by Jaelawyn Noble

Shishido snapped up another tile and smirked. "Still kicking your ass, rich boy," he said cheerfully, grinning at Atobe who continued to glare viciously at him.

"I hate you," Atobe hissed.

"No you don't!" Shishido laughed. "You enjoy the fact that I own your ass in this game."

"Ohtori!" Atobe called over his shoulder to where Ohtori and Jiroh were hiding on the couch, watch anime. "Control your lover! He's trying to get me into bed!"

Jiroh and Ohtori peeked over the couch.

"He doesn't look like he's doing anything but winning, Atobe-san," Ohtori said carefully.

"If he does get you into bed, can I join?" Jiroh asked grinning.

Shishido smirked and picked another tile up as Atobe groaned in pain. "Jiroh, you can definitely join. It'd be fun!"

"I'll just watch," Ohtori said with a grin, watching with a fond smile as Shishido starting snapping up tiles quickly. "Or maybe give directions from the couch."

"Can we have a camera recording of it?" Jiroh asked, bouncing. "Homemade porn!"

"You can record, but only if you pay me," Shishido flirted, grabbing up more tiles.

Atobe threw a nearby pencil at Shishido. "No! No recordings, no homemade porn, no threesomes with Ohtori dictating, and goddammit, no more Mahjong!"

"Hey, you're the one who wanted to put a spin on the game. I was content to play solitaire, but you just had to make it a contest to see who could spot the most pairs," Shishido grinned, giving Atobe a quick kiss on the cheek. "So no sulking."

Ohtori and Jiroh laughed as Atobe growled. Shishido winked and went back to snapping up pairs happily, humming some J-Pop song. Atobe groaned and tried harder to find pairs, but Shishido's hands generally got to them first.

"Hah! Your ass is owned!" Shishido cackled as all the tiles were paired. Atobe had a grand collection of 10 pairs, as opposed to Shishido's very large pile of tiles.

"I hate you," Atobe moaned, head in his hands. "I refuse to play Mahjong with you, ever again."

"You say that every time I kick your ass," Shishido purred happily.

Ohtori grinned and slipped behind Shishido, letting the older boy leaned back against him. "Maybe we should put the game away and watch a movie?" he suggested diplomatically.

"Ooh, Monty Python," Shishido said, grinning. "The Meaning of Life is always a good watch."

Atobe narrowed his eyes. "I would prefer something else."

Jiroh plopped himself in Atobe's lap and planted a big kiss on his lips. "But Monty Python is funny!"

"It's disturbing."

"You just don't like The Holy Grail. The Meaning of Life is funnier and less…" Shishido tried to think of the right word.

"Less trying to bite off people's legs?"

"Oy! Just because you didn't like the Black Knight—"

"It was highly distasteful!"

"How is it distasteful? It's hilarious!"

"He keeps getting body parts chopped off!"

"And he still wants to fight when he's a head!" Shishido laughed, "He threatens to bite their legs off because he sucks that bad!"

"I refuse to watch such vulgar comedy."

"You're vulgar," Shishido sighed.

"I say we watch Star Wars," Atobe said, looking down his nose at Shishido.

Jiroh started laughing, "Spaceballs!"

Ohtori grinned, "I bet she gives great helmet."

Shishido buried his head against Ohtori's chest for a second while he laughed before turning around and saying in a completely serious voice, "Before you die there is something you should know about us, Lone Star. I am your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate."

"And what does that make us?" Jiroh chirped, grinning.

"Absolutely nothing!" Shishido cackled.

Atobe sighed and buried his head in Jiroh's hair. "Is nothing sacred anymore?"

"May the Schwarz be with you!" Jiroh laughed.

"My Schwarz is bigger than yours," Ohtori grinned.

Shishido kissed Ohtori's chin and smirked, "I'd say it is."

Atobe moaned pitifully while the other three laughed.

The End

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