Between You and Me
by Wai

You bite your lip, watching the determination in his eyes as he marched on ahead. It's times like these when you feel the distance separating you both. On the court, just the two of you, it's always so exhilarating. It's just the two of you against the world.

You know that he's behind you, watching your back while you stand in the frontline, fending off anyone and anything in your path. And there's nothing like that flutter of butterfly wings in your stomach when he smiles.

One of those mission accomplished smiles that he smiles at you, most of the time. Even when things are frustrating and you can sense it and see it, he never fails to smile at you. Because he knows you're expecting one. Because he knows you need his reassurances.

He is your senpai, after all. It's funny how you both look out for each other, isn't it?

And isn't it funny how he fits perfectly in your arms? How you love the way his breath tickles the side of your neck when he sleeps. And all those little details about him that you know about, like when he runs his fingers through his hair just so. And of course, how good it makes you feel to know that you noticed.

But it's different now, you know. He's walking away from you now. Barely a few steps away, but he might as well be a continent away. You knew that this day would come, but you pushed this knowledge away, unwilling to be reminded. Because it hurts too much.

You close your eyes, trying to find sort out your thoughts, trying to pull yourself together. But it's hard to do isn't it? You're already lost, aren't you? And it's not as if he's that far away. Fifteen paces.

You've been parted for barely a few seconds and already it's killing you inside. And you suddenly realize that you're not ready. Suddenly you refuse to let him go.

It only took you six strides to get to his side--you're taller than him, remember?--barely two seconds. And without a warning, your arms are around him. You can feel that he's startled. He tenses slightly in your arms, but slowly relaxes.

You hear him sigh, in exasperation as usual.


"Yes?" You sound so meek, but you can't help it. If your happiness walked away from you, wouldn't you reach out to grab it and hold on for dear life too?

"I'm only going to High School. I know it's a different campus and we're going to be in different clubs, but I'll be home for dinner tonight." You raise your head, face buried a second ago in his hair. It's longer now, but he mentioned last week he would cut it again.

"Oh. Yes, I forgot." You say, sheepishly, letting go of him slowly. He catches your arm, looking intently at you for a very long moment. And then slowly, the soft loving smile--meant only for you--appears on his face. And you feel yourself grin in reply.

"I'll see you tonight, Choutarou." He says slowly, patting your shoulder and leaning forward for a chaste kiss.

"Ah. Tonight." You say, mood lifted. Shishido always does that, doesn't he?

The End

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