Okay so this started out with me just writing randomness at gingakatb on AIM, throwing her a cliche fic, cause well, it's fun sometimes....

and this is what it became. Good lord, I really should not start something this late...

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The Best Present
by Velutlunas

Shishido had been drinking most of the afternoon, it was his birthday after all, 18. He'd finally made it there. So when his face slammed into his dorm room door, he blinked and giggled slightly before kicking it determinedly.

Ohtori was holding his teammate and roommate upright, staggering as Shishido's kick sent the dark haired teen off balance. Searching for your keys in pants pockets while trying to calm a drunken petulant ex drama queen was not as easy as one would think.

"Shoot, Shishido-senpai, sit still for a second..." Ohtori grumbled lightly, pushing the floppy boy against the wall with one hand, throwing him a scandalized look that he had learned from his mother. Shishido blinked owlishly at the hand on his chest, confused as to why it was so tan and large... before following it up the wrist to an arm, that lead to a shoulder, that was attached to a neck with a head. Oh right, Ohtori. Shishido hiccuped.

"Hey Chouto-kun..." He slurred, his tongue was being thick and impertinent and he almost bit it out of spite.

"Not now, Shishido-senpai." Ohtori's other hand was digging into his left pocket, pulling his black track pants lower on his hips. Shishido wanted to trace his fingers along that tan stretch of skin being exposed, just above the hemline of a pair of white cotton boxers. His hand was moving, but ended up missing it's target and slapping dully against Ohtori's side. The glare the normally sweet teen shot him made Shishido gulp, taken momentarily aback.

"Heh, sorry 'bout thas... din't mean to hitchoo" The long suffering sigh Ohtori let out surprised them both. And Ohtori had the decency to blush.

"It's okay, just sit still so I can get my keys."

"Okay," Shishido nodded, his now chin length hair falling into his face and tickling his flushed cheeks. He rather liked that sensation so he continued to shake his head, hair flinging about, trailing along cheekbones and tingling along his jaw.

"YES!" The loud cry of triumph paused Shishido in his hair tossing and he looked at Ohtori through the curtain of hair sticking to his face.

"Wuzzat?" He was upset that he didn't seem to be as articulate as usual and frowned deeply as Ohtori moved to hold him against the wall with his hip, freeing both hands for the chore of opening their door. 'Umm, Chouto-kun... um you- you, yea, ummm." Damnit, complete sentences Shishido mentally berated himself.

"What is it?" Ohtori's voice sounded strained and he didn't look up from the keylock. Shishido blushed furiously as his partners hip shifted against his groin again.

"You're ummm," flailing for words, Shishido reached out and grabbed Ohtori's chin, turning the other boy's head to face the molestation his hip bone was doing unconsciously. Ohtori jumped back as if burned, face red, and Shishido promptly slumped to the floor. Wow, his legs didn't seem to be working properly, and was it hot in here?

"I'm hot." Shishido declared.

"You're drunk." Ohtori finally gathered his wits enough to move back to the door, and wrestled with the doorknob for what seemed an eternity. Shishido didn't mind though as it presented him with a full on view up his roommates loose shirt.

"Am not. Heh, I can see your nipples." Shishido turned a full wattage smile on his friend as the other's face whipped around to look at him. Shishido realized then that he probably shouldn't be craning his neck at that angle to see up that particular shirt. "Uhh, right. Mebbe Iyam a bit drunks."

Ohtori sighed and moved in front of the teen slumped dejectedly against the wall next to their door. He sighed. Shishido was flushed, his hair disheveled, and his eyes bleary. But, still, he was beautiful. Ohtori appreciated beautiful things. He loved the fine chestnut colored wood of his violin, and could spend hours lovingly polishing it to a brilliant warm shine. Some days when the light hit Shishido's hair just right, it looked like fine grained chestnut. Those days, Ohtori tried to avoid his roommate, locking himself in his room to study.

Shishido was looking entirely too much like a kicked puppy, his head hung low, chin almost toughing his chest where he had unbuttoned the dark blue oxford earlier. His long sinewy forearms draped over his knees, corded under the raggedly folded up cuffs. Ohtori tried not to focus on his hands though. He caught himself on a daily basis mesmerized by those hands, their strong thick palms, long square tipped fingers and neatly manicured nails. He often fought with himself not to reach out and trace the veins under the pale skin on the backs, to not linger over a tendon, watching it move and squirm under his thumb. He was a good Christian boy after all, and good Christian boys did NOT fantasize about their roommates. Especially their atheistic too beautiful for their own good, petulant, utterly impudent, stubborn, MALE roommates.

"Come on Shishido-senpai, let's get you up."

"Heh, up." Shishido muttered, lifting his arms in front of him, a parody of a small child asking for a piggy back ride. Ohtori couldn't smother the smile then, at the contradictions in this one person. He grabbed Shishido by the wrists and hefted him to his feet, steadying him by the shoulders as he swayed dangerously.

Shishido didn't like standing anymore. It wasn't right when the world wouldn't stand still and swirled dizzily around him. "Don like standin Chouto-kuuuuuun." Shishido pouted, all semblance of dignity out the door with the last shot of vodka he had consumed in Atobe's plush apartment earlier. "It's no fun to shtand." He lifted his head to grin winningly, the smile he knew could get his doubles partner to do whatever he asked, but reserved for special occasions so he didn't take too much advantage of the pale haired boys giving nature.

"I'm self-sufficient after all." Shishido said, and Ohtori blinked at the non-sequiter.

"Of course you are, now let's get you inside." Ohtori was amazed that it took twenty minutes to get two people into one room. Shishido was nothing if not a breaker of the bell curve. Ohtori started to lead his roommate into their dorm room but Shishido was having none of it. He planted his heels and tugged back on the hand on his wrist that was attempting to make him move.

"No, carry me." Shishido said plainly. He blinked once before grinning foolishly proud of that accomplishment.

"W-what!?" Ohtori had to be hearing things, maybe there was truth in what his mom said about contact drunkenness.

Shishido stomped his foot. Then looked dumbly down at it on the linoleum.

"I just stomped my foot?"

"Yes, yes, you did."

"Don know why I did that....?" Shishido had the decency to look chagrined and confused at the childishness of his action.

"You're drunk." Ohtori repeated, it was becoming a mantra. He promised himself idly that he would NEVER drink if this is what happened. "Now come on, please Shishido-senpai, let's go inside?" It was supposed to be a statement, but Ohtori found it came out as a question. He was this close to begging the other boy to move.

Oh right, he didn't like moving. Shishido swayed a bit before leveling Ohtori with his most commanding face. It might have lost a bit, when he had to choose which Ohtori to focus on.

"Carry me." Yes, that was the solution. Ohtori just looked pained and a blush stole across his cheeks as he dropped his partner's hand and moved to stand closer. Shishido kind of liked the idea of multiple blushing Ohtori's right now.

"Cute." Shishido's voice said, but Shishido certainly did not mean to say anything at this point in time. He was sure of it. He almost looked around for the other him, as there were other Ohtori's, he was going to slap a hand over that mouth when he found the other him.

Ohtori stuttered to a stop inches from lifting his teammate. "W-what?"

"S'nothin, was the other me. Stupid me, doesn't know when to shut up, almost told you that you were cute." Shishido frowned and gave in to the urge to glance around looking for himself.

Ohtori froze. This was not something he had ever expected to hear come out of those soft lips. He shook his head doggedly, they are NOT soft, you wouldn't know if they were soft, you've never touched them. Not that you want to touch them, no, because that would be wrong. "You think I'm cute?" Ohtori said slowly, then slapped a hand over his mouth. He had not just said that. Please, God, tell me I did not just say that.

Shishido peered up at him then, still shorter after all these years together. Ohtori squirmed internally under that suddenly intent gaze, he could feel his face reddening. Then Shishido's hand was on his face, those strong fingers sliding along the pale stubble of his jaw, pressing into his cheeks and his thumb slid along Ohtori's bottom lip. Shishido's head was cocked to the side, a long strand of silky hair falling over his face, and he studied Ohtori, like he was reading his face in Braille. Ohtori was trapped between the desire to duck his head and run into his room, and the tingling fire erupting under his skin from that questioning touch.

"Sh-shishido-sen-senpai?" His voice cracked alarmingly on the last syllable and Shishido's brilliant dark blue eyes snapped to Ohtori's soft brown. Shishido decided that he liked the fine texture of Ohtori's tanned cheek, it's supple softness under his fingertips. He wanted to feel more of it. Shishido straightened then, and blinked.

"Go inside Ohtori." He pushed the taller teen backwards into their dorm room, tripping slightly on the doorjamb and stumbled after him.

"Wh-what are you do-doing?" Ohtori's voice was soft, a slight hint of panic, and Shishido decided that that tone wouldn't do.

"Touching you." He shrugged slightly, and the room swayed dangerously, but his eyes never left those soft brown ones in front of him. He wondered if Ohtori would taste like milk chocolate idly.

"Shishido-senpai, I-I can't, this is wrong?"

Shishido paused in his forward motion and Ohtori tumbled backwards as his knees hit the edge of their futon couch. He cocked his head and again the room swayed dizzily, and his knees suddenly decided that they wouldn't support him anymore. He threw out an arm to catch himself as he sank to the floor. The impact vibrating mutedly on the rug under the couch and his knees shouted their abuse. Shishido closed his eyes a moment, trying to regain his bearings and opened them to the very confuse, flushed and concerned face of Ohtori. Shishido steadied himself by placing his hands on the knees to either side of him. Then closed his eyes again, willing the darkness there to just stay still, damnit.

"Why? Why is it wrong?" He whispered to himself, thinking aloud.

"I-I....." Ohtori tried to find an answer, to explain that boys shouldn't touch other boys. It was wrong, it was against his beliefs, but when he looked at his dark haired friend, head hung low, soft tendrils of hair falling in front of his face, kneeling between his legs, his mind just shut down.

"I like touching you. Why is that wrong?" Shishido lifted his head to stare pleadingly at Ohtori. He lifted a pale strong hand to Ohtori's face again, hovering it shakily just above the skin and Ohtori shivered at the heat radiating from that palm. Ohtori didn't know when or how, but somehow his body moved without him, ducking his cheek into the outstretched palm, nuzzling against it lightly, feeling the hard roughness of callouses from long practices with a tennis racket.

"I want to touch you, too." Ohtori whispered, defeated. The fire and sweet honeyed pleasure coiling deep within him winning out over any argument his brain could come up with. It felt so good to have that hand on him, to feel those long fingers slip sideways to card through his short hair.

"C-Can I? Can I t-touch you?" Shishido asked, his voice soft and suddenly shy.

Ohtori opened his eyes then, meeting those beautiful blues, and was surprised at the pleading almost desperately hopeful look there. "Yes, Shishido-senpai, yes. Touch me." Ohtori's face flushed at the forwardness of his own speech and he ducked his head sideways to hide in that palm again. He felt Shishido move, felt the hand on his thigh and the gentle pressure as his teammate pushed himself up, kneeling high at just below face level with where he was sitting. He could feel the hot ragged breaths burst and melt like cotton candy against his skin.

"Ohtori, look at me." A gentle pressure turned his head and they were so close, so very close. Ohtori kept his eyes open, and Shishido's hands, both of them, cupped his face, moving over his cheeks, into his hair, down the back of his neck, and back to his face again, and Ohtori shivered deliciously, trembling at the warm waves flowing through him, making his heart pound and his stomach tighten and flutter dangerously.

Shishido looked down and it wasn't right that Ohtori's hands were fisted tightly on top of his thighs. He should be touching me too. He grabbed those hands, gently opening the viselike grip, and placed them on his face. They were damp and hot and rough, but Shishido thought he had never felt anything more wonderful in his life and breathed in the salty scent of them.

Ohtori watched dumbly as his fingers sat against that pale skin and hard angled face he dreamed about sometimes. They looked clumsy and awkward next to the delicate masculine features.

"It's okay to move, Chouto-kun." Shishido's jaw moved under his palms, and Ohtori could feel the tightening of muscle as the dark haired boy smiled softly.

"I-I'm afraid you'll break."

"I won't break, you know that."

Ohtori moved his fingers cautiously then, a look of wide eyed wonder on his face, his brown eyes following the slight movement. He could feel the slight x shaped scar under his left hand and traced it with one trembling finger. He had done that. He had marred this perfect skin. Ohtori did the only thing he knew to do, he leaned forward and lightly kissed the old scar, kissed to take away that old half remembered pain. He felt the shocking tremble under his right hand as his lips moved over the delicate tracery of slightly silvered skin. Could feel Shishido's hands clutch at his shoulders and his hands moved into that dark chestnut hair. It felt warm, silky, a soft silken blanket to dribble through his fingers. How long had he wanted this, to touch that hair, how long. He could remember brief flashes of junior high and watching a boy with long hair strut across the courts, and he knew that he had wanted this for years.

"Years," He whispered against that fine velvety skin. "Years."

Shishido made a sound low in his throat, a deep almost pained sound and it launched another hot wave of tension through Ohtori. And suddenly Ohtori's mouth was on Shishido's, their lips brushing hesitantly together. Ohtori swore he was melting, somewhere deep inside, he was on fire and his world was spinning and he couldn't focus on anything other than that soft feather light touch of those lips on his.

Shishido's hands moved to his hair, gripping lightly and pulling him down, down deeper into this kiss.

And Ohtori's mouth moved, and it wasn't enough, he wanted to taste, and he ran a questioning dart of his tongue along that full bottom lip beneath his. Shishido parted his mouth as Ohtori tentatively moved the kiss from chaste to something more. He felt it reach questioningly into his mouth, touching his tongue before darting away. Shishido liked tag, he was fast, he would win. He moved his tongue to chase, following it into Ohtori's mouth, tracing the blunted sharpness of his teeth, before moving to stroke languidly against Ohtori. And Ohtori's hands felt so large, tangled in his hair, cupping his head, tilting him, moving him for better access. His taste was deep, clean and slightly minty. Shishido decided he liked it there.

Ohtori pulled back suddenly, face screwed up between a wry grin and a half hearted grimace. "You taste like alcohol."

"S'cause I was drinking. C'mere." And Shishido moved forward, pressing Ohtori;s broad shoulders into the couch, sliding up his taut trim body to rest between those long thighs. It wasn't very comfortable here though, the edge of the couch digging into his groin and his legs sprawled awkwardly behind him, Ohtori draped half lying on the couch, legs skewed across the floor. Shishido paused to look around him, finally deciding on the best course of action, he nodded once and fisted his hands in Ohtori's white t shirt, pulling him bodily towards him and flipping himself to his back on the floor. Ohtori sprawled on top of him, breathless and propped himself on corded forearms to peer liquidly down at a smirking triumphant Shishido.

"Much better." Shishido mumbled, pulling Ohtori's face to him again, and Ohtori had to agree, one of his legs between Shishido's and the dark haired teen's muscled thigh pressing disconcertingly against the tightness in his pants. Shishido's strong arms circled his neck, fingers sliding up and down leaving little galaxies of effervescent tingles in their wake. Ohtori shuddered and the teen underneath him gasped and bucked his hips upward, pressing into Ohtori's thigh. Ohtori pulled back startled at the hardness pressing against him, he looked down into Shishido's face for direction, confirmation, anything. He didn't know what to do.... this- this was...

"Shhhhh." and Shishido's hands were running comfortingly down his back, small soothing circles. "it's okay."

Ohtori was frozen, confused, his skin on fire, his heart pounding. Shishido continued to gentle him, soft low murmurs, slow stroking hands, kept his gaze focused on the startle brown eyes above him.

"It's okay. I promise. Trust me."

Ohtori blinked. This he knew the answer too. "I do, Shishido-senpai."

"Kiss me again." Shishido's hands pulled Ohtori's face slowly back down, lips brushing gently against lips.

They kissed, long hard wet searing kisses until Ohtori didn't know where he ended anymore, his fingers lost tracing the contours of the slim muscled form beneath him. He knew there were fingers sliding under his shirt. along his spine, gripping the hard muscles along his sides. They kissed until Ohtori's body moved on it's own, a wild living thing that pushed against the hard form under him. He gasped and could hear an answering moan as their two erections brushed through too many layers of not thin enough fabric. Not enough.

Shishido's mouth broke from the kiss to stumble drunkenly along his jaw, tonguing and tasting the stubble, rough slick sounds loud over the pounding rush of blood in Ohtori's ears. He could feel those long fingers twist into the hem of his shirt, drawing it up along his back, digging soft frenzied trails into his skin.

"Off," Shishido whispered, tongue tracing the shell of Ohtori's ear, breath hot, damp, and Ohtori's hips bucked as the spike of pleasure that seared through him. And Ohtori was moving, scrambling halfway to his knees, between Shishido's legs, pulling at his shirt, tearing it off in one long languid movement before grinning shyly down at Shishido. Shishido was flushed, eyes half lidded, mouth swollen red and slick, and Ohtori knew he had never seen anything as beautiful before. He moved shaking hands to the white buttons on that dark blue oxford, willing them to open, to show him the flat slender lightly muscled body it hoarded so greedily. Shishido's hands joined his, moving quickly, impatiently ripping at the buttons until that jealous shirt lay open, flat dark nipples on the pale skin of his flushed chest. Ohtori stared, awed, he had seen Shishido naked before, but this, this was something more naked than the veiled glimpses in the showers. He could see a few dark moles dotting along the graceful arch of collarbone and dipped his head to lick them, punctuating the flesh with his tongue. Ohtori liked the dark mottled flavor of skin. Shishido arched under him, pushing up against that hungry mouth. Low whimpers rumbling in that slim Ohtori wanted.

Shishido's skin prickled as teasing agile fingers skittered along his skin, pushing deep into the hollows of flesh along his collar bone. He could feel Ohtori's mouth moving on his skin, and knew that this was what he'd been looking for. He wished heartily that he had been less experienced walking into this situation, that he didn't have the faint fleeting memories of random girls coming and going through his life, his bedroom, because their soft gently delicate touches left him cold compared to this searing heat coiling in him as the rough calloused hands of his roommate mapped the dips and valleys of his torso. Shishido like the feel of the muscles moving under skin, the way they rippled in slow waves along the broad planes of Ohtori's back. He threw his head back, baring his neck to that slick questioning tongue as it slid along the tendon toward his ear, could feel those powerful arms sliding under him to grip him tight to that hard chest. He was moaning, he could hear the rasping hoarse cries echoing, mingling with the low melodious murmurs of his name.

"Choutarou, get up. Just for a second." Shishido's voice broke into the hazy sphere of taste and touch and sensual mist surrounding Ohtori's rational thoughts. He jerked away, quickly, afraid he had hurt the other teen somehow, blushing furiously and awkwardly covering the tent in his pants with his hands. Shishido blinked momentarily at the sudden lack of contact before moving to prop himself on his elbows. He smiled softly at the trembling silver haired teen in front of him, reaching out to brush back a sweat damp forelock. "Come with me." Shishido stated softly, voice pitched low and deep with emotion. He reached out to take one of those large tanned hands in his, pulling gently and standing. Ohtori sat on the floor, a confused look passing over his face.

Shishido tugged playfully then, smiling crookedly down at his teammate. Ohtori smiled back automatically, a trained response to the seldom seen sunny grins on Shishido's usually determined face.

"Come on Choutarou. It's all right." Ohtori stood then, and followed obediently behind Shishido, fingers twining together as they moved through the shadowy darkness to Shishido's door.

It was the same room he had seen every day for four years, but tonight the air was different, giving the room a vaguely electric charge and Ohtori found his stomach twisting again, this time nervously. He paused in the doorway, hesitating. Shishido turned and faced him, squeezing his hand reassuringly and Ohtori fought down panic and walked carefully into the shadowed bedroom. Shishido didn't close the door, never did actually, and Ohtori had watched him sleep on nights when he had to study late for a test. It was calming to see his friend's face slack and soft with slumber. But Shishido was not asleep in his bed now, he was facing Ohtori, eyes glowing with heat and face flushed. He shrugged elegantly out of the oxford hanging open on his shoulders and it slipped with a soft rustle of fabric to pool on the tidy floor. Shishido's hands moved to the button on his jeans, slipping it free with two deft flicks of his fingers, and the sound of the metal zipper seemed impossibly loud. Ohtori couldn't tear his eyes away as those jeans slipped, sliding slowly down to pool around surprisingly delicate ankles. They traced the corded muscles in the thighs, the knotty flesh of the calves, tracing the slender bone there, drinking in the shadowed valley around his kneecaps. Shishido stepped out of the discarded pants, wearing only black boxer briefs, and Ohtori carefully did not look at his crotch, face burning.

"Let me see you Choutarou." Shishido's voice spoke, soft, barely a whisper and Ohtori's hands were moving without his consent to pull the elastic waist of his running pants down, they zipped lightly to his ankles and Ohtori was embarrassed of his body, too gangly, too large in comparison to the compact elegance in front of him.

"Beautiful." And Shishido was there, looking at him, hands tracing along his ribs, over his abs, thumbs dipping into the hollows of his hipbones. Ohtori blushed and tried to cover the obvious tent in his white boxers, fidgeting under the intense scrutiny. Then Shishido was stretching up, arms around his waist, lips on his again, and this was right. He could feel the light tug that slowly drew him to the bed pulling him down on top of Shishido when he bent, slithering onto his sheets with a slow undulation of shoulders and spine. They twisted sideways as one, and Ohtori was stretched across that slim taut body, the heat of their flesh making it hard to breath suddenly. The insistent press of Shishido's erection against him urging him to press further onto the other teen.

Shishido's hands roamed, sliding along his back, skipping gently over his ass, to slide down the backs of his legs, his fingertips curling to caress the inside thighs and Ohtori's hips were moving, bucking, pressing against Shishido. Straining forward for friction that his body craved, he needed. Those teasing fingers slipped just under the waistband of his boxers, darting and sliding along the flesh there. He could taste that pale skin under his tongue, could hear Shishido's pleasure as he moved under him.

Too much, this slide, this friction, this heat, too much. Ohtori's world exploded in stuttering gasps of ice slick hot honeyed pleasure and he called out hoarsely into the soft flesh of Shishido's neck. His cock pulsing, jerking, and sticky wetness spread along the soft white fabric as his world dissolved into white. His muscles stopped listening and he collapsed on top of Shishido, trembling, panting, hips bucking reflexively at too sweet, too good, aftershocks coursing through him. Those hands petted him, and he could feel that Shishido was still hard beneath him.

"I-I'm so sorry, Shishido-senpai. Oh, so sorry, I didn't- didn't mean to. I didn't mean to." Ohtori panted against the other boy's neck, tears of shame and embarrassment prickling behind his closed lids.

"It's all right, Choutarou." Shishido's hands smoothing him, petting him, swirling languidly up his spine, dancing over his vertebrae. The dark haired teen pulled back slightly, to peer at him, blue eyes burning with a dark heat but understanding. "Was- was that yo-your first time?" Shishido asked wonderingly.

"I'm sorry it was so bad, I just- I couldn't st-stop. Please don't look at me." Ohtori turned his head away, burying it against a pillow that smelled of sandalwood and the heady masculine scent of Shishido. He couldn't face the other boy, not now.

"Shh, you. It's okay, really. I swear." Shishido squirmed out from under Ohtori and pulled the younger teen to face him. Catching the strong chin with his fingers he smirked, I'd suggest you get out of those before they cement themselves to you, though," and Shishido snapped the waste band of the sticky wet boxers.

"Shishido-sen-" Ohtori began only to have a warm hand clamp firmly over his mouth. His eyes widened in surprise as the hand was removed quickly and replaced with a firm close mouthed kiss.

"I swear, if you apologize one more time, I'm going to hit you," the dark haired teen mumbled around Ohtori's mouth before pulling back to grin impishly down at the startled silver haired teen. "And I think you can drop the formalities, you can just call me Ryo from now on." When Ohtori nodded mutely Shishido continued, "I'm going to go take care of something and get some water, I expect these," he snapped the waistband again, "to be gone." Ohtori watched as Shishido clambered over him to walk out of the room into the adjoining bathroom they shared. He heard the water run, some muffled curses, and the clink of glass on tile before Shishido returned, noticeably without anything on. The dark haired boy strode unapologetically to the bed and arched an eyebrow at the still boxer clad boy nestled in his sheets. He continued to stare at Ohtori until the younger boy blushed darkly and meekly removed his boxers, wiping absently at himself before diving under the comforter. Shishido chuckled, setting the glass of water on his nightstand and crawled in next to Ohtori, flinging a casual arm across his waist.

"Ohtori, just so you know, I won't regret this in the morning, and I hope you won't either." Shishido's eyes were closed, but his mouth was tight. Ohtori reflexively reached to smooth the tousled dark hair back and smiled.

"I won't."

"Promise?" Shishido cracked one eye open slightly to peer at the younger boy.


AN: this is only the second POT fic ever, so I apologize for any and all OOCness.... but hee, smut. I like smut.

The End

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