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Pretty Eyes
by Amsdia

His Shishido-sempai shut the door and leaned against it, taking several deep breaths.

Dark brown eyes opened - still hard, still angry - but there was hurt too, lingering there in those chocolatey orbs. He shook those thoughts out of his head swiftly. Thinking of his Shishido-sempai and chocolate at the same time was Not Good. Not when they were in the same room, anyway.

He wondered absently when his Shishido-sempai had become. well, his.

And then those pretty chocolatey eyes were in front of him and his Shishido-sempai was down on his knees before him - he could only remember him doing that once before, and had to remind himself to breathe. He was on his Shishido-sempai's bed, sitting at the edge, his hands clasped on his lap. Except now there were two more hands covering his own and two pretty eyes boring into his and he knew he should say something, but the words didn't come, the blush did.

And there it was. That little half-smile that his Shishido-sempai only showed him, that small lopsided quirk of his lips that was somehow more cheerful than a grin would have been. He felt his own lips lift in a shy smile, responding to that slight smile that was somehow so truthful and real and just like his Shishido-sempai.

The anger had faded out of his Shishido-sempai's pretty eyes, and he opened his mouth to say something - but he didn't want his Shishido-sempai to say anything, because he knew he'd talk about what happened, and he didn't want to talk about what happened. After all, he knew why it happened, even if his Shishido-sempai didn't. It was his first time meeting them, but he understood perfectly the odd looks thrown between him and their son, and then the angry frowns, the rude treatment, the scowls. He understood perfectly, and he didn't want his Shishido-sempai to talk about it, because he didn't want to explain things to his Shishido-sempai.

So before his Shishido-sempai could say anything, he opened his own mouth.

"Ne, you have pretty eyes, Shishido-sempai," he commented lightly, and his hands turned, palms facing upwards, fingers interlacing with his Shishido-sempai's. He both felt and saw the start, recognised the understanding and resignation dawning in his Shishido-sempai's pretty eyes. Then his Shishido-sempai was opening his mouth to say something, but he didn't want to hear it, didn't want to talk about what happened because he knows what happened and dammit, it hurt. But he didn't know what to say, so he just watched in resignation as his Shishido-sempai opened his mouth.

"So do you, Choutaroh."

The End

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