Another series of related drabbles, written for Von this time. Take a wild guess as to the pairing. Shishitori/torishi, in other words. ^_^ Read in order, please!

The Passage of the Hours
by Amsdia

Valentine's Day

Shishido stared at Ohtori.

Ohtori fidgeted, resisting the urge to slink away and hide behind a pillar.

"Ohtori…" Shishido said slowly. "Why are you wearing all black?"

Ohtori sighed. "Because it's Valentine's Day and I don't think I'll get anything."

Shishido remembered the hoards of girls begging him for Ohtori's locker combination that morning; girls armed with packages wrapped in patterned paper, tied with ribbons – and shuddered. "I doubt that."

"From anyone I care about, I mean," Ohtori explained. Shishido shifted uncomfortably.

"It's your birthday too, isn't it?" he asked. Without waiting for a response, he thrust a plain white box into Ohtori's arms. The second-year opened it curiously.

"Handmade chocolate," he murmured, picking up one misshapen piece.

"Learned it from TV, slaved over it in the darkness because my lamp quit on me, burned the first batch, curdled the milk in the second, that's the third and you'd better like it," Shishido all but growled out. Ohtori stifled a laugh, popping the piece he was holding into his mouth.

"It's delicious, Shishido-sempai," he proclaimed.

Shishido smiled, wondering if Ohtori had picked up the not-so-subtle hint he had given him.


White Day

Shishido poked at his pizza dubiously. Cheese stuck to his finger, pulling away in long strands.

"Sure this is edible?" he asked Ohtori. He eyed the olives on the pizza distastefully.

"Yes, Shishido-sempai, it is," Ohtori said, biting back a laugh. "Go ahead, try it. And when you're done, you can have this." He patted the white box beside him on the table. Shishido reached over, opened it, and gasped as he saw the neat rows of home-made chocolate.

"Ah, I'll have one now!" he said cheerfully, grabbing a piece and biting into it before Ohtori could stop him. Ohtori frowned half-heartedly, forming his hands into a gun and pretending to zap Shishido.

"That was supposed to be your reward for trying something other than Hawaiian pizza, Shishido-sempai," he protested, biting into his own pizza. Shishido just grinned at him.

Ohtori watched him eat the chocolate, a small smile on his face.


First Date

"We'll meet at the flower shop, then?" Ohtori asked. "You can lead me to that new sports store from there; I don't know the way."

"The flower shop?" Shishido wrinkled his nose in distaste. "But it's so… flowery. Though those guys who work there are pretty nice. That Aya guy's cute."

Ohtori twitched slightly, wanting very much to chain his Shishido-sempai to himself. "Somewhere else is fine too," he all but growled out.

Shishido grinned at him. "Nah, the flower shop's fine," he said cheerily. "It's a date, then!" he called over his shoulder as he left.

Ohtori blinked.



29th September 2004

"Shishido-sempai! Shishido-sempai!"

The aforementioned boy half-turned, glimpsing a bobbing flash of silver in the crowd. He slowed down, letting his doubles partner catch up with him.

"Shishido-sempai, I'm –" Ohtori gasped for breath, Shishido pulling him to the side of the street so they wouldn't obstruct anyone's way.

"I'm going camping with my family today," Ohtori finally got out, and Shishido's expectant face fell slowly.


"Tents, a fire, the whole deal," Ohtori continued excitedly. Shishido nodded mechanically.

"My dad's found out all this data about the place, and there're deer there too!"


"I think I've been going soft, living in the dorm all the time. This'll be a good experience, don't you think?"


"So, do you want to come with us?"

Shishido's head snapped up, eyes wide with disbelief. "What?"

Ohtori smiled. "Happy birthday, Shishido-san."



Deft fingers moved swiftly, unravelling and re-knotting.

"… Thanks," Shishido said grudgingly, petting his tie. Ohtori grinned at him sheepishly.

"It's neater, I think… though you still have cranberry sauce on your shirt…"

"Never mind that, it's time for presents. Let's go!"

"Mm." The two of them joined the rest of the Hyotei team under Atobe's huge Christmas tree.

"Feel free to exchange your presents," Atobe told them, as he tried to wake Jiroh up. Jiroh just snuggled up against him, and Atobe frowned.

"Here, Shishido-san," Ohtori said shyly, handing him a fluffy, light-grey bear, red bow tied around its neck. Shishido took it, grinning as he hugged it.

"Thanks, Choutaroh. That's my present to you under the tree," he said, indicating a small box. Ohtori took it, opening it avidly. The look on his face melted into one of shock, as he lifted out the two matching silver rings. Shishido's name was engraved on the inside of one, Ohtori's name on the other. The dark-haired boy reached over, sliding the one with his name onto Ohtori's finger. He placed the other on his own finger.

"Because we'll be friends forever."



"I mean, you invited me along on your family camping trip last time. I guess I wanted my parents to meet you."

Ohtori stared out at the splashing waves. "This, though…"

"They wanted to," Shishido said hastily. Ohtori lifted his head, staring up at Shishido in disbelief.

"To Florida?!"


Graduation Night

Ohtori shifted uncomfortably, standing amongst the third-years and wishing the one who'd invited him was there.

A warm hand came down on his shoulder, and he sighed in relief. Shishido steered him to the corner of the hall.

"Ne, Choutaroh, I need to tell you something," Shishido said, and Ohtori's heart skipped a beat. Would he –


"I'm… going away. I'm going to study in Australia."

Ohtori's heart skipped a beat again, but for a different reason this time.

"W-What?" he whispered. Shishido cringed.

"But we'll always be friends, remember?" he murmured, twisting his ring around his finger nervously. Ohtori bit his lip and nodded, and then looked away, an awkward silence falling.

Shishido fidgeted – and then made up his mind. Reaching up, his hand wrapping around the back of Ohtori's neck, he pulled the taller boy down, their lips meeting in an inexperienced, awkward kiss.

"Wait for me?" Shishido murmured into his lips.

Ohtori smiled into the kiss.



He froze, head whipping around abruptly. For an instant there, he thought he'd seen –

"Ohtori, something wrong?"

The twenty-year-old turned back to his university classmates, uncertainty written on his face. "I just thought I saw –"


Ohtori spun. The voice was older – deeper, more mature – but he remembered it. And the mahogany hair, cascading down a lean back in shimmering ripples.

"Shishido-san…" he whispered. They were frozen there for a moment, drinking in the sight of each other. Then Ohtori threw himself on Shishido, crying and laughing at the same time, Shishido's arms wrapping around him as if they'd never let go.

Silver glinted in the sunlight.

The End

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