by Karietta

Sometimes it just plain amazed him.

He'd been off the entire week. Something was bothering him; something he couldn't quite put his finger on, but it bothered him all the same and it was affecting his mood, and in turn his game. He suspected it had something to do with having to sleep over every single day at his classmate's house to finish up their project, and tennis practice having been cancelled due to approaching exams.

It had been a week of endless torture. His concentration slipped during lessons; he was kept back and assigned extra homework, he slept way too late and woke way too early, and he was in a permanantly bad mood.

And so he'd finally come back after school today, grumpy and bothered and snapping at everything in his way. The only thing that kept him from killing something was the thought that the week was finally over and he could go back.

He paused just before he entered the dorm, the tips of his fingers just barely touching the cold metal of the doorknob. Something was different, he could tell. Somehow the air was...warmer, and the light was brighter, and the colour of...everything...was richer and deeper and screaming with life. He felt the corners of his lips quirk upwards a little in a faint smile.

The doorknob turned in his hand, and he stepped through.

Immediately the scent of freshly baked pancakes wafted out, and he blinked and inhaled deeply, feeling his annoyance at the world beginning to waver.

"You're back!"

Grey hair bounced as his bunkmate cheerfully clasped a hand around his wrist and gently pulled him in, shutting the door behind him.

Taking in the sweet, delighted smile and sparkle in those eyes, he couldn't help but grin a back in response.

"I'm back."

Brown eyes peered into his.

"I missed you."

He smiled, and left his bag in its usual place beside the sofa, next to his roommate's, where it had always been and where it would always stay.

"I missed you too."

As he bit into the pancakes, suddenly all his worries dissipated and flew away like that much dust in the wind, and he was left there sitting comfortably in the couch, happy and contented, with his bunkmate chattering happily away to him; and suddenly the world seemed that much brighter and inviting and welcoming.

Sometimes it just plain amazed him how a single person could touch his heart so easily and change his life so effortlessly, without meaning to or knowing.

The End

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