Companion fic to to That's What Big Brothers Are For and That's Why Big Brothers Are There

That's What Big Sisters Are For
by Tenshi Forgotten

I'm quite a bit older than my little brother, and I'm a girl so I can help him out on a lot of things, but… He's always been really independent, believe it or not. He doesn't like asking for help, though he'd do almost anything if someone asked. It's gotten him in trouble a few times.

Back when he 4 years old, while he was absolutely adorable, he was a rotten little monster too. Or at least that's what I thought when I came home to find half of my violen strings snapped in half. I wanted to scream at him, hit him, anything but couldn't. Man, I got so mad… but it was at myself. I couldn't punish him. His little "I'm sorry" smile was just too cute.

So, I went out and I bought him a toy violen. One for kids getting into it, ya' know? After about a week he had the whole family sit down and he played us a song on it. While it was a wretched, horrible playing, we loved it. Simply because he was playing it. After a while he did get really good at it though.

Normally I wouldn't bring friends home, because our house really was just too big. Not many of them even knew my family was rich. So it was a surprise to my mom and dad when I brought a boy home one day. Uchida Kenji was his name, and I'd had a crush on him for around a year. He said he wanted to see my little brother, since I talked about him all the time. (Which I most certainly did not.)

"Well, hello." He got down on his knees and smiled at Choutarou.

"Ohayou!" Choutarou chirped back, making Kenji raise his eyebrows. Well… It had been 2:00 pm after all.

The whole night was really fun, and Kenji pulled out a… a something really oddly wrapped out of his back pack. The handle had been sticking out of it all day but I hadn't really thought anything of it. Turns out it was a tennis racket, and he wanted Choutarou to play a game with him sometime.

He leaned down before he left and whispered something to Choutarou, making him giggle. And to this day I still don't know what he said. Neither of them will tell me. Meanies.

One time when he was 8 Grandma had offered to take us to America on a trip that would last a month! We were both hyped to go. But then… Choutarou caught a cold, and I just couldn't bring myself to go without him. So instead she brought me back a pretty little pink bracelet as a souvineer, and Choutarou a single silver cross. I think he fell in love with it. Literally.

That had been around the time he started saying sorry. I swear it became his favorite word! He said sorry when I told to shut up and not say it anymore! He got to be way too nice for his own good. I noticed though, that while he was really kind and had a heart the size of Tokyo itself, he didn't let many people in. And I couldn't figure out why. I didn't ask him of course.

It was probably one of the most horrible days of the year. About a month after he turned 10 our grandma had a heart attack. It gave us such a scare that Choutarou refused to go to school. He'd be with his grandma, and keep her safe at all times. He was being naïve, he knew it, he didn't care.

After two weeks of missing school he woke up next to grandma, and all we heard were his sobs… She hadn't made it after all. Mom and dad cried too, holding eachother and us.

The funeral didn't take long, though I felt like it dragged on forever and ever. I wanted to be the one going under the dirt, not grandma. Choutarou… I thought it was weird, yet really sad, that he had sobbed before but didn't let a single tear run down his face while they tossed dirt upon her casket.

Choutarou's violen playing and tennis both kept on getting better and better. Kenji could barely even beat him at tennis anymore.

"Man you got a serve on you kid." Kenji had said, wiping sweat from his forehead.

"Thanks…" Choutarou smiled one of those bright smiles and we all ended up smiling together.

When he was 11 he asked us all at dinner one night, "Mama, Papa… I… I want to go to Hyoutei Gakuen."

Sure, we had money. Sure we were the type. Was he? No. We all knew it. Choutarou would be destroyed at that school, filled with such… competition, crude boys, and countless other horrible things. You had to have a back bone to go to that school, and Choutarou just didn't. He'd be walked all over.

Never the less, he wouldn't give it up. We had to let him go.

When he came home for Christmas Break, I was so happy to see him I thought I might die from how much I was smiling.

When I saw bruises lining his arms though, my smiles immediately turned to angry frowns. If I hadn't gotten my licence taken away those boys who dared hurt my baby brother would have been dead!

We didn't want to let him go back, but he said he had to find solutions to his own problems. He said it was his turn to do something about his own life. We couldn't stop him.

That summer when he came home the bruises were gone, and I pressured him into telling us at dinner one night.

"I… have a good sempai, I suppose." We got the name Shishido-sempai out of him, and we even got to see a picture.

I was surprised to find out that the sempai who saved my little brother had long hair. Not only that, but was drop dead gorgeous. Plus, I figured my Choutarou had a little itty bitty crush on this wonderful sempai of his. It made me wonder…

In his second year, he called home to tell us that he made the regular team. Kenji literally squealed.

"That's great Choutarou!"

I wanted to know more about his sempai, but he didn't say much and when he did he stuttered a lot. So, I decided… to take matters in my own hands. I convinced Kenji to come with me and surprise a visit to my little brother.

We knocked on his door (Which took us forever to find! He had switched rooms like 5 times since he started at this school…), and I was really, really smiling bright. I blinked though when I boy I didn't recognise at all answered the door. He looked tired, and I could see trhough the door that books and papers were lying everywhere. He was probably studying for a test…

"Hello?" He asked, looking at us like he wanted to know who we were.

"Umm… I…" I couldn't get my voice to come out. Sure, he was someone I had never met and was way younger than me but… Damn. This guy was pretty cute.

"Is this Ohtori Choutarou's dorm room?" Kenji asked, looking a bit annoyed at me.

"Choutarou? Umm… Yeah. Come on in." He turned around and yelled out to the seemingly empty room, "Choutarou! Come here!"

I stood there looking like a fish. This guy called him 'Choutarou'? What was up with that? Kenji literally pushed me into the room.

"Yes, Shishido-san…?" And that was the kid I remembered. Tall, greyish hair and the cutest smile in the world.

"Choutarou!" I screamed and ran to him hugging him tighter than ever.

"M-Minako? Kenji?" He hugged me back and then hugged Kenji, all of us lost in our happiness to see eachother.

"Oh! This is Shishido-san." He said nodding at the boy who answered the door. I had a flashback of a picture of a boy with long brown hair, and a egotistic smile unlike any other.

"You mean…" I was shocked. This was… the same person?

"This is the guy you have a crush on?" Kenji asked dumbly, pointing at Shishido.

Choutarou's whole face turned a bright shade of red, and he started stuttering, "No! No! No! I've told you hundreds of times that I don't have a crush on him!"

He seemed determined not to look at Shishido, so I did instead. He was turned around starting on his work again so I couldn't see him at the moment. I narrowed my eyes and walked up behind him. Right when I was about to open mouth he said, "Yes."

"But you do-"

"The answer is yes." He didn't even look at me. I was getting pissed.

"You, little boy, don't even know-"

He turned to me and then said, "You want to know if I love your little brother right? My answer is yes."

When I turned back to Choutarou, my eyes wide, he had this little smile and blush on his face. Well… I could probably get to like this kid then.

The End

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