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Archivist's Note: This is the prequel to Hearing.

Voice Mail
by Jaelawyn Noble

When Ohtori had started slowly blocking him out, ignoring him, Shishido had tried to figure out what had happened, tried to get Ohtori to open up to him again. Atobe and Jiroh shook their heads and told Shishido to forget it, he had missed his chance with the taller boy.

Shishido had denied it, refusing to think that Ohtori had shut him out of his life so completely. A week later, Shishido had seen Ohtori and someone with long blond hair – a guy, no two ways about it – kissing in the shadows near the dorms. Shishido, shocked, had turned and left, his faith and entire world shaken.

He had called Atobe and kept trying to say what he had seen, tried to work it through his head, but his mind and heart so violently rejected the image and the truth of it that Atobe had gotten fed up and hung up on him.

Shishido had then called Ohtori's cell, not terribly surprised when once again his call went unanswered. He left a message for Ohtori to find the next time he checked his voice mail, and took a bottle of pain medication his doctor had given him for his back off the shelf. Dumping the rest of the bottle into his hand – a good twenty pills – and went into his bedroom to grab one of the tiny one-use bottles of flavored vodka he had hidden and chased the pills with it.

As Shishido drifted off, the pills slowly working their way through his body with the help of the vodka and quickly poisoning his body, he thought he heard someone pounding on his door, trying to break it down, screaming his name and cursing him.

He didn't care. Let them curse him, he deserved it…

"Hey, Choutarou…it's Ryou. I'm sorry for whatever it was that I did that made you push me away. Whatever it was, it must've been pretty bad. I've also realized I've been kind of pathetic lately. So, I'm gonna solve everyone's problems and just make sure I'm not around anymore. Just…just remember that I love you, okay? Never really said it before, and I should have, but… I hope you can be happier now that I'm not around."

The End

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