piece of paper before him with an air of subdued curiosity before returning his attention to the large projector screen before him and jotting down a few of his observations. Looking up from his writing, he spares a glance sideways, shooting a mock look of disapproval at Shishido before picking the hastily-folded note up, his gaze lingering upon ink that has bled through the relatively cheap paper. The projector is turned off with a whir of slowing machine parts, and Kantoku reminds the regulars that it is almost time to hand in their club expenditure when the video recording of yet another of their rival schools ends. Kabaji crosses the room to retrieve another video tape at Atobe's command their third one today. Beside him, slender fingers drum against the polished wood.

He stifles a yawn with the crook of his arm and attempts to flatten the piece of paper in front of him with one hand, vaguely amused at the slight snoring emanating from Jirou's corner of the room. He wonders drolly if the drowsiness is actually contagious.

Ohtori Choutarou lets out a shrill squeak of ill-contained laughter that he disguises as a coughing fit just as the tape starts rolling that prompts to the team to ask if he is alright. Beside him, Shishido Ryou pats his back as if to soothe his malfunctioning lungs, his concern scarcely concealing the playful smirk in his voice.

He smiles nervously at the inquiring faces of his teammates and coach and places a hand atop the crumpled note, hiding it from view.

Eyes return to the screen and the meeting resumes with nary a raised brow, much to his relief.

As soon as he determines it safe enough to scribble a reply, his pencil flies across the paper, occasionally pausing as its owner makes a show of pretending to be paying attention to the recording.

That same piece of paper lands in Shishido's lap soon after, and he raises a pencil-thin brow, smoothing out the creases as he attempts to read its contents.

He spies a rather well-drawn stick figure hitting another with a tennis racket.

Atobe later orders the team to take better care of their health.

People randomly breaking into coughing fits. Honestly.

The End

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