Notes: For Rae when she commented she hasn't seen any full-frontals of Tori.

by Forbidden Tenshi

It was best when I woke up to see him like that.

Not that waking up to see him sprawled out next to me sound asleep was bad; thin sheet draped over him, hips barely protruding and those delicious lines of his torso fleeting in a taunting fashion downward to disappear beneath silk. With that tiny smile touching the corners of his lips, his hand flexing instinctively to curl his fingers possessively around mine. It wasn't bad at all to wake up and see him like that. To be able to roll closer and lean over to press my lips against his own, teasing them gently open beneath mine. Feeling him languidly, sleepily begin to respond as my tongue laved against his, dancing and twisting, coaxing him out of his slumber to join me in a dance so primitive it was deeply ingrained in our very beings.

No, that wasn't bad at all.

It was just better to see him like that when I woke up.

Padding out of the bathroom, silver hair wildly tousled and his jaw dropping as he yawns lazily, pink tongue curling ever so slightly as he inhales deeply, filling up his lungs with the air we had both been breathing the night before.

He's cute, the way he blushes when he notices I'm watching him from the bed, watching the way his hand had crept upward to scratch sluggishly across his chest, to lift upward and brush back through untamed mane. He's milky-white, every last inch of him, and remains so day after day, no matter how many hours he spends in the sun training with me. From the tip of his nose to those parts of him that have never been touched by sunlight. Every last dip and curve, each line of his body is white, pure. And that's the way I want to keep him.

The End

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