Companion piece to untitled fic by Watashi-sama.

The Second Friday
by fic_faery

Shishido liked the second Friday of every month for a bunch of reasons. One that always sprang to all 200 members of the Hyotei tennis club was that there was no tennis practice today. This meant that for one glorious day they could leave the school early and go have fun, knowing there would be time for homework later. Other reasons why Shishido loved the second Friday of every month probably weren't shared with the other members. But that's the way he wanted it.

He liked the second Friday of the month because Ohtori, his sweet, tall, and smiling Choutarou would ask him over to his house and he always said yes. It had become such a ritual that Shishido no longer had to tell his parents that he would be heading over to Ohtori's on it. In fact, Shishido suspected that the only reason Ohtori still asked was because he liked to see the small light blush that would still rise to Shishido's cheeks when asked in just that way if he'd like to come over to his house, and then the even softer 'my parents won't be home until late'. It also made him growl just in the back of his throat with unrestrained lust. He considered it a miracle that he hadn't jumped his partner yet in the middle of the locker room when he asked after Thursday's practice.

Today, on the walk to Ohtori's house, or what Shishido would like to call a mansion, they stopped by to pick up some Pocky. A nice treat to hold them off until supper since they were growing athletic teenage boys. Once in doors, Ohtori would silently lead Shishido up to his room, and Shishido, while trusting his partner but still paranoid as hell would check around corners and into rooms for any sign of Ohtori's parents or sister.

Ohtori might laugh about it, but Shishido was sure that his parents would not be smiling kindly and thanking Shishido for taking such good care of their son if they found out just exactly how he took care of their son. He really rather liked his life and didn't want to die just yet. Especially not when Ohtori was sprawling out across the floor, turning his cd player on and just relaxing from the long week.

Oh yeah, death could so wait. Shishido sat down beside Ohtori and stretched back onto his arms, "Long week?" He asked as Ohtori sighed yet again.

Ohtori's only answer was to grab another pocky stick and sigh again before placing it in his mouth, slowly munching his way down the stick until it had all been sucked into his mouth.

While as fascinating as this routine was, by the fourth stick it was starting to get a bit annoying. Ohtori didn't just sigh and ignore him; he was Shishido Ryou, his doubles partner, his boyfriend, and above all his friend. If something was troubling him, he was supposed to say what the hell it was.

He waited to make his move and as the fifth stick passed Ohtori's lips, Shishido moved so that he could attach his mouth to the other end of the stick, happy that Ohtori had a weird quirk of eating the uncovered end first. Shifting so that he was half over the taller teen, Shishido set to work eating the stick, determined to get some reaction from Ohtori.

To ensure that said action would be noticed fully, he also began unbuttoning the Hyotei dress shirt and while he loved the way it would shift and show glimpses of Ohtori's toned stomach as he reached for things on the top shelf of the locker, he loved when it was off of him even more. Before his hand could continue its upward path on warm skin, a larger, violin calloused hand grabbed his arm and pinned it to the ground. Well… there went his plan to molest the younger boy and make him squirm. Then again, this didn't seem that bad either.

As the pocky disappeared between them and their lips met, Shishido relaxed into the hold and Ohtori pulled him further on top. Deepening the kiss and tasting the chocolate still lingering in Ohtori's mouth, he realised that Ohtori was a damn tease and that there wasn't a single thing wrong with him. The chuckle and smile as they pulled apart to breathe only confirmed that belief.

Shishido couldn't say he minded though, if it was anyone else he might have, but if it was anyone else, he probably wouldn't have cared enough to worry about them in the first place. As they settled in for another long make out session Shishido was reminded of one of the main reasons he liked the second Friday of every month…

He got to spend some quality time with someone he truly cared about.

The End

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