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Why the title? Well. I decided what Shishido did says it all, he doesn't need to actually voice out anything. See if you can understand the fic. Some people may have to read it more than once. Have fun.

When You Say Nothing At All
by Burnein

Red hair falls into place neatly. Mirror is peered into, at a certain reflection. "Isn't your hair tired of being stuck in that cap all day long?"

A glare is shot at speaker. "No."

A small furrow is formed between eyebrows. "Sempai's right. I haven't seen you without that cap in ages."

Triumphant grin shot at second speaker. "See?"

Charcoal-grey hair is flipped nonchalantly. "If he wants to ruin his hair, let him. Right?"

A nod. "Usu."

Red hair bounces gently as owner fidgets. "But...! What do you think?"


A pout forms. "He's asleep again."

Pale light reflects off metal frames. "Leave him be."

Redhead refuses to give up. A lunge and a yank later, silence reigns again as mahagony falls in gentle sweeps to shoulders.

A small movement in a corner draws everyone's attention. "You grew your hair out again."

The now-capless boy snorts slightly. "Yeah."

Milk chocolate meets dark, and a single word is uttered. "Why?"

Time ceases to exist, and the locker room disappears. The boy blinks, pushes an unsteady hand through silky locks and smiles slightly.

"Happy birthday, Choutaroh."

The End

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